Friday, 18 January 2013

Frankie Duck Egg Char Kuay Teow @ Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya

Damansara Perdana is an area that I am very familiar with as I had been working here previously for almost 4 years. However, I had not heard of this Frankie Duck Egg Char Kuay Teow stall until I read about it in some of the food blogs and decided to head there myself. After a week's attempt, today was the day that I had managed to do it as I had a meeting just after lunch in a nearby area.

Restaurant Four Eight at Damansara Perdana
To my surprise, it is located at the very same coffee shop that I used to go every day couple of years back. Coming here surely brought lots of memories. Once I reached the shop, immediately the Chicken Rice stall guy recognized me and came up to me. I used to eat at his stall almost every day for years.

Inside the restaurant
The restaurant layout and stall had not changed at all. I met with the lady boss who owns the unit and she recognized and acknowledged me too. We had a short chit chat talking about old stories and then we both got on with our stuffs.  Most of the stall operators were the same except for the Char Kuay Teow guy. Previously there used to be a guy but his CKT was not up to the mark.

Frankie at work

I immediately recognised this guy as Frankie from the numerous blogs that I have read. He speaks basic English besides Cantonese and Hokkien. He is from Penang and was told that he was the man behind one of the famous Penang CKT stalls. I walked up to him and ordered a plate of Duck Egg CKT. Lucky me, it was the last duck egg he had. He mentioned that he usually buys limited amounts of duck eggs as not many people would try it. Most would still go for chicken's eggs.

Price of the CKT
The above price is the price that he quotes for the usual chicken's egg CKT. For CKT using Duck Eggs, it is RM 6.00 per plate. I can surely see that he has great numbers of orders. His offering is not limited to CKY and he also serves Fried Mee, Noodles and Fried Rice. Should try those too one of these days.

Duck Egg Char Kuay Teow @ RM 6.00
I just loved the dish the moment it arrived even before eating it. The aroma was great. It had cockles, relatively huge prawns and lap cheong. This is the type of CKT that you can eat quickly and wish you can have some more despite being full. It was lovely.

Picking Out The Lap Cheong
The prawns were very fresh and so were the cockles. The Lap Cheong was added in decent portions too. The CKT was good and it did not taste weird with the Duck Eggs, but tasted much better. However, it was not spicy despite me telling the guy to make it spicy. I guess, his style is to make it little bland in spices but the rest of the juices were intact.

I have tried Char Kuay Teow many places in the Klang Valley and this is not the best but surely one of the best.

Address: Restoran Four Eight,
                Jalan PJU 8/5C, Bandar Damansara Perdana,
                47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 1000 - 1500


  1. Hi Venoth, I dropped by here for lunch today while my car was cleaned at Briston. Frankie still looks the same, and his stall and ingredients laid out exactly as per your photo - clean and tidy. I missed out on duck egg CKT, so settled for chicken egg. I would describe the taste as gentle rather than intense like most CKT, but there was medium heat to the spices, and I noted the lup cheong was sliced very thinly. His gentle style means you can taste more of the subtle flavours like the egg and prawn, and still get the cockles and lup cheong flavours. As you say, very easy to eat and tempting to order another :)

    1. Hi Mr. Guiness, glad you enjoyed it and I love the way you described the preparation. You in return made me salivate and yearn for CKT now :)

  2. The CKT definitely looks good! I haven't tried duck eggs before but surely would very soon!

    1. Oh yeah? You should Denise. Duck eggs CKT are just magical.