Thursday, 21 February 2013

Gopala Pure Vegetarian Restaurant @ Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur

I was browsing the internet for a good vegetarian restaurant today to have dinner as this would be a good break from the usual meat stuffs and I came across this restaurant in Brickfields called Gopala Vegetarian Restaurant. I was attracted to try this place for two reasons. Firstly, it is not the usual Indian Vegetarian restaurant as their specialty dishes are Vegetarian Yong Tau Foo and Vegetarian Satay. The other reason being they open till 1 am as when I was surfing, it was already close to 10 pm. I also came across a video where they were being highlighted in AFC (Asian Food Channel) for the above mentioned two dishes. This made me even more eager to give it a try.

Sign At The Restaurant

Entrance To The Restaurant
I called the number that I got from the internet and got some directions to this place. When I reached the destination, it was then I realised that this restaurant is just beside the Singh Chapati House that I had previously done an entry on. Another point to note here is that this restaurant works on the concept of Vaishnavism and Jainism hence they do not use Garlic and Onions in their cooking.

Shelf Displaying Cakes

Simple And Clean

Small And Efficient Cooking Area
The restaurant was pretty simple in layout but highly efficient and organised. I was informed that once the owners had a stall just outside this present premises along the corridor and over the years, they progressed to the extent that they were able to buy two shop lots. That's happy to hear. The restaurant only occupies a single shop lot though. I believe the kitchen may be extended to the rear of the neighboring unit. The front of the neighboring shop is rented to a cybercafe. They also sell Murukkus, Mixtures and some South Indian Cakes in the shop but I never tried them.

The Menu

The Menu

The Menu

The Menu
Once we took our table, we were immediately attended to. As I said, they were very efficient. The menu was a very elaborate one as you can see from the above photos. I asked him for a couple of minutes to go through the menu. The Menu however, looks like it needs a new set of laminates. Coming back to the menu, I managed to sight the Yong Tau Foo and Satay here. We also added another dish and then our drinks to the order.

Masala Tea @ RM 2.50
This was the first to arrive. It is a cup of non Cows Milk Masala Tea. The tea was nice, balanced and low in sugar. However, I feel that they should have sieved it better. Loads of sediments were found to be floating on top which I did not quite like. Otherwise, it was okay. I would rate this tea 7/10 .

Sirap Bandung @ RM 2.20

Angie ordered this drink. I did taste this. Once again, it was average only. Pretty light and not the best or even one of the best one's I have tried. Again, I would rate this drink a mere 6/10 .

A Closer Look At The Vegetarian Chicken Manchurian

Vegetarian Chicken Manchurian @ RM 9.00

The first dish to arrive was the Vegetarian Chicken Manchurian. This dish was lovely. It was far better than the ones I have tried in India. It was even better than actual Chicken. It was wonderfully spiced and definitely spicy for me. Portion size was also lavish for the price, however it comes in a single portion size only. I would rate this dish 9.5/10 . Definitely a must try dish here.

Wondering What Is In The Claypot?

Gaura Tau Foo @ RM 7.00

Gaura Tau Foo @ RM 7.00
Sweet Sauce with Chilly for dipping
Here the Yong Tau Foo dish is called Gaura Yong Tau Foo. It had all the basics you find in a non vegetarian Yong Tau Foo. From the Tofu, Brinjals, Bitter Gourd, Lady's Finger to even the Fu Chok and Chillies, they were all in. However, you cannot choose how much of each you want in the Clay Pot. It is a standard size and comes in fixed assortment. Some items many not be up to the mark of a non vegetarian item however, it was good by Vegetarian standards. Definitely a must try. Best part was their soup. It was void of Garlic and Onions and had to be substituted with other condiments and hence it was white and milky but tasted similar.I truly wonder what they had used to equate the taste. For RM 7.00, definitely worth the price. I would rate this dish 9.5/10 .

Vegetarian Satay @ RM 6.00

Vegetarian Satay @ RM 6.00

Satay Being Grilled
It did take some time for the Satay to arrive as they forgot our order. I could have just walked out but still wanted to try it due to the recommendations from AFC. Finally after 45 minutes, we got our satay. It was not bad. I still feel that though many people acclaim that this Satay is tremendous, perhaps they have not tried the real Satay. I don't blame them. They may be vegetarians from birth. This was just average to me. They tried their best to imitate the originals but were no where close. For a Vegetarian Satay, I would rate this 7/10 but if compared with the actual Chicken Satay, this would only score 2/10 . Even their gravy was not up to the mark. In fact, it was bad.

On the whole, this restaurant was not bad. Few items that I tried that is worth mentioning is the Gaura Yong Tau Foo and Manchurian Chicken. Not had a chance to try the rest but would not hesitate to come back here again. Parking however, can be a problem both day and night.  If you are a Vegan, then this place can be a good place for you to dine.

Address: No. 59, Jalan Thambipillai, Brickfields,
                50470 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Telephone: +603 2274 1959

Opening Hours: 0700 - 0100


  1. I went with my Shifu and Temple Members who are curries lovers for Set Lunch, unfortunately, They have alternate Curry days. The problem is I do not know which day is Curry Day as we are from Kota D'sara. PJ.

    1. Hi Footman, sad to hear that you did not get a chance to try their curries. I too have not heard of this before and thanks for sharing here.

  2. Please write a piece about Gopala Restaurant in Puchong.

    1. Dear Mr. Naidu, thank you so much for your kind request. Would surely check them out when I am in Puchong next. :)