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Restoran Abdul Briyani Power Batu Pahat @ Sungai Buloh, Selangor

This is about a hidden gem in Sungai Buloh which serves great Briyani Batu Pahat. While searching for good Briyani's on the internet, that is when I came across a single blog that spoke about this place and decided to try it. It is located in Bandar Baru Sungai Buloh. As I am not very familiar with that locality, decided to call the phone number from the blog which I would include as usual at the bottom of the entry. The lady on the other end Pn. Efa guided me and it seemed pretty simple to locate this place with her assistance. It is located quite close to Bukit Rahman Putra.All you have to do is drive into Sungai Buloh, take the ramp just before The Store heading to Bukit Rahman Putra. The moment you come down the ramp, you would see at Petron Station on the left. Just before the Petron Station, take the road on your left and just drive in straight. You would see this stall on your left.

Restoran Abdul Briyani Power Batu Pahat @ Sungai Buloh
It is not much of a restaurant but just a simple shed style shop. Just across this shop, there seems to be a very decorative and high end restaurant that sells the same Briyani Gam and that shop was quite empty where as this restaurant was really buzzing.

The Kitchen Area

They Offer Quite A Number of Items

Busy All The Time
When I arrived, Pn Efa that I was communicating with greeted me and all the staffs in the restaurant were very friendly. I walked up to the pots where the various Briyanis were located and had a good look. Truly great aroma and at that moment I knew that it would surely be good. They serve a number of dishes from the basic Roti Canai, Mustabak, Pasembur, Mee Goreng and Chicken, Mutton & Beef Briyanis. As you may have noted from the array of dishes mentioned, yes the owners are Indian Muslims. They have quite a number of staffs and from the moment I was there, there were easily more than a hundred packs of Briyanis being taken away and this is post lunch hours. They start their business at 0800 every morning and by 0900 Briyani is ready. This restaurant is open till around 1930 every evening and they close the third Monday of the month. However it is advisable to call them before heading there.

I placed my orders which includes a Mutton Briyani and a Sirap Bandung Soda which is a common Balinese drink known as Soda Gembira. It is hard to find that drink here and I was amazed that they have it at this stall.

Sirap Bandung Soda @ RM 2.50
The Sirap Bandung Soda was excellent. No complaints at all and it had the right flavours with a strong Soda taste, just the way I like it. I would also like to mention another drink that I observed here which I saw others order that seems pretty good and that is the Pineapple Juice which is also sold at RM 2.50 for a tall glass. It is real juice with chunks of pineapple cubes and it looked great.

Dhall Accompanying The Briyani
I must say I have never seen Dhall Curry that is this thick. It was thick with a great taste. I was told that they make it by boiling it with Chicken Feet. Interesting to note that non Chinese know how to extract the juices from the Chicken Feet. On the whole, this was an excellent Dhall Curry.

Vegetable Acar
This was just average and I have tasted better ones elsewhere. When you order the Briyani here regardless of the type of meat, you get a plate of the Briyani, a plate of the Dhall Curry and a plate of this Vegetable Acar.

Mutton Briyani

Comes With Three Big Chunks of Mutton
A Complete Set of Mutton Briyani @ RM 13.00
The portion was really huge and I struggled to finish it. The taste, excellent especially when you mix it with the Dhall Curry. The Mutton was cooked well and it did not taste sweet like other Briyani Gam's. It had a distinct taste of it's own and a close similarity to the Indian Muslim style. The Chicken Briyani is sold at RM 9.50 each set and Mutton and Beef Briyani's are sold at RM 13.00 per set. My verdict, it was worth every penny and the distance traveled.  

On the whole, this is a great place to have Briyanis. I have not tried other dishes here but the Pasembor seemed pretty good too. Though it is just a stall, it is very well ventilated with loads of ceiling fans thus dining experience even during hot afternoons, is great. I would strongly recommend others to try this place.

Address: Lot 119-4,5,6,8 Medan Selera Utara Fasa 4,
                Bandar Baru Sungai Buloh,
                47000 Sungai Buloh, Selangor, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 0800 - 1930 Daily (Closed third Monday of the month)

Telephone: Pn. Efa +6017 304 9265
                    Tn. Haji Abdul +6019 724 8434

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