Saturday, 18 February 2012

Rumah Makan Senden @ Senden, Indonesia

It was a decently long drive out of Solo city heading to the mountain regions of Sukuh where we are to visit another two marvels. As I woke up late this morning, I could not have the breakfast at the hotel and was already craving for food as the time now was almost 1 pm.

Hence, collectively we decided to have our lunch at the next good place that comes along the way. Finally we came to this very large restaurant. The driveway seems prepared to receive loads of buses. I guess this must be a favourite tourist stop. However, today this place seemed empty and there were no guests at all when we arrived. 

Rumah Makan Senden
Entrance of the restaurant

We ordered our lunch and then waited for the food to be served. Even after 30 minutes, the food never came and my guide went over to check the status. However, they seemed to be still cooking, that was his response. Since we had ordered fish, I had asked him if they had set out to the sea to go fishing and perhaps they have not caught the fish yet.
It was really tiring waiting for food especially when we were so hungry and I don't see an excuse as to why it should take so long as there were no other customers in the restaurant. Finally, the food arrived after a 45 minute wait.
We had ordered Egg Foo Yong (mixed with prawns), Patin Fish deep fried with Salted Eggs, Fried Tempe (Soya Paste) and Spinach. I am not sure if it was because we were so hungry, the food tasted delicious. 

Lunch Just Arrived
Closer Look At The Dishes

The food portions were also huge and it definitely was worth the price paid for. Satisfied with the great lunch we had, we then headed to the Sukuh mountain range where we are to visit another two temples, both built in the 13th Century. I was informed that it is still another 45 minute drive from here, at least. I hope to be able to post more dishes and good place to dine from this trip.

Address: Jalan Srago Gede,
             Klaten, Jawa Tengah,
            Jawa, Indonesia.

Opening Hours: 1000 - 2200

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