Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Restoran Delhi Grill @ Cyberjaya, Selangor

One of the latest North Indian Restaurants to open in Cyberjaya is Delhi Grill. This restaurant is located right above Value Bazaar in Glomac Cyberjaya area. 

The Restaurant Located Along Jalan GC 3

This restaurant belongs to the same owners of Value Bazaar and I think they have replicated this concept in a number of places. Their menu is quite an extensive one and it covers both Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian dishes. I find their prices to be very reasonable too. Due to the nature of their business where every dish is cooked from scratch, do be prepared to wait quite a bit and this can even take up to an hour when they have a few tables occupied. 

Aloo Paratha

Butter Garlic Naan
After an hours wait, our dishes arrived. The first thing to be served is the Aloo Paratha. I must confess that this was just awesome. The filling was so thick so much so you could actually taste a thick delicious paste of masala potatoes. It won't be wrong to say that this was one of the best Aloo Paratha's that I have tasted. It was so good that I wouldn't mind skipping all the other dishes that we had ordered. My rating for this would be 10/10. Their Butter Garlic Naan however was horrible. It was hard, dry and flaky. The quality was such a contrast with the earlier bread so much so I would not even accept this average quality. My rating for this Naan shall be 4/10. 

Prawn Masala

Dry Mushrooms Stir Fried
Their Prawn Curry is called Prawn Masala. The gravy was quite tasty. It was mildly spicy and the flavours were really good. Only setback would be the limited number of shrimps which I thought could have been more. My rating for this shall be 8/10. The Dry Mushrooms Stir Fried was another good dish. It had lots of mushrooms, onions and capsicum and was prepared in a slightly dry gravy. Again, not too spicy a dish and it was nice. I would rate this at 8/10 as well. 

Mutton Keema

Masala Tea
The last dish that we had ordered was Mutton Keema. This was really good. They had used hand pulled mutton instead of minced mutton which is the easier alternative. The flavours were amazingly good as well. 9/10 shall be my rating for this dish. Finally, I had ordered a cup of Masala Tea to cap my dinner. This was again an awesome one. Lovely blend of masala's and it was not too bold. I would rate this at 9/10. 

Overall, I find the food here to be pretty good and their prices are very reasonable. From the dishes that we tried today, their Aloo Paratha and Mutton Keema were the best and followed by their Prawn Curry. Not forgetting their Masala Tea which again was excellent. For good North Indian food in Cyberjaya, I would recommend Delhi Grill. 

Address: F-8, Block F, Jalan Glomac 3, Glomac Cyberjaya, 63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor.

Business Hours: 1100 - 2100 Daily

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Galito's Flame Grilled Chicken @ Subang Jaya, Selangor

I recently visited Subang Parade and came across this new restaurant called Galito's Flame Grilled Chicken that solely does Peri Peri Chicken. Being a fan of Peri Peri Chicken, I had to check the place out. It is strange that we have not heard much about this restaurant. I then looked for their corporate website and that was when I came to know that they have just recently started in Malaysia and currently have only two outlets, this one in Subang Parade and another one at Mutiara Damansara. The corporate franchise owner for this region is Lulu Group that is based out of UAE. Knowing that groups strength, I am sure that these guys would be all over Malaysia in no time.  

The Outlet On The Ground Floor
In Subang Parade, they are located on the Ground Floor. The restaurant has a very catchy design. Seating areas are spacious and it's good to even have business discussions. The staffs were very friendly as well. 

Various Peri Peri Sauces
Their menu is very similar to what we get at Nando's except that I felt that the prices here were slightly cheaper. Huge variety to choose from. If you do not feel like going for their signature Peri Peri Chicken, one could also go for their Burgers and Wraps as well. The variety of Peri Peri Sauce that they had was pretty impressive as well and I totally loved the flavours. 

1/4 Chicken + 1 Side Dish @ RM 15.90 
I went for their 1/4 Chicken plus some Fries and this was priced at RM 15.90 . As for the choice of Peri Peri Sauce, I went for their Hot version. It didn't take them too long to prepare and I felt that the portions were good. For the price, it was cheap. The Peri Peri Chicken was really good and the blend of flavours were just awesome. I would definitely rate this at 9/10. Similarly, their Fries were amazing as well and I specifically loved the crispness of it. Again, one that I would rate 9/10. If you want to try an alternative to Nando's, I would definitely recommend Galito's. Delicious food, good customer service, lovely ambiance and reasonable prices. 

Address: G32 & LG 33, Subang Parade, No. 5, Jalan SS16/1, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor. 

Business Hours: 1000 - 2200 Daily

Monday, 18 December 2017

Restoran Maju Utama @ Cyberjaya, Selangor

Restoran Maju Utama is perhaps one of the busiest restaurants on the CBD 2 side of Cyberjaya. I was on a quest to look out for the best Mee Goreng on this side of Cyberjaya and this restaurant seemed to be able to beat the rest. Please do note that I have not tried all the Indian Muslim restaurants in Cyberjaya to be able to judge and come up with the best Mee Goreng, but I have certainly tried most of them and from what I have tried, these guys seemed to be doing a good job. 

Maggi Curry

Mee Goreng
Their Maggi Curry was certainly good and they had added a lot of veggies, tofu and an egg in their preparation. They had also not added too much water and diluted the curry, it was prepared just the way it should be. My rating for this preparation shall be 8/10. Their Mee Goreng however was pretty awesome. Everything was just right about it and the way the egg had been distributed in the heat was just perfect and that gave it a mind blowing taste. This is definitely a plate of Mee Goreng that I would highly recommend and my rating for this shall be 9/10. 

Indomie Goreng

Mee Hoon Goreng
Their Indomie Goreng was another excellent preparation. Just like the Mee Goreng, this too was almost flawless. All the ingredients were just perfect. If I were to rate this, 9/10 would be my rating. Their Mee Hoon Goreng however was a let down. I would say that it was just so so. Though they were generous with the ingredients, the dish did not transform to be the way it ideally should. I would only give this 6/10. 

For a good plate of Mee Goreng and Indomie Goreng in Cyberjaya, my recommendation would be to visit Restoran Maju Utama which is located in CBD 2. Both dishes were amazing and skillfully prepared. I did try their Mee Hoon Goreng as well but that was somehow not up to my expectations. For Mee Goreng and Indomie Goreng, this would definitely be a good place to visit. 

Address: 4806-D-13A, CBD Perdana 2, Jalan Perdana, 63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor.

Business Hours: 0630 - 2100 Daily

Sunday, 17 December 2017

Restoran Tien Yin Seafood @ Bagan Sungai Burung, Selangor

A few months back, I had shared an entry from a fishing town and that was from the coast of Pantai Batu Laut. Today, I shall be sharing another fantastic place that is not too far from Kuala Lumpur and this place is located in Bagan Sungai Burung, Sabak Bernam. 

Huge Parking Space In Front Of The Restaurant

Chinese Tea Per Pot @ RM 6.36

Very Fresh Chilies & Garlic

Bagan Sungai Burung is just off Sungai Besar but it comes under the Sabak Bernam district. Being a fishing town, this place promises cheap and fresh seafood that is deliciously prepared. There's many ways to get here but for us, it was best to come from Tanjung Malim using the Sungai Besar road that starts from Behrang town. The journey was just under 80 minutes but the roads were not too good as you're mostly driving through villages and paddy fields. Nevertheless, it is still worth the drive. We arrived around 1.00 pm and the place was almost full house. There's no menu card whatsoever here but the dishes shown below are some of their signature dishes and you would see them at almost every table. The staffs are very friendly and they surely seem so used to handling crowd. One thing I liked about the lady boss here is that she does adjust the dishes based on the number of pax and she tells you when she thinks that you're ordering a little too much. That is an honest gesture that is not found in many restaurants these days. 

Butter Milk Mantis Prawns @ RM 25.44

Kam Heong Lala @ RM 21.20
We wanted to have the dry style butter dish but they do not do that preparation here. Alternatively, they did this Butter Milk Style Mantis Prawns for us. The Mantis Prawns were very fresh and they were cooked with generous portions of butter milk. A wonderful preparation that we all enjoyed. I would definitely rate this at 9/10. Their Kam Heong Lala was again an excellent dish. I loved the huge clams that they had used. The dish was prepared with lots of dried shrimps and it was totally addictive. My rating for this too shall be 9/10. 

Steamed Prawns with Egg @ RM 36.04

Teo Chew Style Steamed Ikan Merah @ RM 33.92
This was again another fantastic dish. 18 large prawns they are and the dish was only priced at RM 36.04 . Taste wise, this was quite unique. They had used Rice Wine and egg and that gave a wonderful blend of flavours. A good one to have here and I would rate this at 9/10. As for the Steamed Fish dish, it was such a large cut and I felt that it was very reasonable priced at RM 33.92 . The Teo Chew Style of steaming was also perfectly done and it came with lots of pickled vegetables and soft bean curd. A must try here and this deserves a perfect 10/10. 

Kam Heong Crabs (1 Kg) @ RM 63.60

Hawaiian Style Baby Octopus @ RM 21.20

Salted Egg Prawns @ RM 33.92
Their Kam Heong Crabs were very fresh and the meat was so juicy. For 1 Kg, it was only priced at RM 63.60 which is one of the cheapest I have seen in recent times. It's definitely way cheaper that Pantai Batu Laut, Kuala Selangor or even Carry Island. 9/10 is what I shall give this dish. The Hawaiian Style Baby Octopus was again an awesome dish. The blend of flavours tasted almost similar to a Sweet and Sour dish. The Baby Octopus was fried to a crisp and this combination of crunchy vegetables and the sauces were really something. Again, 9/10 for this dish. Finally, their Salted Egg Prawns was no exception either. Huge prawns generously coated in a salted egg batter and were deep fried to a crisp. The coating was delicious and the sweet flesh was so tender and juicy. Without a doubt, I would rate this dish too at 9/10. 

Bill For The Meal
As you can see from the bill, the food is is very cheap and no wonder that this place is so crowded and people are willing to travel the distance. Being a fishing town, this place does serve some excellent seafood at ridiculously cheap prices. The food is fresh as fishermen literally dock at this village daily. Even if you want to get some fresh seafood supplies, this would be the perfect place as you could buy them directly from the fishermen. The best route to get here would be via Tanjung Malim using the back road that heads in to Sungai Besar. A mere 80 minute journey that brings you to some heavenly food that's wallet friendly. After your meal, you could relax at the beach side as well. The views are amazing and it's a mere three minutes away from this restaurant. 

Address: Lot 24725, Bagan Sungai Burung, 45200 Sabak Bernam, Selangor, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 1200 - 2230 Daily

Saturday, 16 December 2017

Restoran Ismail @ Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, Kuala Lumpur

Restoran Ismail is a restaurant that has been around for more than three decades. Located in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, this restaurant has made a name for itself and is mostly sought for their Briyani. Despite there being many restaurants that sell Briyani, the preparation at Restoran Ismail is quite unique and has a taste of it's own. 

The Restaurant In TTDI
It's quite easy to locate this restaurant in Taman Tu Dr Ismail. They are located quite close to the Fire Brigade and Celcom. Being located along the main road that comes into TTDI, that has given them another advantage in terms of location. The restaurant has got a lovely design and is good for singles as well as families. Once you are here, you could just order the dishes at your table itself. If you're in the mood to try out more dishes, then I would recommend heading to their food counter and selecting those add on items that you would like to have.  


Cucumber Acar
Regardless of the type of Briyani that you go for, Dhalcha and Cucumber Acar are compulsory items that would be served. Both are prepared according to traditional methods and I must confess that they are quite authentic in taste. Quality if ingredients used are also premium ones and that ensures that the taste is consistent. My rating for both the above items shall be 9/10. 


Mutton Briyani Rice Set @ RM 16.50
When you order their Mutton Briyani Set, it comes with a plate of Plain Briyani Rice and some Mutton Perattal on another smaller saucer. Their Briyani Rice itself is so good and the fragrance is awesome. Even taste wise, it is so good to be eaten on it's own. I would rate their rice at 8/10. Their Mutton is also equally good and they are usually lean cuts without any bones. Again, the Masala is just amazing and goes so well with the rice. My rating for their Mutton shall be 9/10. 

Chicken Briyani @ RM 14.50

As for their Chicken Briyani, you could choose to have a large piece of Fried Chicken which is one of their top sellers or even Kurma Chicken. Knowing that it is their top seller, I decided to go for the previous and it was a choice that I did not regret. The Fried Chicken was so crisp on the outside and juicy on the inside. The marination was simply perfect and it was definitely a taste to remember. My rating for this shall be 9/10. Besides the Dhalcha and Cucumber Acar, Appalam is also provided with all Briyani sets. 

If you're a fan of Briyani, I would recommend visiting Restoran Ismail that is located in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, Kuala Lumpur. They have been around for more than three decades and their signature Chicken Briyani and Mutton Briyani are a must try. Good food, reasonable prices and speedy service.

Address: No. 22, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur.

Business Hours: 0645 - 2130 Daily

Friday, 15 December 2017

Pun Chun Restaurant @ Bidor, Perak

Pun Chun Restaurant is a Chinese Coffee Shop in Bidor that need's no introduction. This restaurant has been around for so many years and anyone travelling down that stretch would definitely make a pit stop to taste their famous Wantan Mee, Duck Noodles and Chicken Biscuits. 

Pun Chun Restaurant Located Along Jalan Besar, Bidor
I have been visiting this restaurant since the 70's. Since those days, the food here has been consistently good and one of my favourites is their Chicken Biscuit and Wantan Mee. For those who can't find a place to park, my recommendation would be to head behind this restaurant and you should be able to find a place to park there. 

All That You Would Need On All Tables

Old School Iced Coffee

The restaurant is busy all day long and most of the time, you would have to either wait a while for a table or share a table with someone else. One thing that has always amazed me is the speed at which the staffs work. They are just like robots running around here and there and that should give you an indication as to how busy this place is. In fact, they have cut down the service time by placing all that you would need, right from cutlery to sauces on each and every table. This is good because I don't think the staffs would have any time to come over to you just to send a fork or some chili sauce. Coming back to our orders, we ordered a plate of Wantan Mee and a glass of Iced Coffee. Their Iced Coffee was truly awesome. It was like those Hainanese Coffee, not too sweet and bold flavours. My rating for this shall be 10/10. 

Wantan Mee with Char Siew

Wanton In Clear Soup
Their Wantan Mee has been consistently good and I loved their soft, springy egg noodles. They were generous with the sauces as well but I felt that their Char Siew could have been better. My rating for this dish shall be 9/10. Similarly, their dumplings were tasty and my rating for those shall be 8/10. If you're travelling anywhere along this stretch in Bidor, I would recommend visiting this restaurant. Their top sellers are their Wantan Mee, Duck Noodles and Chicken Biscuits.

Address: No. 38 - 40, Jalan Besar, 35500 Bidor, Perak, Malaysia.

Business Hours: 0600 - 2100 Daily 

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Restoran Abdul Rahim Cendol @ Tanjung Malim, Perak

If you're looking for a good Cendol, then my pick would be Abdul Rahim Cendol that is located in Tanjung Malim, Perak. Abdul Rahim is a third generation Cendol maker and he has a huge pool of loyal supporters. 

The Restaurant Located Along Jalan Besar, Tanjung Malim
Abdul Rahim himself has been in the business for more than 20 years. Previously, he used to operate from a push cart that was based opposite the KFC in town. In recent months, he has moved to a proper restaurant and is located right in the heart of Tanjung Malim town. 

Cendol With Corn

Delicious & Refreshing
You do not get those fancy Cendol's here. What he prepares is the typical old school style of preparation and they are very reasonably priced. Compared to the prices that you get in the Klang Valley, this is merely half of it but rest assured, it is really good. If you happen to pass through Tanjung Malim, I would strongly recommend giving this Cendol a try. My rating for this shall be 9/10. 

Address: Jalan Besar, 35900 Tanjung Malim, Perak, Malaysia.

Business Hours: 1100 - 1900 Daily

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Restoran Lan Je @ Puchong, Selangor

I first tried this steamed fish some time in the year 2013 at their Desa Aman Puri outlet and have been hooked since then. Originating from Rawang, today they have a number of outlets across the Klang Valley. Being in Puchong this evening, we decided to try their Bandar Puteri Puchong outlet which is located along Jalan Puteri 4/9.

Restoran Lan Je Along Jalan Puteri 4/9
In Bandar Puteri, they occupy two shop units. Both units are air-conditioned and business has always been good for them. This outlet is located not too far from Puteri Mart, along the newly built shop units which is quite close to the MRT station.Parking is a huge problem here but worry not. Drive along the inner road that takes you to the rear of the shop. There is ample of space to park there and that's like a dedicated parking space for this restaurant. Ordering here is quite simple, all their items are listed on the board along with the prices. You just have to choose your items and as far as the fish goes, pick either medium spicy or super spicy. I have tried most of the items at this restaurant except that it was at the Desa Aman Puri branch and they were all just so so except for the fish which was excellent. These item that I had tried include their Tofu dish, a number of vegetables, Salted Prawn, Steamed Prawns and their chicken dish. Kindly note that this is a Pork Free restaurant.

Medium Spicy Steamed Fish @ RM 18.00
They only use Black Tilapia Fish for this dish and no other fish types are available. Many avoid this Black Tilapia as they tend to have a stench but that is not the case here. The fish is perfectly cleaned and cooked and all stench is removed. Generally, they are priced from around RM 16 to RM 19, depending on the size and this one today was RM 18.00 . In 2013, their base price for this very same fish was RM 12.00 . Well with all prices gone up, it is only fair for them to price it higher and even then, a similar fish of the similar size would at least be priced at RM 25 onwards and comparing that, they are still very much cheaper. Price aside, the fish was excellent. The fish is steamed with lots of garlic and bird eye chilies and the aroma is amazing . I usually go for the medium spicy as that is good enough for me. Maybe next time, I should try their super spicy instead. I have walked past their kitchen and observed that they stack the plates up in rattan baskets and steam them using the conventional methods. Perhaps that is where the taste comes from. For me, this dish is excellent and I would rate it at a perfect 10/10 . One thing that amazes me is how they can have the taste so consistent across all their outlets. Even if I was blindfolded and tasted this dish, I would still be able to tell if it's from Lan Je or not. That's how good it was. 

Steamed Prawns with Ginger @ RM 23.00
For RM 23.00, it came with eleven medium sized prawns laden with loads of ginger, garlic and chili. The prawns were absolutely awesome, never did it expect this to be this good. It seems that going forward my must order dishes here would be their steamed fish and this steamed prawns. You have to taste it to know how good it was. Both of us thoroughly enjoyed the dish and I would rate this at 9/10. .

If you love steamed fish and steamed prawns, then this place is a must try. I for one have definitely been hooked on to this fish. The recipe here is very much different to the rest and it is definitely a taste to remember. I for sure would definitely return again soon.

Address: No. 16-G & 18-G, Jalan Puteri 4/9, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor.

Opening Hours: 1000 - 2100 Daily

Telephone: +6012 522 9391

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Restoran Jayna Vilas @ Cyberjaya, Selangor

Restoran Jayna Vilas would be the newest South Indian restaurant to open in Cyberjaya, Selangor. They started their business sometime in end November 2017 and although I had visited them during their first few days of business, I never got the time to blog about this restaurant much earlier. 

The Restaurant Along Jalan GC 3, Cyberjaya

My Lunch @ RM 13.00
This restaurant occupies two shop lots, one is air-conditioned and the other is ventilated by ceiling fans. One thing that I loved here was the variety that was on offer. You get many dishes that you would not commonly get at most South Indian restaurants. Besides that, the service levels are really good and they make you feel somewhat at home. Today, I went for some Rice, Fish Curry, Pulicha Keerai, Yellow Pumpkin, Fried Fish, Mutton Perattal, Appalam, Moor Milagai and Oorgai and this wholesome meal cost me a mere RM 13.00 . Definitely very reasonable prices. 

Fish Curry & Pulicha Keerai

Yellow Pumpkin & Moor Milagai
Their Pulicha Keerai was really something. Really thick it was and not the watered down versions that we get at some restaurants. The flavours were also awesome. I am a huge fan of this and I found the preparation here to be very much home like food. My rating for this shall be 9/10. Their Fish Curry was good as well. Overall flavours were very much up to my expectations and again, it wasn't the kind of watery gravy. My rating for this shall be 8/10. Their Yellow Pumpkin was awesome. Another dish that I would say was very much homelike style of cooking. Again, I would rate this at 9/10. Their Moor Milagai was nice, balanced flavours and went very well with the Fish Curry. My rating for this shall be 8/10. 

Oorgai & Fried Fish

Mutton Perattal
Their Oorgai was tasty and I would give that 8/10. Their Fried Fish was very fresh, nicely marinated and fried to a crisp. I would definitely give this 8/10 as well. Their Mutton Perattal came with some very thick gravy and it went very well with the tender meat. Again, this is something that I would rate 8/10. 

My Bill
Restoran Jayna Vilas does offer some excellent variety on a daily basis. The food was good and I loved the warm reception given by the staffs. Most of the items that I had tried today tasted very much like home cooked food and for the variety and quantity that I had taken, I felt that the prices were very reasonable as well. This is another fantastic South Indian restaurant in Cyberjaya that I would recommend visiting. 

Address: Along Jalan GC 3, Glomac Cyberjaya, 63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor, Malaysia. 

Business Hours: 0800 - 2200 Daily