Sunday, 24 February 2013

Kafe Kant!n @ Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur

Today was indeed a very hectic day. My first meeting started at 9 am and the last meeting ended at 10 pm. I guess I must have done more mileage than a taxi driver today. The first time after a long time that I have been extremely busy on a Saturday. After the hectic day, my colleague and I decided to have dinner after starving the entire day. As I had to send him back to Mont Kiara, we decided to find a place in Hartamas for dinner. Driving through Hartamas we stumbled across this outlet called Kafe Kant!n which is directly opposite the Police Station and Bomba.

Kafe Kant!n @ Hartamas
Besides the pubs, Nasi Kandar Bestari and Kayu, this was one other place that opened till 2 am. We were tired yes but also very hungry. This place was decently crowded even at 11 at night when we arrived here.

Juke Box at the restaurant

Outdoor Smoking Area

The Theme was School
Well, this restaurant occupied a corner lot and that had given them space to have both an indoor area and an external smoking area. The general theme of this restaurant was school. I loved the deco that displayed various old school shoes, exercise books, racquet's and a number of other memorabilia. There was also a Juke Box with old songs from the 90's at a cheap cost of 20 cents for two songs.

The Drinks Menu

The Drinks Menu

The Menu

The Menu
I just loved the design of the menu. The drinks menu was written on laminated examination pads which reminded me of my SPM days. The food menu was written in the old time school exercise books. We sat outside at the smokers terrace as the view was better. Most of the workers here were local Indian boys with a few Malay boys. I was attended to by a Malay waiter. The menu was quite extensive. They served a number of Western dishes, Malay dishes, Chinese dishes and even sandwiches. I usually get a little concerned when I see too many offerings in a restaurant. It may seem like they were trying to offer many yet mastering none. Still being skeptical, we placed our orders and waited for them. We decided to go Western for the night.

Beach Blanket Binggo Mocktail @ RM 8.50
My friend ordered a mock-tail called Beach Blanket Binggo. Well, the drink was pretty decent though a little watery. Generally it was okay and I like the presentation though simple. I would rate this drink at 6.5/10 .

Nescafe @ RM 2.90
Well, a Nescafe is a Nescafe. Anyway, this was decent and should give at least a little credit to these boys for mixing it right. I would rate this at 8/10 .

Sizzling Lamb Chop @ RM 30.00

Sizzling Lamb Chop @ RM 30.00
Well, I ordered Sizzling Lamb Chop and is this sizzling on a hot plate? No, it definitely is not. Firstly, I did not receive what I had ordered. Honestly they did not have any other Lamb Chop offerings on their menu and hence this is surely a case of misrepresentation. They did have a choice of three different sauces i.e. Mushroom Sauce, Black Pepper Sauce and Barbecue Sauce. I choose the Barbecue Sauce. Here the Barbecue sauce was served separately. They did give two huge chunks of meat but it was not up to quality. For the same price, I could have much better Lamb Chop at either Windmill, The Ship or even Victoria Station. Here it was crap. I asked for Medium Well done and what I got was pretty raw. I would not recommend this at all. I would rate this dish at a mere 3/10 . A sure let down!!!

Chicken Wings @ RM 14.50

This was another major let down. It was done with the Kentucky flour and a little too salty. Definitely not up to its mark. The usual stalls at some Chinese restaurants serve much better Chicken Wings. Another let down here. I would rate this only 4/10 .

Chicken Chop @ RM 19.00
This dish, according to my friend was decent, though not the best. It was deep fried chicken with Barbeque Sauce with a helping of French Fries and coleslaw. My friend, being a British rates this dish at 5/10 . Honestly as it was deep fried, it should be renamed to Chicken Maryland instead.

On the whole this cafe may serve good food perhaps on other cuisines but surely not the western cuisines. Although they close at 2am, they were more interested in clearing my plates then customer satisfaction. Something that turned me down here. I did not like the reception which was very stall level. At the prices that I paid, I deserve better reception though. I would never return to try the western cuisine. Sorry TimeoutKL, I do not agree with your review here. Perhaps it may have been a better day when you were there but surely it was crap when I was there. I accept their pricing but the quality must be on par with service and food deliverables which isn't the case here. I strongly feel they need to improve their western cuisine or else pull it off their menu. Please note that this is based on my personal review and may vary according to taste. With the service charge, my bill for the day came up to RM 82.40 which I feel was better spent elsewhere.

Address: Lot 47952, No.1, Jalan 26/70A,
                Desa Sri Hartamas,
                50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 0830 - 0200 (Daily)

Telephone: +603 6206 2327



  1. what a let down, this plce!

    1. Indeed! Overrated and overpriced for below par food!