Friday, 5 October 2018

Kannaa's Bamboo Masalla Briyani @ Puchong, Selangor

This would be my second time visiting this restaurant. I first came when they had newly opened and was very impressed with their Bamboo Briyani. I had a friend with me today and he wanted to visit this restaurant. Since the food was very impressive the last time, I decided to tag along and enjoy this marvellous dish once again. 

The Restaurant Located Along Jalan KS 3A

Teh O Ais
The place was crowded as usual but luckily there was one vacant table and we quickly occupied it. Just like the last time, the waiters were speedy with their service and in a matter of minutes, our ordering was done and the drinks were served. 

Dishing Out The Bamboo Briyani

Mutton Bamboo Briyani @ RM 16.00
Their Briyani's are priced at RM 16.00 . Some may say that this is expensive but honestly, it's not. The amount of spices used and the excellent taste is something else altogether. That is why, despite the place being quite a journey for me, I am still willing to travel all the way just for this heavenly Briyani. The Mutton chunks were so perfect and it comes with some slight gravy. Even the rice was so aromatic and tasty. 10/10 would be my rating for this Bamboo Mutton Briyani and I am truly glad that the taste has been consistent. 

Mint Chutney

In order to enjoy this Briyani, the Mint Chutney and Curry is a must. That would give it a moist overall texture to the rice and the mint chutney just takes the taste to a all new heights. Both were awesome and the mint chutney specifically deserves a 10/10. 

Looking for some good Bamboo Briyani? Then you have got to try the preparation at Kanna's Bamboo Masalla Briyani that is located in Puchong. It's my second time here and I am glad that the taste and quality remains consistent. Excellent food and the crowd speaks for itself. A must try place for Briyani lovers.

Address: No. 27G, Jalan KS 3A, Seksyen 3, 47190 Puchong, Selangor. 

Business Hours: Tuesday - Sunday 1030 - 2000 (Closed on Mondays)

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