Friday, 17 May 2013

Indosat Lounge @ Soekarno Hatta International Airport, Indonesia

Having arrived at the airport fairly early as I was worried about the traffic jam in Jakarta, I had about four hours to kill before I was even able to check in. Having been there so early, I decided to sit in one of those lounges and kill time while have my lunch. There are so many lounges here at the airport and I chose the Indosat Lounge which is located quite close to the Domestic Departures but neighbouring all the other lounges.

Indosat Lounge

Smoking Area

Interior of the Lounge
The lounge was very packed when I arrived. The entrance fee was IDR 60,000.00 which I felt was fairly cheap. I chose to sit at the smoking area. They had some food to offer but I think the variety compared to the other lounges was much lesser. I guess the low price definitely contributes to this but nevertheless, it was still fairly sufficient. Come to think about it, how much can one actually eat in a single seating.  They also provided massage services here at an additional charge. Having got my place, I decided to head over and pick up some food.

Black Coffee
There were a number of drinks offered from a variety of coffee, tea and  bottled drinks. I chose the above Black Coffee which was off a Nescafe vending machine. It was quite good. I would rate the above coffee at 8/10 .

Bread & Butter
I then moved on to the bread station to get some bread. They had sliced loaf, some butter, jam, honey, kaya and also a toaster if you wanted to toast the bread. Not bad a variety but the counter was not so clean. After tasting the spread, I realised that it was not butter but margarine.The bread too was quite dry. Nevertheless, it was still nice. I would rate this at 6.5/10 .

Fried Noodles
Next, I went for some fried noodles. They were simple noodles with very little vegetables and no meat inside. But it tasted quite okay. I would rate these noodles at 6.5/10 .

Indonesian Cakes
They also offered two varieties of Indonesian cakes. One was a tapioca cake and another was had sweet shredded coconut as it's filling. Both were just average. I would rate them at 5.5/10 .

Rice & Potato Curry
This one was really nice. The potato curry was very thick and there were loads of potato inside. It was also not at all spicy. I would rate this dish at 8/10 . 

Besides this, they also had another Beef Stalk Soup. As I do not eat beef, I decided to skip that and that was pretty much the food that was offered. I know that it surely is much less compared to the other lounges but I think for the price it was acceptable. I spent the next few hours reading a book here and then went on to check in and clear immigration. I have also included more photographs below of the airport right up to the waiting gate.

Duty Free Shopping

Duty Free Shopping

Duty Free Shopping

Travelator to the gates

My Ride Home

Another Aircraft Visible From My Gate

Address: Terminal 2, International Departures, Soekarno Hatta International Airport,
                Jalan Raya Bandara, Tangerang, Indonesia.

Opening Hours: 24 Hours Daily

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