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Home Kitchen @ Bandar Sri Damansara, Kuala Lumpur

This is my second trip to this restaurant. The first time was earlier this month and today when I parents came around to Kuala Lumpur, I decided to bring them over to this restaurant for dinner. I was very happy with the food and price the last trip and was quite sure that they would enjoy the food here. To those that are interested, you can visit my previous entry on this place via this link:

Restaurant Home Kitchen at Bandar Sri Damansara

Outer Seating Area

Outer Seating Area

Interior of the restaurant
This restaurant is located in Bandar Sri Damansara quite close to the famous Restaurant Thaibase, except that this is facing the main ring road of Sri Damansara. One of the many reasons that I like this place is the clean environment. 

The Menu
This time, I let my parents do the ordering based on their likings. It's definitely good to sit back and relax while they order their favourite dishes. The specialty here is that all their food is served with burners beneath which keeps the food hot even during consumption. 

Steamed Groundnuts @ RM 2.00
The moment you take your place, you would find that the cutlery and the above groundnuts is served. Even today, this place was buzzing with crowd and the staff were all working very hard to attend to everyone's needs as fast as possible. The lady boss is the one who takes the orders and the boys assist in delivering the items to customers tables. Coming back to the above steamed groundnuts, they were definitely very tasty and as it took a little longer than usual to get our meals, this definitely helped us to get through our hunger pangs. 

Fresh Orange @ RM 3.80

Sour Plum In Lime Juice @ RM 2.80

Chinese Tea @ RM 0.70
We ordered the above drinks and I must say that these guys never fail to impress me with their quality. The Orange Juice and Sour Plum in Lime juice was perfect and very refreshing. I would rate these drinks at 9/10 .

Plain Rice @ RM 1.20
Their rice comes in two sizes, big and small. The big portion is charged at RM 1.20 each and the small portion is charged at RM 0.80 each. 

Claypot Tofu @ RM 13.00
Their Claypot Tofu was really good. This is one of my father's favourite dishes and I was glad that it was  done very well here. He enjoyed this dish very much and it definitely tasted slightly different to the usual preparation that we get elsewhere. A must try dish here. I would rate this dish at 9/10 .

Claypot Vegetables  @ RM 10.00
This Vegetable dish was also very good. The vegetables were fresh and crispy even after being cooked. The sauce used had also blended well with the leaves. This dish is very unique to this restaurant and I would recommend this dish. My ratings for this dish would be 9.2/10 .

Assam Seafood Claypot @ RM 16.00
This dish was typically Asam Pedas style with a whole lot of mixture containing fish meat, prawns, squid, lady's finger and brinjals. This dish was well cooked and placed on a burner to keep the dish warm during consumption. It lacked spiciness and could have been better in that sense but otherwise it was a great dish. There was a lot of vegetables and for the price of RM 16.00 , it is considered reasonably cheap. I would rate this dish at 8/10 . 

Fried Egg with Crab Meat @ RM 8.00
The Fried Eggs was just above average. The setback would be that you could get the oil taste with the eggs. This dish is supposed to be Fried Eggs with Crab Meat but the crab meat was too little and we really could not get any flavour and taste out of it. This is a dish that needs improvement. I would only rate this dish at 5/10 .

The total bill for the day came to RM 62.05 and this includes a service charge of 5%. On the whole, I find this place to be quite good. Their food was decently good, cheap and the service was excellent. Also their concept of serving in those cute little woks and burners to keep the food hot is a commendable thought.

Address: 11G, Jalan Tanjung SD 13/1, Bandar Sri Damansara,
                52200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 1100 - 1500 and 1700 - 2200 Daily

Telephone: +603 6277 7700

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