Saturday, 2 February 2013

Famous Rojak SS15 @ Subang Jaya, Selangor

This is an extremely famous stall in SS 15 Subang Jaya which only sells Rojak. It literally is just a road style stall and has a great fan group. On most days even during non peak hours, one would have to wait in a long que of at least 10 people ahead of you. This was some of the information I gathered from reviews on the internet. Having read this, I decided to go check this place out myself since I would be in the vicinity this afternoon.

Que At The Stall
As read, the stall was easy to find. It is located along Jalan SS 15/3B just opposite KFC. Just look for a long que in that area and it is at this stall. I arrived just after 4 pm and yet there were around 15 people ahead of me. The set up is quite simple under a huge tree. There are a few other stalls just beside this but they surely do not have this amount of business. There were not even places for people to sit and eat and everyone just stands at the curb and eat their rojak. I wonder how this would be possible during rainy days.

Simple Menu
Their offerings are limited to the above. It just is simply Rojak and the price varies based on the ingredients. Looking at this que I was definitely interested and eager to try their Rojak.

Busy With Business
This stall is only manned by two Indian Muslim guys. Their work was almost like a production line. Go up to them, mention your order and it follows a strict flow and then finally pick it up at the next station and pay. Simple as that. I was told that during lunch hours, there can be up to forty people waiting in line. As for me today, I ordered their most high end dish which is the Rojak with Squid and Eggs.

The Ingredients
As I placed my order at this first station, he put in the cakes, tofu, squid and eggs here and then passed it over to the next guy.

Busy at work
The next guy then cuts the cucumber, puts it into the dish, pours the peanut gravy and then collects the money.  Very simple operation.

My Rojak + Squid + Eggs @ RM 4.50
Finally got my plate of Rojak and it's time to taste. Well, let me tell you that I have quite a number of Indian Muslim friends who are my childhood friends and many of them have restaurants running for a few generations. Therefore, my benchmark is pretty high in accordance to traditional Indian Muslim standards. I did try this dish and though it is loved by probably most Subang Jaya residents, I would only rate it 5 / 10. Sorry, but that is as far as my acceptance of this dish is.Please do understand that I do not deem this to be bad but it is just not as good as it should be and if so many people out there are crazy of this Rojak, then there surely is many more places for example in Masjid India that you can get much better Rojak at the same price which you surely need to try.

However, if you are in this area, then this could be a decent afternoon snack. Another point to add is that I have also been informed that they have opened two other restaurants and not stalls, selling the same Rojak. One in Shah Alam and the other elsewhere that I am not too sure of as of now.

Address: Along Jalan SS 15/3B (near KFC & opposite a Tyre shop)
                47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 1130 - 1930 Daily

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  1. The rojak sauce is rubbish and the portion is miserable! The customers who queue for this don't know what authentic rojak is!