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Thai Village Restaurant @ Shah Alam, Selangor

Today we did a family gathering in Shah Alam, Selangor and decided to head out for dinner thereafter. I was wondering where would be a good place to head and that is when, I remembered this restaurant which I have been to some years ago. I did a Google search and found their phone number. Called them just to confirm that the restaurant still exists and having spoken, confirmed that it is still around. With that being confirmed, we head out for dinner. This restaurant is located in Seksyen 13, close to Giant Hypermarket and the stadium.

Thai Village Restaurant @ Shah Alam, Selangor
One good thing here is that in the evenings, parking is ample. The restaurant still looks the same as it did then. I doubt they have done any renovations and hope that the food quality is still the same too.This restaurant has been here for the past 13 years and they specialise in Halal Thai food. It is owned by local Malay's and it draws quite a huge Malay crowd.

Opening Hours

The Interior of the Restaurant

Us Going Through The Menu

Accreditation by the Jalan Jalan Cari Makan team
The restaurant decor is quite unique as you can see from the above photographs. The ceiling is covered with egg trays and it definitely looks nice. Once we were at this restaurant, we took our table and were going through the menu. They do have quite a large offering from specialty dishes to even simple ones like Thai Fried Rice and Phad Thai. The waiter was definitely very helpful in assisting with ordering the dishes and their portions as there was seven of us. I wanted to order as many dishes as possible for us to taste but also ensuring that it was not too much for us. This was where the waiter was very helpful indeed. We then finalised the orders and went through the summary once again with the waiter. Service here is a little slow as they have only one cook and during busy times, it could be quite a wait before your dishes arrive. However for us today, we got our drinks in around 15 minutes which is not that fast too. However since there was quite a large group, we had a lot to chat about and did not mind the time.

Jug of Watermelon Juice @ RM 20.00
We did not want to order individual drinks except for another glass of grape juice. The rest of us had this jug of Watermelon Juice which was charged at RM 20.00 . The juice was good except that there was too much  crushed ice inside despite us informing to keep the ice minimal.

Lala Fried With Belacan (Medium Size) @ RM 25.00
The first dish to arrive was the above Lala Fried With Belacan. This was a medium sized dish. This restaurant has most of its dishes divided into three portion sizes, Small, Medium and Large. This dish was surely good. The belacan had seeped in well into the Lala and it was of good quality and taste. A recommended dish here especially if you love Lala. I would rate this dish 9/10 .

Crab Soft Shell Butter (Large) @ RM 60.00

This is one of the must order dishes at this restaurant. It is a huge portion of Soft Shell Butter Crabs. Crabs are expensive nowadays and therefore this dish cost RM 60.00. I just love their Butter Crabs. They are prepared in a excellent manner and is an excellent dish to share with the family. I would rate this dish 8/10 .

Bendi Belacan (Medium) @ RM 15.00

The above is another good dish here. The Bendi was done well, not overcooked and still crispy. The juices were also still maintained and kept intact. It was also priced reasonably I feel. I would rate this dish 7/10 .

Chicken Paprike (Medium) @ RM 25.00
This dish was okay. Not so great but it was not bad either. I would rate it 6/10 .

Tom Yam Merah Seafood (Large) @ RM 40.00
This by far is one of the best Tom Yam Soup that I have ever tried. Here they have two varieties of Tom Yam Soup, the red one and the white one. I have not tried the White Tom Yam Soup but this Red One is surely delicious. It was superb, spicy and had a great balance of taste. I highly recommended dish. I would rate this dish 10/10 .

Yam Basket @ RM 25.00
This dish comes only in a single size, perhaps they only have one mold size in the kitchen. This dish, was not the best Yam Basket that I have ever tried. However, it was not bad for a Halal Yam Basket. I have tried better ones in Halal Chinese Restaurants too. My rating for this dish would only be 5/10 .

Broccoli Mushrooms (Medium) @ RM 25.00
This dish was good. I loved the base sauce and the vegetables were fresh. I would rate this dish 7/10 .

White Rice @ RM 14.00
The white rice was calculated based on seven people and charged at RM 2.00 per person summing it up to RM 14.00 .

Egg Omelette with Crab Meat (Medium) @ RM 15.00
This was another dish that I liked. They had a variety of filling options to chose from and we chose Crab Meat. It was nice and well done. I would rate this dish at 8/10 .

Besides the above dishes, we also ordered another single serving of Thai Fried Rice and a single serving of Phad Thai. One thing that I missed to mention here is that when you arrive, they would usually serve you with a small plate of peanuts and another of crackers. Both of which is charged at RM 2.50 each . The other miscellaneous charges are the Wet Towels etc. On the whole the bill for the day came to RM 292.30 .This restaurant does serve good food on the whole but can be a little pricey. It surely is not a restaurant that we would want to dine in everyday as that would burn a hole in the wallet, however occasionally is fine.

Address:  No. 50,52 & 54, Jalan Renang 13/26, 
                 Seksyen 13, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor.

Telephone: +6012 519 3062 
                    +603 5511 0232

Opening Hours:  1100 - 1500 & 1730 - 2300 Daily

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