Saturday, 12 January 2013

Alexis Bistro & Wine Bar @ The Gardens

Today I had an appointment with an old friend, a school mate actually and we decided to meet at The Gardens Mall which is attached to Mid Valley City. As both of us have not met for many years and both of us are smokers, we decided to meet at Alexis Bistro & Wine Bar which is convenient for us. The reason is being inside a mall, smoking is prohibited. The only restaurant that has a smoking area within the mall is Alexis.

Alexis Bistro & Wine Bar
They are located on the first floor of Gardens and have a distinct inside seating smoking and non smoking areas and outside seating non smoking areas. I have been here many times and frequent here specifically to hold business meetings as it has a conducive environment of both a restaurant, bistro as well as a business lounge.

At the drinks bar
Please bear in mind that this is not a Halal restaurant not only because of the drinks but some of the food is also cooked with liqueur. Not many people know this but I discovered this the hard way through a Moslem friend and this is not indicated in their menu cards. So, doesn't mean that if you do not consume alcohol here, your meal is Halal. Some of the western dishes are cooked along with alcoholic beverages to give the taste.

As for today, we had loads to talk and since we were childhood friends, we didn't mind sharing the dishes to get a taste of more dishes. Unfortunately, my friend was not a big eater and we had to stop with three dishes. Alexis has a great variety of offerings, though on the high side on the price. Their offerings range from soups, sandwiches, tapas, main entrees, pizzas and Asian dishes including the famous Laksa Sarawak. I have tried the Laksa Sarawak and would highly recommend that dish to anyone too.

My Cafe Latte @ RM 16.00
I ordered Cafe Latte for drinks which was at RM 16.00 and my friend ordered a Lime Juice which was at RM 18.00. Sorry I did not take a photo of that. Did not want to seem odd to him that I photo all food and drinks since I am meeting him after 15 years.

Cafe Latte comes with a choice of Brown or White Sugar
The Cafe Latte is unsweetened and we have the liberty to sweeten it according to taste. Both Brown and White Sugar cubes are provided.

Pappardelle Meat Balls @ RM 38.00
This dish was good and we shared it together, though I had a greater share. On average this is the price of the main dishes. It is good that you know and understand the prices before heading to a place. It is bad to not know the general landscape and end up getting a shock. That is why in all my food blogs, I always indicate the pricing too. Generally, it had the right balance of taste. Not sweet with a tone on sourness, it was absolutely right on the palate.

Calamari Rings at RM 18.00
I truly loved this dish. I think it was deep friend in butter and not oil. It was balanced in crispness, spices, salt and taste. A great side dish to order here.

Chicken Wings @ RM 18.00
 Initially when I ordered, I asked the waiter how many pieces would there be and he mentioned six. When ordering I visualized six full wings but is only three wings which is cut into half. This was a very average dish and I think they use some of those pre flavoured flours for this. It tasted pretty salty for me and it seems like it was very high on MSG and Ajinomoto. I would not recommend this dish for two reasons....substandard taste and unacceptable quality. My grandmother fries better chicken than this.

Well, the rest of the night was filled with loads of laughter and fun between us friends and this is the end of the food that we purchased. There may be other good items. I had tried some of their pizzas in the past but nothing that I can think off that would be a great addition here. It was all with a flaw and nothing spectacular.And yes....their cakes are awesome. Cakes are something that I would strongly recommend.

Address: Lot 209, First Floor,
                The Gardens, Mid Valley City,
                Lingkaran Syen Putra,
                59200 Kuala Lumpur.

Telephone: +603 2287 2281


Opening Hours: 1000 - 2200

Though their other outlets times may vary. 


  1. How about the cake, especially cheese cake? Is it non halal too?

    1. I am not too sure about this please as I know that the premise does not have Halal certification as they serve alcohol on their menu. But what I was told by the waiter's before was that as far as the food was concerned, they were all Pork Free. Best to enquire within when you are there please.