Thursday, 27 October 2016

Kg. Kilang Papan Ikan Bakar Stall @ Hulu Bernam, Selangor

Recently I had some of my childhood friends who are settled in the UK visiting us in Malaysia and we were supposed to do dinner together. They grew up in Tanjung Malim and practically have visited all the famous restaurants in town and so for a change, I decided to introduce them to this stall located in Kg. Kilang Papan on the Hulu Bernam side of town which comes under the state of Selangor. This stall is famous for their Ikan Bakar (Grilled Fish) but not many know that they also have all the other dishes that you would typically get in any other Chinese restaurants. Honestly, no one knows the name of this stall. It is just a shack without any signage but the place is crowded daily and in the weekends, if you get your food in an hour's time, that' considered to be very fast. That should give you an idea as to the kind of crowd it draws. The stall is located just along the main trunk road (Jalan Besar Ulu Bernam), just before Restoran Vanan that's also around the Kg, Kilang Papan area. Ordering here is quite easy but don't expect anyone to come over to your table to take your orders. It's not that they don't want to do so, it's simply because all the men are busy cooking and the lady boss is the one who goes around sending the dishes to the tables and that makes it difficult for them to attend to customers at the table. Moreover, many come here for their Grilled Fish and for that, people tend to prefer to check the fishes out themselves, pick the fish of their choice and order directly at the counter and that is exactly what we did this evening. 

Thai Style Chicken
Luckily we came on a weekday and the crowd wasn't too bad and since that was the case, we managed to get our dishes in about half an hour. The first dish to arrive was the above Thai Style Chicken. Bite size chicken chunks were dipped into a batter, deep fried and topped with a sweet and spicy sauce. That sauce also came with lots of diced onions and chili's.A fairly good preparation it was and the kids were just enjoying the dish as it wasn't too spicy and at the same time, sweet and juicy it was and not forgetting the chicken chunks that were friend to a golden brown perfection. As for this dish, I would rate it at 8/10. 

Kam Heong Prawns with Lady's Finger
The Kam Heong Prawns with Lady's Finger was again a good preparation. This came with medium sized prawns and they were just perfect. Though it may seem quite spicy, I felt that it was just right, medium spicy so that it's goes well with the majority. The lady's finger that they have added surely enhanced the taste of the dish. This I shall rate it at 7/10. 

Deep Fried Squid with Salted Eggs
Deep Fried Squid with Salted Eggs were excellent and the dish disappeared so quickly. Everyone loved it. The squid was fried just right, crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside and they were quite generous with the salted eggs. They had added curry leaves and bird eye chilies as well which went very well with the overall flavours. A good dish this was and I would give this a 9/10. 

Grilled Nyonya Style Stingray
Besides the usual dry style grilled fish, another one of the favourites here is the Nyonya Style Asam Grilled Stingray. A huge cut of stingray is at the base along with some veggies and topped with some sour and spicy gravy, and then it's covered up in a foil and then grilled over the charcoal grill. The end result is a delicious dish that's irresistible and addictive. I would give this a 9/10 and one that should not be missed at this stall.

Kangkung Belacan
Kangkung Belacan was another good dish here that we all enjoyed. The Kale was fresh, lavish shrimp paste added and minimal oil used. I would give this a 8/10. 

Marmite Pork Ribs
The last dish that we had this evening was Marmite Pai Guat or Pork Ribs. I loved the portion size and to my surprise, the pork ribs came with lots of meat. One setback however was that the Marmite that they had used had not seeped in well into the meat and that gave it an artificial coat of flavours. It would have been much better if this would not have been the case. My guess is that the pork ribs must have been frozen and they would have just taken them out from the freezer before cooking and did not allow it to thaw. That being the case, the flavours didn't gel well. I would give this dish a 6/10. 

Overall a good place for dinner with a wide variety of dishes. And yes, if you do come here, please also do try the Yong Tau Fu as well. That again is simply awesome and very different to those that you get in Kuala Lumpur.

Address: Jalan Kilang Papan B, Kg, Kilang Papan, 35900 Hulu Bernam, Selangor.

Opening Hours: 1800 - 2300 Daily

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Ipoh Mushroom Sauce Chee Cheong Fun Stall @ Ipoh, Perak

Earlier in October, I posted an entry about the Popiah stall in this restaurant and now, here's another entry from this restaurant that's located in Ipoh Garden East, Ipoh. Having been satisfied with the Popiah the other day, I revisited this restaurant to have the same item again, but this time it was for lunch instead of tea time.

Kedai Makanan & Minuman Taman Timur in Ipoh Garden East
One of the prominent food court concept restaurants in Ipoh Garden East is this restaurant called Kedai Makanan Dan Minuman Taman Timur. To get to this place is fairly simple. Assuming that you are coming from the North South Highway, once you turn left to get into Ipoh town, keep going straight till you sight Jusco on your left. At the traffic lights, turn left and keep going for about 1 KM. Once you reach the residential area, look right and this restaurant would be the corner unit. They occupy two shop lots and from around 2 pm onwards, majority of the stalls are open and by 4 pm, they would be fully functional. Parking can be a hassle here but it is okay to just park by the side of the road which is exactly what we did today. 

Mushroom Sauce Chee Cheong Fun Stall
Just like the last trip here, I went for their Popiah first and since it was lunch time, I wanted to have another food item as well. So, I kept it to just one slice of Popiah. Having done with that, this Chee Cheong Fun stall caught my eyes. She has four different varieties of Chee Cheong Fun. The original Ipoh famous Mushroom Sauce Chee Cheong Fun, Teluk Intan Chee Cheong Fun, Penang Style Chee Cheong Fun that comes with pork ribs and Curry Chee Cheong Fun. If I was capable, I would have tried them all but alas, I was alone this trip and I had to just go for one. Since it is Ipoh that I am talking about, it only made sense for me to go for a dish that originated from this town and so, I went for just that.

Mushroom Sauce Chee Cheong Fun @ RM 3.50
In a matter of minutes, my order was served. For RM 3.50, the portion was good, really good. There were lots of Chee Cheong Fun, generous amounts of mushroom sauce, sliced mushrooms, chili sauce, pickled green chili's and topped with a dash of sesame seeds.

A Huge Portion
Mix it all up and you get a heavenly plate of Mushroom Sauce Chee Cheong Fun. The sauce itself was so good, creamy and just the right texture. The addition of the chili sauce and pickled green chili's took the dish to a different level. I was so surprised to see real mushrooms in the dish, this is something that we would never get in Kuala Lumpur. In fact, this dish is so rare in the central region so much so I have only come across this in Damansara Utama. Taste wise, I was so good. Sometimes you wonder how a simple dish like this could be so satisfying. Among the ones that I have tried in Ipoh including those famous one's in Menglembu, this I would say was a good preparation and I would give this a 9/10. 

If you happen to be in this area or even visiting Ipoh for that matter, do give this place a try. After all, it is so close to the highway exits and a mere 3 minutes drive from Jusco. 

Address: 59 & 61, Jalan Perajurit, Taman Timur, 31400 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 1100 - 2200 Daily

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Restoran Uli @ Tanjung Malim, Perak

Towards the end of last month, I posted an entry about the Indian food stall in Restaurant Uli. This time, I shall be doing a review of Restaurant Uli itself. For those who have not come across this restaurant before, this is located in Taman Intan Setia, Tanjung Malim and they have been in operation for about six months now.

The Restaurant Along Jalan Intan Setia 1, Tanjung Malim

Clean And Spacious Interior

Larger Tables For Big Families
The restaurant may be new but not the chef. If you are from Tanjung Malim, you would surely not have forgotten Restoran Sin Hong Hin which was the main place for Chinese food in Tanjung Malim right from the early 80's till mid 90's. They used to be full house daily for lunch and dinner. Unfortunately, the boss passed away due to kidney failure and they had to close the business. At that time, Ah Lai or Panjang as we would fondly call him was the main chef at that restaurant. Unfortunately, the business was wound down and that was when when he just got married. Having had no other option, he was forced to go to the UK in search of employment. Having been there for two decades, he is back to Malaysia and has opened this restaurant. That said, the usual crowd that used to be there in Sin Hong Hin have all come back to this restaurant. When I first met him a few months back, I was surprised that he still remembered my Dad and me, including our names and this is like after 20 years. Moreover, I was still a teenager then and have changed a lot appearance wise over the years. That was one that took me by surprise. 

The Menu

The Menu

The Menu

The Menu

The Menu

The Menu
The above is the full menu. Besides this, you may request a dish that is not in this list provided he has got the materials. Do note that squid is not available in this restaurant as well as live fish. I guess, he is keeping his overheads low based on popular demand. The prices seemed very reasonable to me. Now, let's have a look at some of the dishes that we had for dinner. 

Fried Petai Mee Hoon @ RM 7.00

Fried Petai Mee Hoon @ RM 7.00
Fried Petai Bee Hoon is a dish that was introduced by him to Tanjung Malim and I am a huge fan of this dish. After he left, there was another stall that did the same but that too had closed down some time in the year 2010 after the owner fell ill due to old age. Ever since, I have always been craving for this and I am glad to see that this is now available here. Being a dish that was prepared by the Master himself, can I comment anything. It was just perfect. The noodles, Petai, Belacan and everything else were just perfect. For me, I would give this a 10/10. If you are a fan of Petai, please do not miss this dish. You would surely get hooked on to this. 

Kangkung Belacan @ RM 5.00
Kangkung Belacan was quite good and very reasonably priced. If I am not mistaken, this would be the lowest priced Kangkung Belacan in Tanjung Malim. The Kale was fresh and he surely did not skimp on the Belacan. I would give this a 9/10. Surely another one that you should try here. 

Mee Hoon Soup @ RM 6.00
Mee Hoon Soup was just okay for me. He had added rice vermicelli, some shrimps, sliced pork and veggies to the dish. Those were all fine but the core ingredient here is the soup itself and in this case, it tasted a little bland. Moreover for RM 6.00 , it's expensive. In town, I could get a much better one for just RM 3.50 . Well, I can't blame him. This is a core restaurant item and we tried it at our own risk. The only reason I ordered this was because it was on the menu. Taste wise, I would give this a 6/10 only. This would be one to skip at this restaurant. 

Pork Spring Rolls @ RM 12.00
Pork Spring Rolls are another one of my favourites since childhood days and it's solely because of his preparation at Restaurant Sin Hong Hin. And now, after so many years, I am tasting the same flovours and it was just heavenly. I've never tasted one that's close to this in terms of taste. This is just setting a new standard for this dish and as such, it would just be unfair if I rated this anything less than a perfect 10/10. Highly recommended!

Sweet & Sour Pork Rice @ RM 7.00
For those who are on a budget, you could go for these kind of rice sets. The Sweet & Sour Pork Rice set was priced at RM 7.00 . One look at it, I know for sure that it's a high profit item but who cares as the taste was good and for one who wants to have his favourite dish with rice but is on a budget, these sets come in handy and wallet friendly. Crunchy, deliciously chewy, sweet and sour, the dish was awesome and I would rate this at 8/10. On another occasion I did try his Dried Chili and Chicken Rice and in my opinion, that was better than this one. Ultimately it's all about one's preference. 

Sambal Petai with Shrimps @ RM 6.00
Just like the Petai Mee Hoon, this Sambal Petai with shrimps was awesome too. He had used larger Petai's for the dish and was generous with the amount of Belacan used. The only setback would be the overuse of oil. Otherwise, it tasted great and I would rate this at 9/10. 

Loh Mai Kai @ RM 3.20
This is one of the items that they have for breakfast daily and is made by them and not those frozen ones. Their Loh Mai Kai is really good and comes with minimal oil. I would give this at 9/10. 

Overall, the food is great and I felt the prices to be reasonable. The restaurant is open from breakfast till around midnight and for lunch, they have a few stalls that operate from 10 am till 2 pm. Panjang's kitchen starts from 5 pm onwards. Open daily but his off days are not fixed. He usually takes two days off after a fortnight. Fans of Chinese food in Tanjung Malim should not miss exploring this restaurant. 

Address: No. 87, Jalan Intan Setia 1, Taman Intan Setia, 35900 Tanjung Malim, Perak.

Opening Hours: 1700 - 0000 Daily

Monday, 24 October 2016

Indian Food Stall in Kedai Kopi Hup Hing @ Jalan Pahang, Kuala Lumpur

This isn't my first time to this Indian food stall located in Kedai Kopi Hup Hing. In fact, it's my second visit here as I was in love with the food from my last visit and I am fairly certain that this won't be my last as well. This is just a humble old fashioned restaurant that is located along Jalan Pahang, right opposite the main entrance to KL General Hospital. Within this restaurant, there's an Indian Stall, a Chinese Mixed Rice stall and a Wanton Mee Stall; all of which operate from breakfast to lunch. I have tried the food from all the stalls here and am very impressed. Due to the same factor, the restaurant tends to be very busy for breakfast and lunch so much so, most customers that come here for lunch would be forced to do takeaways as there would be no seats left for dine in's. The best time to come here would be around 11 am till around 12 noon. After 12.30 pm, it becomes too crowded to the extent that it may even be difficult to get into the restaurant. 

At 11.30 am, The Place Is Almost Full House

Excellent Home Cooked Taste
The Indian Food Stall is located right at the entrance, directly opposite the Kon Low Mee Stall. She has a good variety of vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes and they are cooked without MSG and that gives it a home cooked taste. Demand is huge and as you can see, at 11.30 am many of her dishes are already sold out. Another reason for this is her very reasonable pricing. For a city restaurant, the kind of prices that she charges are very reasonable. In fact, I won't even be able to enjoy such prices in Tanjung Malim. For pure vegetarians, you can be assured that she uses different wok's for vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes. This I have witnessed myself as the cooking is done inside this restaurant and not brought from home. She also has two different counter's which she uses to segregate them both. 

My Lunch @ RM 7.00
I had some rice, Fried Bitter Gourd, Anchovies Sambal, Cuttlefish Sambal, Vegetarian Mock Fish Sambal and a vegetable and this was priced at RM 7.00 . Very reasonable right? And not to forget the Papadam and Rasam that were served separately. I doubt you could get such a good deal in Kuala Lumpur.

Vegetarian Mock Fish Sambal
The Mock Fish Sambal was just excellent. It wasn't too soggy, the gravy was thick and spicy and she had used quality mock fish and not those cheaper ones that taste like rubber. An excellent one and I would rate this at 9/10.

Fried Bitter Gourd
Fried Bitter Gourd is one of my favourites and I loved the way she had prepared this. It wasn't like the one's that you get in Indian Muslim restaurants where it's all coated in flour with artificial flavours and is soft instead of being crunchy. This one was spiced using only two ingredients, salt and chili powder and it was fried to a crisp, just how the Tamil style of making this should be. It was so good that I could go on having this all day as a snack while watching TV. Really good stuff and I would rate this at 9/10.

Veggie Cooked With Dhall
This vegetable cooked with dhall was good and it tasted just like the home cooked ones. The good thing about that is the taste. And the bad thing about that is simply the fact that the veggies were overcooked and all you get is basically fiber. Well, though I would like mine to be tasty and still crunchy, we can't have the best of both world's can we. So, I'd just vote based on the taste and for this, I shall give it a 9/10. 

Cuttlefish Sambal
Their Cuttlefish Sambal was a killer. Super spicy and super delicious! Truly one of the best that I have had in recent years. In fact, my friend had the same and he couldn't stop talking about how good this was for a week. Yes, every time he sees me in office, he would mention this over and over again saying that we must come back to this stall just to have this. That should give you an indication as to how good this was and I would rate this at 10/10.

Anchovies Sambal
Another fantastic preparation. The Anchovies Sambal were so good. The were deep fried first, and then added to the chili paste and stir fried with chilies. Double the process for double the taste. Another must try dish at this stall that deserves nothing less than a perfect 10/10. 

On the whole, it was a remarkable lunch. Fantastic food and such reasonable prices. For those who are wondering if parking is freely available here, the answer would be yes. Once you sight this restaurant, go slow and keep to the left. Right after the next block which is the Vue Residences Serviced Suites, turn left and within 20 meters, you would see an open space which is a car park. From there, it's just a 5 minute walk to this restaurant.

Address: No. 20-7, Jalan Pahang, 53000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 1000 - 1430 (Closed on Sundays)

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Rojak & Cendol Tiga Rasa (Cendol Taman Wahyu) @ Taman Wahyu, Kuala Lumpur

The name Rojak & Cendol Tiga Rasa may be alien to most people but this place is also famously known as Rojak & Cendol Taman Wahyu. Located along Jalan Kuching just before the recently constructed overhead bridge heading into 5th Mile Jalan Ipoh, this humble set up receives a few hundred customers daily and their only two dishes would be Cendol and Rojak. I have passed this way so often and have always found the place to be packed with customers. In fact, just another 50 meters away, there is another truck selling the same but when you compare the number of customers at any point in time, the latter is nowhere close to these guys. Since I had some extra time at my perusal, I decided on dropping by and giving the place a try. 

A Simple Truck Parked By The Side Of The Road

Cutlery In Tupperware's To Keep Them Clean From The Dust
They operate from just a small truck but I was very impressed with the set up and here's why. It wasn't like any other Rojak & Cendol truck set up. They had cleared up the entire place and set up tents with 15 tables. That shows the volume of customers they get on a daily basis. Even today when I walked in, there were close to 40 customers who were having their meals and that doesn't include those who were standing while waiting for their takeaways. Besides that, they have a staff count of 7 people to serve their customers and that's excluding the 3 staffs who were preparing the dishes. Another strong indication that the place is doing so well. Any other Rojak truck would at most have 2 people manning it. Besides this, the entire place is fenced up with a special gate for customers who are accessing via Jalan Kuching. This saves a lot of time for their customers who alternatively would need to get into Taman Wahyu and only then get to access this stall. What a presence of mind. Another thing that impressed me was the cutlery. They were all placed in tupperware's to keep them dust proof. As far as the customer service was concerned, they were super quick. As you walk in, there's already someone beside you waiting to take the orders. 

Rojak @ RM 4.00

Typical Malaysian Rojak
Their Rojak was pretty good and for RM 4.00, the portions were huge and they never were stingy with the ingredients. Even the Tofu and cake was added in abundance. The gravy was medium coarse just the way I love it. Mildly sweet and mildly spicy, it was just a perfect plate of Rojak and I would give this a 8/10. 

Cendol @ RM 2.50

This Is Their Basic Cendol
A basic bowl of Cendol is priced at RM 2.50 and this comes with corn, red bean and kidney beans. Of course you could go for additional add on's like pulut etc. and the price varies accordingly. Their Cendol was beautiful. Not too sweet, creamy and perfect for the hot afternoon. I would give this a 9/10. 

In summary, this is definitely a great pit stop to make when you're travelling on Jalan Kuching. Both their Cendol and Rojak were good and the prices were very reasonable. On another note, here's something that had happened after my stop here. Well, it was my first time to this stall and I don't really know the place too well. Sadly, my car couldn't start as I was trying to leave as the starter motor was giving trouble. I then walked over to one of the staffs and asked if there was a mechanic nearby to which he said there's one which is around 4 KM's away. I just came back to my car and tried making a few phone calls and that was when the owner himself walked over to us. He then asked us what the trouble was and then offered to drive his car up to the mechanic's place and he really did that. He left and in a matter of minutes, was back with a mechanic. After checking, it was just a wiring issue that connects to the starter motor and the mechanic only charged me RM 10.00 . And then, this owner drove him back to his workshop and returned. I offered him some money but he refused to accept. Well, that is so kind of him and I felt that I must at least mention about his kindness here. I doubt any one else would have done the same. I was not even his frequent customer and he offered to go out of the way to help. Well, now I have surely become his loyal customer and going forward, I would definitely make a stop at this place every time I pass this way. Not just for the great Cendol but also to show my gratitude for his act of kindness. Thank you Sir!

Address: Taman Wahyu, 68100 Batu Caves, Selangor, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 1000 - 1800 Daily

Saturday, 8 October 2016

D' Chinta Tomyam @ Tanjung Malim, Perak

D' Chinta Tomyam is one of the recent additions to the Tomyam stalls scene in Tanjung Malim, Perak. Previously, this very stall was known as Azz Corner Tomyam that was in business for about a year and before that,  Masha Beriani Bistro which used to sell Beriani, as the name suggests during the day. I was informed by a friend who disposed the business off that now, he rents this space out to this stall which operates from 6 pm till 2 am daily.

The Restaurant Located Right Next To MSV Auto

Clean and Comfortable Seating
This stall is located in Kg, Berop, right beside MSV Auto. For those who are familiar with Tanjung Malim, finding this place is not a problem. For those who are not, just ask anyone where Kg. Berop is and you would be guided to this place. During the day, the stall is closed. Being a huge fan of Tomyam , my friends and I decided to give the place a try tonight. When we arrived here, it was almost 11 pm and yet there were quite a number of customers. In fact, at the time that we were there, the flow of customers were good. I am not saying that they were full house but at any point in time, there were at least five tables that were occupied with customers having their meal. Hardly you see anyone sitting here with just a drink and chatting for hours. All their customers were serious diners and that's a very positive sign. 

Their Menu

Drinks Menu

Drinks Menu

Food Menu

Food Menu

Food Menu
It was good that these new operators have the menu in place with all the prices listed down. The previous guy's Azz Corner Tomyam did not have these. The standard dishes that you would find in a similar Tomyam restaurant and the prices were reasonable too. 

Set Menu

Set Menu
For larger groups, they also have the set meals's in place. Rightfully, it should be much cheaper but at a glance, this seemed like a little more expensive. Once again, they have included fish in all those sets and that's usually pretty steep in price in these Malay restaurants. That could have been the reason why those set meals seemed a little inflated. Anyway, we decided to go Ala Carte and order individual dishes that we prefer. This way, we get to taste more dishes and more or less know what the bill would be like. 

Kangkung Ikan Masin @ RM 4,00
They served a very impressive Kangkung Ikan Masin dish. For the price, we were very satisfied with the portions and this is the first time that I am seeing a restaurant adding squid into this dish without any additional charges. Fresh greens, lovely gravy and there were chunks of Ikan Masin (salt fish) in the dish. We all enjoyed this dish and I would rate this at 9/10. 

Ayam Masak Kicap @ RM 4.50
Ayam Masak Kicap was definitely a hit among all of us. It was spicy, sweet, sour and had a burst of flavours. The adding of large onions into this dish was just the right choice. In fact, at some point, it tasted somewhat like a Hainanese style preparation. Just wonderful and I would give this a perfect 10/10. A must try dish here!

Telur Dadar @ RM 1.50
Telur Dadar is eggs fried with large onions but this one tasted a little special. After some real thinking, I discovered that he had also added Lea & Perrins Sauce. No wonder it tasted so unique. And look at those eggs, non greasy just the way I love them. I would give this a 10/10. Another one that I would recommend here.

Tomyam Soup with Chicken @ RM 4.50

Comes with Prawns Too
Their Tomyam Soup comes with a variety of add on's to choose from and we went for chicken. But the surprising thing was that they had also added prawns for us at no additional charge. It was not just one or two prawns. There were close to five or six prawns and these were the medium sized ones. This is something that I have not come across in any Tomyam shop. Usually the one's with prawns would be more expensive. Very impressed with the kind of service that we have been getting so far. The soup however could have been better. It wasn't bad and surely was way better than most Tomyam places in Tanjung Malim. It's just that there's room for improvement. As for this soup, I would rate it at 7/10. 

Kangkung Belacan @ RM 4.00
Kangkung Belacan was equally good. It was spicy and salty and besides Kangkung, there were onions and tomatoes in the dish. Of course it is very different to the Chinese style of preparation for the same dish but this is how the Malay stalls usually would prepare it. For me, it would have been better if there was a little more belacan in it. Nevertheless, still a dish that we all enjoyed and I would give this a 8/10. 

Ayam Masak Pedas @ RM 4.50
Just like the Ayam Masak Kicap, this Ayam Masak Pedas was another fantastic dish. Just as the name suggests, it was a dish that got us all profusely sweating. Very spicy, salty with a hint of sweetness, it was just perfect with white rice. In fact, despite being so spicy, we all ended up scooping out the sauce till the plate was clean and dry. A very delicious preparation and it deserves nothing less than a perfect 10/10. 

Ayam Masak Halia @ RM 4.50
Ayam Masak Halia was again another fantastic dish that came with lots of chopped ginger. Mildly spicy, gingery and with a hint of sweetness, it was totally addictive. Despite the burning sensation from eating those chopped ginger, it tasted so good with the sauce and this was one of those dishes that disappeared the fastest. So good it was and again, I will give this a perfect 10/10. 

Kangkung Goreng Biasa @ RM 4.00
Kangkung Goreng Biasa is a simple dish that is stir fried with Kangkung, tomatoes, shrimps and sauces. Again, the adding of shrimps to this dish is one that I am only seeing here and that too for a price of RM 4.00 only. Another good preparation that we all enjoyed. This wasn't spicy, had more soy sauce and oyster sauce taste to it and was rather mildly sweet and salty. I would give this a 9/10. 

On the whole, we were all very happy with the food here. Most of their dishes were impressive. You don't usually see me giving that many 10/10's but these guy's truly deserved them. Till I come across another place that is equally good and reasonably priced, this would be my favourite Tomyam place in Tanjung Malim. I really loved the food and am coming back for more soon.

Address: No. 4617, Jalan Slim Baru, 35900 Tanjung Malim, Perak, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 1800 - 0200 Daily

Telephone: +60111 5747 267 & +6019 433 2544