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Cafe Taka @ Pavillion, Kuala Lumpur

Located on the sixth floor of Pavillion Kuala Lumpur, there is this outlet located along Tokyo Street called Cafe Taka that sells an interesting Purple Burger. Previously this restaurant was knows as Takahashi and they have changed their name to Cafe Taka recently. Once I heard of this Purple Burger, I decided that I must give it a try.

Us at Tokyo Street in Pavillion Kuala Lumpur

Cafe Take at Pavillion Kuala Lumpur
It is quite easy to find this cafe. Once you are up the escalator, just make a U turn and you would immediately come across this outlet on the right.  

Interior of the Restaurant

Inside the restaurant
Once there, we were met by the waiter and he then ushered us to our table. The restaurant is generally quite small. I guess most of the restaurants here on Tokyo street are quite small but well designed to get the maximum out of that little space. There were a number of customers and they too were having this purple burger.

The Menu

Promotions on the Purple Burger

I went through the menu and this is not like the typical Japanese restaurant. Firstly, no Sushi's were available or any other Bento sets. They were mostly Westernized Japanese Meals like Pizza, Burgers and some Noodles with a Japanese touch to it. They also ran a promotion on the Purple Burgers but we decided to go Ala Carte instead of the set menu.  Besides the burgers, I also ordered some sides and let see how it tastes.

Blue Coroko Soda @ RM 7.90

Kiwi Soda @ RM 7.90
Angie and I ordered the above drinks. It was some kind of fusion drink. There was some flavouring at the base and it was topped with Soda. So it must be mixed thoroughly to get the intended taste out otherwise all you would be tasting is plain tasteless soda. The drink was pretty different but definitely did not sweep me of my feet. I would rate the above drinks at 7/10 .

Ebi Furai Purple Burger + Wasabi Imo Side Dish @ RM 12.90

Closer look at the Ebi Furai Purple Burger
Finally we got to try the Purple Burger. I read somewhere in this restaurant that this burger gets it's colour from Blueberries and Beetroot. Interesting and yet it did taste better than the white bun. Mine had a filling of Golden Breaded Prawns with Tonkatsu Sauce, Cheese and Pineapple Rings. The Pineapple Rings were quite small though. It also comes with some sides of Potato Wedges with Wasabi Sauce.I must say that the burger was really nice and different compared to the conventional white bun burgers. The Prawns too added a touch of difference to it. The Potato Wedges had an interesting combination with Wasabi Sauce and I feel that it did go well with the Wasabi Sauce. With that said, I would rate this dish at 9/10 .

Chicken Katsu Purple Burger + Wasabi Imo @ RM 10.90

Closer look at the Chicken Katsu Purple Burger
The Chicken Katsu burger was pretty much the same Purple Burger with a slice of Chicken Cutlet, Pineapple Ring, Cheese and Tonkatsu Sauce. It was also quite delicious and we really liked it. I would rate this at 9/10 again. A very interesting and innovative dish.

Tebasaki @ RM 8.90
This was a skewer of Grilled Chicken Wings.I found the meat to be a little hard and the flavour was a little flat. Maybe it stayed frozen for a while and that must the reason as to why the meat was hard but the flavour could definitely be improved. I would only rate this dish at 6/10 .

Gyoza @ RM 10.90
Honestly, this was the worst Gyoza that I have ever tried. It tasted really bad and it was also breaking into pieces. I believe this must be a frozen item and reheated just before serving. I would only give this dish 5/10 . 

Dinner time
On the whole, this place is surely something different. It is not a Japanese Restaurant and it is neither a Fast Food restaurant but it surely serves good Purple Burgers. The other Japanese dishes were surely not good and this is limited to what we had tried tonight. The service level is definitely good and the restaurant is clean. Definitely would recommend this place for their burgers.

Address: Level 6, No. 6.24.1B Pavillion KL Shopping Mall, 
                168 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 1000 - 2200

Telephone: +603 2143 6454

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