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New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice @ Damansara Jaya, Petaling Jaya

New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice is a chain restaurant that has multiple outlets in high end residential areas and malls. It is said that they originated in Jalan Gasing in 1977 and have since expanded their business in the Klang Valley. A lot has been said about this restaurant and today we decided to head there to check out the place ourselves. The closest for me would be Sunway Giza but I decided to head to Damansara Jaya instead.

New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice in Damansara Jaya
I preferred Damansara Jaya as parking is much easier in this place and during non peak hours like today, there is not much traffic to be worried about too. All their restaurant set ups are quite posh and air conditioned.  

Interior of the restaurant
At the entrance, we were met by the captain who then ushered us to our table. All their staffs are foreigners and they seemed to be spinning around like tops. Extremely fast moving and highly efficient. The restaurant itself was quite clean and well maintained. The seats to my surprise had cushion support to it. Must be the premium that customers pay for these additional comfort.

The Menu

The Menu

List of Branches
We were then given the menu. Their menu seems to have expanded slightly to other dishes that are not normally associated to Chicken Rice like steamed fish etc. The prices also seemed a little steep to me but lets see the portion size. The waiters here all had a hand held device that is connected to the kitchen. As the orders are placed and finalised, it automatically gets transmitted to the kitchen and the dishes are then prepared to be delivered to the tables. It was all very fast. In fact within less than two minutes, the drinks were served and in less than five minutes, the dishes started coming in.

Honey Lemon Ice @ RM 3.80
This was ordered by Angie. The Honey Lemon was quite good and it had a lot of honey in it. I would rate this drink at 9/10 .

Sour Plum Ice @ RM 2.80
I had the above Sour Plum Ice and again it was good too. I would rate this at 9/10 .

Rice @ RM 1.60
The above was the standard Butter Rice that we get at Chicken Rice places. It comes in two sizes, small and large. The above was the large size and it cost RM 1.60 . Angie ordered the smaller one and that cost us RM 1.30 . The rice was nice though not the best that I have tried. I would rate this at 8/10 .

Char Siew & Siew Yok @ RM 12.00
The above dish is a mixed platter of Char Siew and Siew Yok. For the portion size, I think that it is very expensive. At most, I would only pay RM 6 for this and here we were charged RM 12.00 . The Char Siew was generally okay and I would rate it at 7/10. The Siew Yok however was just average and I would rate it at 5/10 . Generally, this dish is over priced.

Pork Balls @ RM 4.40
This again comes in various sizes and we chose the smallest one with a serving of four Pork Balls. I would say that their Pork Balls was really good, soft and fluffy. The soup was also pretty good. I would rate these Pork Balls at 9.5/10 .

Bean Sprouts with Salted Fish @ RM 8.00
This is the smaller version of this dish and is priced at RM 8.00 . It is supposed to come with Salted Fish but there were just a few slices placed on top and that did not blend well into the rest of the dish. I would say that the amount of salted fish was way to little. However, there was a lot of bean sprouts but they were not very fresh and crunchy. I would rate this dish at 7/10 .

Steamed Chicken @ RM 18.00
Well, this was their 1/4 chicken and it was priced at RM 18.00 which again I feel is an exorbitant rate. The chicken however was average and again it was surely not the best or anywhere near one of the best ones that I have tried even here in the Klang Valley. I would only rate their chicken dish at 6.8/10 .

Seafood Stuffed Tofu @ RM 8.00
This again was just average. Usually Seafood Stuffed Tofu would have to be soft on the inside and this was pretty hard. The accompanying sauce also was too little and top ups was not entertained. At RM 8.00, I feel that this is a little overpriced. I would only rate this dish at 7/10 .

Our bill for today's meal came to RM 62.90 which is way too expensive for two having just had Chicken Rice. I could eat way better similar food than this in Kuala Lumpur at a third of that price. The only advantage of this restaurant is the dining experience where the environment is cosy and the service is efficient. Otherwise, the food is only average, portions are way too little and the price exorbitant. 

Address: 11G & 13G, Jalan SS 22/19, Damansara Jaya,
                47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Telephone: +603 7722 2498

Opening Hours: 0900 - 0000 Daily

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