Tuesday 3 March 2015

Nesan Curry House @ Rawang, Selangor

Nesan Curry House needs no further introduction to the people living in Rawang, Selangor. From what I know, this is the most famous Tamil restaurant in Rawang. My parents have always been strong supporters of this restaurant. Everytime they come to Kuala Lumpur, on their way back, they would make it a point to stop at this restaurant which is located along Jalan Welman, Rawang. Jalan Welman is right at the heart of the old Rawang town and it is not difficult to find. I have been here once in the past and was really impressed with the food and prices. As I was in town today, I decided on dropping by to have a quick drink and then to pack some food back for dinner.There are two Nesan Curry House's along the same street, both belonging to the same owners. One is at Unit 54 and the other is at Unit 59. Today's visit was to the older of the two which is Unit 54.

Nesan Curry House Located Along Jalan Welman, Rawang

Entrance To The Restaurant

Interior Of The Restaurant
It was 6.30 pm when I arrived here this evening and even at this hour, the place was crowded with customers. The majority of them were like me, doing take away's. The restaurant may seem simple in layout but the entire restaurant is air conditioned. This applies to the older one which I had visited today. The newer restaurant is not air conditioned. 

Coca Cola @ RM 2.00
As it was a hot evening, I decided on having a cold drink and this was priced at RM 2.00 per can which is a very reasonable price. All the staffs were mega busy and I decided to check out what's available myself before placing my orders. 

A Good Spread of Vegetarian Dishes

Non Vegetarian Dishes
I was impressed to see the spread of dishes available even at this hour. There were about fourteen vegetarian dishes and close to eight non vegetarian dishes. This is an impressive spread to have at this hour and they all looked good. Having decided on what I wanted to order, I placed my order with specific instructions to one of the waiters and returned to my table to continue enjoying my drink. 

Idiyappam (Spring Hoppers) @ RM 0.70 each

Idiyappam (Spring Hoppers) @ RM 0.70 each

Idiyappam (Spring Hoppers) @ RM 0.70 each
As mentioned before, my order was a take away and so the few photographs of the dishes shared here were taken at home. I ordered some Idiyappam's and these were priced at RM 0.70 each. The Idiyappam's were okay, but not great. The Idiyappam from Adaikalam Mess which is a few doors away are definitely much better and cheaper. These were slightly dry, nevertheless it was a decent preparation. I would rate these at 7.5/10 . I understand that Idiyappam is a very difficult item to prepare and it takes a specialist to perfect this. Nevertheless, I have to be fair in my judgement and hence my rating seen above. 

Staff Preparing Appam and Puttu

They Have Both Kevara Puttu and Rice Flour Puttu

Puttu's Packed Individually

Kevara Puttu @ RM 1.20 each
Since my parents love Puttu as well, I also ordered some Puttu's to be taken away. Do note that they have both Kevara Flour and Rice Flour Puttu available here. We prefer the previous and I went specifically for that. This is a hot selling item and the queue for this is usually very long. This item is only available from 6.15 pm onwards. The Puttu here was very delicious. It was also very soft and the texture was just perfect. I would rate these at 8.5/10 .

Venthaya Kulambu

Venthaya Kulambu
Curries are provided complimentary and for both the dishes, I specifically requested them to pack Venthaya Kulambu only as we prefer to have both with this curry. I had asked for extra and they did not charge me additional form that. The Venthaya Kulambu was thick and delicious. One of the best Vanthaya Kulambu's that I have seen in a restaurant. The spices too were just perfect. An excellent one and I would rate this at 9.5/10 . This curry was literally finger licking good!

Overall, I must confess that the food here was simply fantastic and I would not be alone to say this. I do hope that I would return one of these days to try out their lunch. The only problem here is the parking as there is limited parking spaces available. Best would be to take the KTM Komuter as this place is a mere 250 meters from the Komuter station. I would definitely be returning soon and would highly recommend this place to anyone who loves Tamil food.

Address: 54 & 59, Jalan Welman, 48000 Rawang,
                Selangor, Malaysia.

Telephone: +6019 6636 824
                   +603 6093 1179

Opening Hours: 0700 - 2215 Daily

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