Monday, 29 August 2016

Restoran D' Perahu Maju Tomyam @ Tanjung Malim, Perak

Restoran D' Perahu Maju Tomyam is the latest Tomyam restaurant in Tanjung Malim, Perak. Opened some time in June 2016, these guy's have definitely done a huge investment on the renovations. The restaurant in located a little away from town in Taman Wangsa Jaya and yet, it draws a decent number of customers daily. Even when I was there for a late dinner around 9.00 pm, still there were lots of families coming. Being a corner restaurant, it is clearly visible from the main road and parking is not a problem, two huge advantages that they have over their competitors. There isn't a menu for us to order from and so, one would have to just name the dishes that they would like to have. Somehow, I feel that this is a setback. Even road side Tomyam stalls have menus these days and having invested so much of money on the renovations, they should have spent a little more and got their menu done. That being the case, I just named a few dishes based on experience. Since it was just the two of us, there wasn't much that we could have as well and my friend was okay with the dishes selected and so we told the girl to proceed. It didn't take long for the dishes to arrive, say a  10 minute wait and that's very reasonable waiting time. However, the drinks took much longer. I guess, the guy fixing the drinks would have overlooked out orders. After around 25 minutes, only then they had realised that we didn't have any drinks and the lady boss told one of the staffs to check and that was how we got our drinks. My friend had some Watermelon Juice and it looked so diluted. My Teh O Ice was also not impressive. For the drinks, I would rate them at 5/10.

Cucumber with Sambal Belacan
This is a standard dish that is provided at all Tomyam restaurants and most often, it comes complimentary or for a small fee. I am not sure if they charged for it here as no bill was given. Again, if only they had menus with prices. Anyway, the cucumber was fresh but the Sambal Belacan was a let down. It should be spicy and it was rather tasteless here. I would only rate their Sambal Belacan at 3/10. Definitely a disappointment. 

Kailan with Salted Fish
The Kailan with Salted Fish was a decent preparation but it was nowhere near impressive. They had definitely skimped on the ingredients and as a result of that, we got a very ordinary dish. If only more salted fish was used, then it surely would have been better. I would give this a 6/10.  

Telur Dadar (Fried Eggs)
The Telur Dadar (Fried Eggs) were good. It was a lot less greasy and tasted fine. And I liked the presentation too. Putting that little salad there was a creative idea. I'd rate this at 8/10.

Ayam Masak Cili (Spicy Chicken Dish)
Ayam Masak Cili (Spicy Chicken Dish) had neither much chili's nor chicken. I had to really look for the chicken. All I could taste was bits of lemongrass. They should rename this dish to Lemongrass with chicken bits in tomato sauce. This I would rate at 4/10 and that scored that much solely for the blend of sauces. Otherwise, it would have surely been much less than that.  

Seafood Tomyam Soup
To start off, let me talk about the ingredients. Being a Seafood Tomyam Soup, I would expect a variety of seafood like shrimps, clams, squid etc. but all this soup had was tomatoes, lemongrass and four extra small clams. That is a huge disappointment. And then taste wise, it was nothing much at all. The usual spiciness and sourness that should have been there was lacking. Again simply because they had been stingy with the ingredients. A very disappointing soup and I would rate this at 3/10.

Overall, it was quite a disappointing meal for me and for these few dishes, we were charged RM 27.00 which I felt was on the high side. If I would have had the same at any other restaurant in Tanjung Malim, I doubt it would have crossed RM 22.00 and that's including the drinks. Nope, not coming back. 

Address: Jalan Wangsa Jaya, Taman Wangsa Jaya, 35900 Tanjung Malim, Perak, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 1800 - 0100 Daily

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Restoran Mahbub @ Damansara Damai, Petaling Jaya

Restaurant Mahbub is the restaurant that dominates the Indian Muslim food scene in Damansara Damai. Being located along the main access road in and out of Damansara Damai, they operate 24 hours a day and all throughout the day, they have a steady flow of customers right from breakfast to the wee hours of the night. Besides this particular outlet in Damansara Damai, they also have another outlet in Bangsar. The outlet in Bangsar has been around since the 1970's and Mahbub is very famous for their Briyani Ayam Madu and Briyani Buhara. They also have a good array of dishes for lunch but this entry is focused on their Sup Kambing (Mutton Soup) which in my opinion is the best that they have to offer. Being located in a corner unit, they have the advantage of space and by evening, you would be able to see tables also arranged along the sides of the inner road. Typical of any other Indian Muslim restaurant, the service here is quite efficient and they would usually attend to you quite fast. The only setback here is that the cleanliness is just average.

Mutton Soup @ RM 6.50

A Closer Look At Their Meat Cuts
I was in a soupy mood today and wanted to have their Mutton Soup. I have tried their Mutton Soup here before and it was a class of it's own. I decided to try it again today after two years to see if the taste was consistent. Once again, the soup was mind blowing and I must confess that it was the best Mutton Soup that I have had. It was made in a spicy, peppery and rich soup that was filled  with spices and it was cooked with chunks of mutton along with the marrow that definitely added to the taste. Definitely a must try for Mutton Soup lovers! I would rate their soup at 10/10 . 

If you are one who loves a good bowl of Indian Muslim style Mutton Soup, then this is a must try place. It may seem slightly pricey but it is truly worth it. Definitely a place that I would recommend!

Address: L-013A, Jalan PJU 10/2A, Vista Shop, Damansara Damai, 
               47830 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 24 Hours Daily

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Restoran Ah Zai @ Hulu Bernam, Selangor

Restaurant Ah Zai is a place that needs no introduction among the locals here in Tanjung Malim. Having started sometime in June 2015, their business and reputation has been steadily growing over the months and they are mostly full house daily. Business starts at around 6 pm and goes on till 11 pm. Their main dishes are Curry Mee, Kon Low Mee (Wan Tan Mee), Soup Noodles, Asam Laksa and a variety of Yong Tau Fu items. There has been days when even at 8.30 pm, most of their items had been sold out. I believe I have blogged about them in the past, once when they first started and once more, when they introduced a Chicken Chop dish in their menu. Of late, another new addition that has been a hot seller here is their Char Kuey Teow. For me, it's almost mandatory that I have to have it at least once a week and I wonder how I missed blogging about that dish.

As always, I arrived at around 8.00 pm. Luckily it was a rainy day and most of the Tofu items were still available. They have an open counter where all the items are placed and customers can select what they would like to have and then instruct them as to how they would like to have them. Being one who comes here often, they know me pretty well and I have the liberty of walking into their work zone and pick those items myself. Having done that, I requested them to add some curry to it and got myself a table at the far end of the restaurant. 

Assorted Items in Curry @ RM 3,00
In a matter of minutes, the dish was sent over to my table. Since I am also having their Char Kuey Teow, I went for some very minimal items, selected three pieces which comprises of Stuffed Tofu, Mixed Meat Steamed Sui Gau and Stuffed Bitter Gourd and requested for these to be served in Curry. Their curry is simply awesome. It is not one of those watered down versions and is extremely delicious. To be honest, I went for this dish solely for their curry. That's how good it is. For me, I would rate their curry at 9/10 . The assorted Yong Tau Fu items costs RM 1.00 each. These are good as well. I don't mean to say that they are excellent as I have tasted better ones for sure. Still, they are good and I would give them a 8/10 ,

Char Kuey Teow @ RM 5.00 per plate
While the son's are handling the front counter preparing all those Laksa, Soup and Curry Mee orders, the mother prepares these fried items in the kitchen. A faily good portion for the price and their Char Kuey Teow is so delicious. Besides Kuey Teow, they also have Mee and Mee Hoon as well. 

Spicy and Super Good
The plate of Char Kuey Teow also comes with a generous amount of eggs, clams, shrimps, bean sprouts and fish paste. Slightly on the spicy side and that blend of flavours is just perfect for the dish. As the Chinese would say, the 'Wok Hei' was intact and the dish was not greasy.  Lovely.... lovely preparation. I would rate this at 10/10 . Surely the best Chinese style Char Kuey Teow in town.

If you happen to be on this side of town, please do not miss the above dishes and yes, their Asam Laksa is also fabulous.This is definitely a place that I would recommend. 

Address: No. 63, Taman Golden Wood, 35900 Hulu Bernam, Selangor, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 1730 - 0000 (Closed on Thursdays)

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Restoran De' Daun @ Selayang, Selangor

It was by chance that I stumbled upon this restaurant while looking for a place to have breakfast in Selayang and I am so glad that I did. Before talking through more about my experience here, let me first give an introduction to this place. Restoran De' Daun is located in Taman Paragon Utama, not too far away from the junction that turns into FRIM. If you are driving on the inside road, you can't miss this place as it is clearly visible from the road. They start as early as 8 am and business goes on till around 10.30 pm. Throughout the day, the menu changes. 

The Restaurant Along Jalan Paragon Utama 1

Lovely Designs
The restaurant was beautifully designed and it looked more like a banquet than a day to day restaurant. Breakfast isn't their main business and therefore there wasn't much of a crowd then. The main business starts with lunch where they have a variety of Malay and Kelantanese dishes and then it slows down again for tea and picks up again for dinner. For dinner, they offer both Malay and Western cuisine. I was there around 10 am and as mentioned earlier, it was for breakfast. They only had a handful of dishes like Nasi Lemak, Mee Goreng, Lontong etc and being a fan of Nasi Lemak, I just couldn't resist. The dishes were stacked on the shelves along with some curries. On the side table, as and when the lunch dishes were ready, they too were being placed there and they looked extremely good as well. The staffs were very friendly as if they had known you for years. It seemed more like a usual neighbourhood restaurant as all the customers were joking around and being chatty with the staffs as if they are there daily. That atmosphere was so lively.  

Coffee @ RM 1.80
After having collected my Nasi Lemak and add on, I returned to one of the tables and ordered my drink and in about 1 minute, my coffee was served. There weren't many customers and the staffs were very efficient as well and that made my dining experience a pleasurable one. Coffee was good and the pricing was quite standard. In fact, I must say that it was quite a bold drink and not one that was too sweet. My rating for this shall be 8/10. 

Nasi Lemak Bungkus @ RM 2.00 per packet
It's just the standard Nasi Lemak Bungkus that is on offer here and it's priced at RM 2.00 per packet but it was so good so much so I had three packs. Nothing extraordinary ingredients wise. Just the usual Sambal, peanuts, cucumber and egg but the Sambal was extremely good and spicy. I think, this is surely one of the best Nasi Lemak Bungkus that I have tasted. Just amazing and one that I would highly recommend. My rating for this would be a 9/10. 

Egg Sambal @ RM 1.00 each
They had the usual fried eggs and this Egg Sambal and I chose the latter as one of my add on's. The egg was good and non greasy. This sambal however tasted different to the one found in the Nasi Lemak and taste wise, it contrasted and blended in so well with the other sambal. Again, very impressed and would give this a perfect 10/10.

Even after my breakfast, I sat for almost an hour watching the Malay drama on ASTRO and the staffs had no issues with that. In fact, they even served me some free iced water. I am already falling in love with this place. The food is good, the staffs are amazing and the ambiance is excellent. I don't even mind working from this restaurant. That was how cosy it felt. If you are around Selayang, please do give this restaurant a try and I hope that you'd enjoy the place as much as I did this morning. 

Address: No. 16, Jalan Paragon Utama 1, Taman Paragon Utama,  Selayang,
                68100 Batu Caves, Selangor, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 0800 - 2230 Daily

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Restoran Shanmuga Vilas @ Tanjung Malim, Perak

Having started in the year 1959, Shanmuga Vilas is the oldest Indian restaurant in Tanjung Malim, Perak. Then, there was another one called Sorna Vilas which was just a few doors away but sadly, they went bankrupt in the late 90's. 

The Restaurant Along Jalan Douglas
After the town council closed up the main trunk road heading into town, business had been very much affected for most of these restaurants that are located in the original town of Tanjung Malim. Today, the other side that used to be non existent till around ten years back has become the new town and is busy all day long. Despite that, the food here is still the best taste wise. I have not come here in a while myself and having missed some good South Indian food for a while, I decided to have dinner here this evening. This restaurant is located along Jalan Douglas, right opposite AmBank.

Iced Teh O @ RM 1.50
The common Teh O Ais that we get everywhere and I loved the way they had fixed the drink here. Even tea of coffee, is good here and you get the taste that you get from those authentic Tamil restaurants. As for this drink, I would rate it at 9/10.

Idli @ RM 0.80 each with Sambar
Business isn't as good as it was and somehow they are pulling through and that is the reason why you may get banana leaves that have turned yellow. But rest assured, the food is great. Idli here is priced at 80 sen each while in other restaurants in town, it is priced at RM 1.00 each and it is fluffier here. As for the Idli, I would rate it at 9/10. The Sambar is excellent. You get the same taste that you find in Tamil Nadu. Completely different to the other Tamil restaurants. In fact, the Sambar here is so good that I would bravely say that it is probably better than all the ones that are listed as the top ten banana leaf restaurants in the Klang Valley. I just love it and it comes rich with vegetables. Their Sambar surely deserves a 10/10. 

Tosai @ RM 1.50 each with Sambar
Tosai is another item that I would highly recommend here. Elsewhere in town, Tosai is priced at RM 2.00 each but here it is RM 1.50 only. Please do not think that every item is cheaper here. It is only these two items that are cheaper here and the rest are much more expensive to be honest. Nevertheless, truly worth it. The Tosai here is so good that you could eat it on its own. I wonder how they make it like that. It's just so different from the rest. I would rate their Tosai at 10/10.

Onion Bajji @ RM 4.00 with Onion Gravy @ RM 0.50
Yes, you read it right. The Onion Bajji is expensive here. For eight small pieces, I was charged RM 4.00  and another 50 sen for the Onion gravy. But the Bajji was quite unique in that sense. It wasn't just floor and onions but they had also added dhall in the preparation. For the taste, yes I am willing to pay the premium price. I would rate their Onion Bajji at 9/10. The Onion gravy was a chargeable item too. The thing with this restaurant is that they do a lot of unique dishes but end of day, everything is a chargeable item. Even if you sit in for a Banana Leaf meal, it's not a fixed price and the rate would vary based on the gravies and veggies that you take. And the same applies to their non vegetarian items as well. They would not only charge a base price and above that, the charge would vary based on the portion consumed. So that's the tricky part. Coming back to this Onion gravy, I would say that it was superb. See how concentrated it is and they had used a lot of small onions that resulted in the gravy tasting so good. I doubt you can still find this kind of quality in Kuala Lumpur. For the Onion gravy, I would rate it at 10/10. Did I mind the extra charge? Not at all. 

Vadai @ RM 0.80 each with Sambar, Cabbage with Dhall and Broccoli Acar 
Vadai is not so great here and is slightly smaller. But the Sambar  was heavenly and so it went very well with that. For coconut chutney lovers, do try their chutney too. It is super good and way better than perhaps any chutney that you may have tried. As for the Vadai, I would rate it at 7/10. I had also asked for some veggies and they served me Cabbage with Dhall and Broccoli Acar. Cabbage with dhall was good and I'd rate that at 8/10. Broccoli Acar is something that you don't commonly get at Indian restaurants and the preparation here was so tasty. Spicy, sour and crunchy it was. I loved it and would rate that at 10/10. Of yes, they charged me 50 sen for the vegetables. I didn't mind the extras as I really enjoyed them.

The above are the items that you get in this restaurant for dinner. Of course, you get Banana Leaf meals too and I would do another entry on the latter soon. So to summarise, good food but slightly premium prices. But if you are one that doesn't mind paying for some delicious food, then you should definitely give these place a try. 

Address: 6, Jalan Douglas, 35900 Tanjung Malim, Perak, Malaysia.

Telephone: +605 4596 041

Opening Hours: 0730 - 2130 Daily

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Uncle Lim's Penang Prawn Mee Stall @ Bandar Sri Damansara, Kuala Lumpur

If you are a Penang Prawn Mee (Har Mee) fan, then this is a place that you should not miss. Uncle Lim's Penang Prawn Mee is just a humble stall inside Restoran Woh that is located in Bandar Sri Damansara, Kuala Lumpur. Many food bloggers have also listed this place as the Top 5 Penang Prawn Mee outlets in the Klang Valley and I would definitely agree with all of them. I have been a customer for over five years now and have always returned with a happy tummy. To give directions to this place can be quite tricky as there are so many entrances to Bandar Sri Damansara. But to keep it simple, once you see Mc Donalds on your right, turn right at the next traffic light and then turn right again. The first shop at the corner is Restoran Woh. Just follow the above directions and you can't go wrong. Parking is a hassle here and one would need to be prepared to walk quite a bit. 

The Stall in Restoran Woh
Initially, Mr. Lim used to prepare the dishes but nowadays, he's hired some Indonesian workers and basically they are the one's who run the stall. Nevertheless, it is still him who prepares the broth and therefore you can be assured of the quality. Not a single day where the broth has slacked. Another thing, finding a table for lunch at Restoran Woh can be quite a challenge. There have been day's that I had to wait almost fifteen minutes before being able to seat myself. So please do be prepared for that as well. Alternatively, come for an early or late lunch. Still, do expect a crowd but it isn't that bad.  

Different Ad On's To Choose From
There is the standard dish which is priced at RM 5.50 and you have a variety of add on's to choose from. Right from adding extra egg to having Pork Ribs (Pai Kuat) or large shrimps, this would surely be a delight for all Har Mee lovers. Prices have been consistently going up over the years but still, it is truly worth it. Do expect to wait a while as she usually has quite a number of orders.

Penang Prawn Mee with Extra Egg @ RM 6.50
Since I came for a late lunch at 2.00 pm, I got my orders rather fast today. The above is the Har Mee version with extra egg and this was priced at RM 6.50 . It came with a mix of Mee / Mee Hoon just as I had requested, dried shrimps, some shrimps, pork slices, beansprouts, a whole egg in a super delicious broth. 

The Chili Paste is excellent too.
As always, it was a lovely bowl of Har Mee. The main thing for this dish is the broth and the preparation here is just amazingly good and guarantees to quench your thirst for a good bowl of Har Mee. And yes, the chili paste provided is a must have as it add's a mild spiciness to the overall flavours. I would surely give this a 9/10. What more should I say. Just head over and give this place a try and you'd certainly return happy and satisfied. 

Address: No. 1, Jalan Cempaka SD 12/2, Bandar Sri Damansara, 52200 Kuala Lumpur,                             Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 0800 - 1500 Daily

Friday, 5 August 2016

Ali Char Koey Teow @ Tanjung Malim, Perak

Those day's, it used to be burger stalls that kept mushrooming everywhere and now, the trend has moved to Char Kuey Teow stalls and this would be the latest one to have started in Tanjung Malim, Perak. 

The Stall Along Jalan U1, Taman Universiti

It Is Right Opposite This Shop
It is a simple stall set up on the pavement. If you're turning into Taman Universiti at the traffic lights, immediately turn left and this would be the very first stall there. Ali is from out of town and his wife studies at the university here. After his office hour job, he opens the stall here daily from around 8.00 pm till 11.00 pm and is also available for private functions. 

Ali At Work

A Simple Set Up
There are no tables and stools here and it's basically take away only. He mainly does the wet style Char Kuey Teow but is able to do the dry style as well. Having wanted to taste them both, I ordered one of each. If one wants to take away large orders, you could also call or WhatsApp him at the number provided below. In a matter of minutes, my orders were ready. Now, time to taste them. 

Dry Style Char Kuey Teow @ RM 5.00
The portion wasn't huge. In fact, for RM 5.00 , I felt that it was like only two thirds of what I should be getting. The ingredients were decent. There were cockles, two large shrimps, beansprouts and some greens. But honestly, it tasted quite bad. The dish was so bland that I had to add soy sauce at home and couldn't even finish it despite having tried to enhance the taste. Nope, a big no from me and I would give this a 2/10.

Wet Style Char Kuey Teow @ RM 5.00
Since the wet style Char Kuey Teow is his famous dish that most people order here, I was hoping that this would be much better. Alas, this was horrible as well and it tasted quite raw. Another disappointing preparation that I would only give a 2/10. 

Though I would wish that he does well in his business, honestly I don't think that this stall would last long. Both preparations tasted so bad and I am generally one who is quite reasonable with my expectations. Fussy eaters would have not even given these ratings. Anyway, if you still would like to try this place out, the details are below.

Address: Jalan U1, Taman Universiti, 35900 Tanjung Malim, Perak, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 2000 - 2300 Daily

Telephone: +6013 715 3886 

Monday, 1 August 2016

Chennai Xpress @ Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur

One of my friends had always been urging me to try out this restaurant called Chennai Xpress which is located along Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur and since we were in the vicinity this afternoon, we decided to do lunch here. The place wasn't difficult to find as I am quite familiar with this area. This restaurant is located on the ground floor of Viva Residency which is a condominium. The first two levels of this building are solely retail space and they have taken up one of the units there and it is quite a nice place I would say. Parking is easy as one could park inside the condominium and there are bays which are reserved for these retail customers. Besides that, you get more parking on the rear side which is where Tasty Chapati Restaurant is located, which is also part of this very same building. 

The Restaurant in Viva Residency

Indoor Air-conditioned Dining Space

Outdoor Dining Space is Available Too
The restaurant isn't a large one. Indoor and outdoor seating areas are available and in total, perhaps there would have been around twelve tables. They had a very extensive menu covering vegetarian and non vegetarian items. Apologies as I can't share the menu photographs here as somehow they had gone corrupt. Since we were vegetarians today, our focus were specifically on those pages in the menu and truly they had some remarkable dishes that I would only expect to find in Tamil Nadu. All their staffs and cook are from Tamil Nadu as well. Initially we had some communication issues as the staff couldn't really explain but then we managed it somehow. Otherwise, they were quite efficient. 

Banana Leaf Saapadu (Meal) @ RM 7.90
This Thali Meal Set is definitely a steal for the price of RM 7.90 . Just look at the spread. Rice, Urgai (Pickled Lemon), Moor Milagai, Podi, Papadam, Raddish, Peanuts Aviyal, Beetroot, Rasam, Vegetable Kulambu, Sambar, Moor, Payasam and Lemon Rice, all for just RM 7.90 . 


Peanut Aviyal

Even the choice of veggies served were not the usual cabbage and cucumber and these are pricey items. It's good to see such veggies being served and that too cooked in ways that we don't usual come across in Malaysia and they tasted great.

Vegetable Kulambu and Sambar


As for the curries, Vegetable Kulambu (Gravy) and Sambar were provided. Both were tasty. Rasam was quite good as well and they even went to the extent of including some Moor in the set. 

And to finish off the meal, there was some Payasam as well. This isn't the Tamil style Payasam, more like the Kerala style and it was very good. Not too sweet and just nice. 

Lemon Rice
As part of the same set for starters, they had provided some Lemon Rice. For Malaysian standards, this was good but I have tasted better ones in Tamil Nadu. As a complete meal set, the spread was amazing and the taste was good. I would rate this set at 8/10.

Gramathu Kootanchoor @ RM 5.40

Sambar Satham
Here they have named this Sambar Satham as Gramathu Koottanchoor, perhaps just to give it a hint of nativity. Quite a huge portion and it came with some Peanut Avial. I am a huge fan of this dish and honestly, I didn't totally enjoy it here. Everything was okay but a little more ghee would have been ideal. Good but nothing close to the ones that I have had in India. Somehow I expected the same quality as the spices as well as the chefs in this restaurant are from Tamil Nadu. Maybe my expectations were a little high. I would perhaps give this a 7/10. 

Aloo Paratha @ RM 3.90 each
Aloo Paratha is bread stuffed with potatoes and this is another favourite of mine being a potato lover. It was priced at RM 3.90 each and in that basket above, there are two slices. Nothing to complain price wise and the size looked decent. However, the taste wasn't up to the mark. One of the reasons could be because the bread was overdone and charred on the sides and another thing that I felt was the potatoes weren't spiced sufficiently. Nah, wasn't that great and as such, I'd give this a 6/10.

Dhall Tadka @ RM 6.20
This Dhall Tadka was mainly for the Aloo Paratha and trust me, it was the saviour. Excellent would be the right word to use for this dish. Everything was so perfect and there's nothing that I can complain about. This deserves a 10/10.

Kumbakonam Degree Coffee @ RM 3.50

Bru Coffee @ RM 3.50
Their Kumbakonam Degree Coffee was super good. The exact same taste that I was expecting. And their Bru Coffee was good as well. I would highly recommend the Kumbakonam Degree Coffee and give this a rating of 10/10. The Bru Coffee would score a 9/10 from me. 

Jil Jil Jigarthanda @ RM 6.20
Jil Jil Jigarthanda is another favourite of mine which originates from the city of Madurai, India. It's priced at RM 6.20 here but I wouldn't complain even if it is meant to be a poor man's desert in India as it was so good. Another one that I would highly recommend and I would give this a 10/10. 

Based on the food items that we tried today, I am only partially satisfied. Some were exceptionally good and some were just okay. Maybe I should come another day and give their non vegetarian dishes a try. 

Address: Lot A-2-3A, Viva Shop Lot, No. 378 Jalan Ipoh, 51200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 1000 - 2200 Daily

Telephone: +603 4051 1132