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Restoran Ga Onn @ Tanjung Malim, Perak

Today I would like an entry about this famous restaurant in my little hometown, Tanjung Malim. As I am here today for the weekend since earlier today, we decided to go out for dinner. This restaurant is quite famous with both the Chinese and Indian community in Tanjung Malim. It is called Restoran Ga Onn. Compared to many other restaurant here which are quite posh and caters to tourists, this one in retrospect caters to the local community. They offer good food and at a very reasonable price.

Restoran Ga Onn in Tanjung Malim
This restaurant is located in Taman Anggerik Desa which is right opposite the main Hundi Temple. Can't really miss the Hindu Temple regardless if you use the old state road or the North South highway and exit at Tanjung Malim. However, I shall furnish the address at the bottom of this entry as always.

It is usually decently full both for lunch and dinner. Once we got our places, the owner came to us as usual to take our orders.

Steamed Garoupa Fish @ RM 30.00
The first dish that came from our orders was this Steamed Garoupa Fish. We usually order Tilapia but wanted to try this dish as it was out of our norms. If it was a Tipalia, then it would have been much cheaper but still I find the price pretty cheap. As there was five of us, it was sufficient. The taste was good and the fish was well done. There was no smell whatsoever as my mom is very particular with that. The only setback I feel is that they had used shredded ginger on the fish and it would have been better if it was ginger paste. That is my only comment, nevertheless it is a good dish.

Yam Cake @ RM 22.00
This was the second to arrive. I felt that this dish was good too. The fillings were an assortment of vegetables and pork and it was rich. The Yam Cake itself was of the right thickness, but the sauce was a little less and that caused the filling not to seep in well into the cake. On the whole, a good dish.

Home Made Fish Paste & Ginger Soup @ RM 10.00
As for this soup, there is nothing bad to say of it or no comments whatsoever. It was the right taste with the right amounts of ingredients. A well balanced aromatic soup.

Buttermilk & Black Pepper Prawns @ RM 18.00
This dish I believed has room for improvement. The buttermilk was limited, more would have been better and the prawns should have been slightly bigger. The amount of black pepper however was just the right amount.

Sambal Petai with Prawns @ RM 18.00
This dish was good taste wise. Only complaint that I have was that of the belacan used. Should have used a better belacan as there was some sand in some of the bites, but very minimal. I encountered it only once but still, that is room for improvement. I know this is not the issue with the restaurant owner and it is of the belacan seller but still, it is worth mentioning.

Angie & Mom at the restaurant

My Family Enjoying The Meal

My Dad & Brother
That was our initial set of orders and as we finished the dishes, felt like ordering one more last dish just to fill up that little gap in our tummy.

Egg Fu Yong @ RM 7.00
This was a later add on dish. It was good, no complaints about this dish. The filling was abundant and the egg was not oily like in some other places that I have tried. A good recommendation here.

Interior of the restaurant
By the time we finished our dinner, the restaurant was almost vacant. It was quite late anyway. The peak hours for dinner at this restaurant is from 1800 to 2100. Pretty much after that time, it has just a few customers. The restaurant is also reasonably clean and as you can see, it has a Class B Cleanliness from the local council.

In total, today's bill came up to RM 112.50 which includes the rice and the drinks. Rice is charged at RM 0.50 per big bowl which is cheap. If you happen to be in Tanjung Malim and want to try the restaurant where the locals go, this is a place that you must try for decent Chinese Food. If you are a vegetarian, they can also prepare vegetarian dishes but they may not have the vegetarian specialty items like mock chicken as so forth.

Address: No.10 Ground Floor, Jalan Cahaya,
              Taman Anggerik Desa,
              35900 Tanjung Malim, Perak, Malaysia.

Telephone:  +605 458 2323

Opening Hours: 1100 - 2330 Daily

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