Thursday, 7 February 2013

Kaffe Cafe @ TTDI, Kuala Lumpur

Finished a meeting at 4.30 pm today in the city center and it made no sense for me to head back to office and then back home in the traffic jam. Instead I went over to Taman Tun Dr Ismail in search of a good cafe where I could have my late lunch or early dinner, however it is called and at the same time have a conducive environment for me to respond to some emails and settle some unfinished work. Driving around my favourite locality in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, I discovered this Cafe called Kaffe Cafe. To those who are familiar with this area, it is located at the row of shops facing the houses and just next door to the pet shop.

Kaffe Cafe @ TTDI, Kuala Lumpur

Lighted Sign on the wall
I got into the shop and it seemed reasonably crowded, mostly regulars there I guess.

Decor at the entrance

The Smoking Area
The Cafe is split into two areas, an open smoking area as well as the air conditioned area. I would strongly recommend you to sit in the open area as it is pretty warm inside.

The Counter

Cakes, Pastries and Sandwiches
Once inside, I observed that this place was manned by just two people but I guess that was quite enough. Orders are self service just like other bakeries. They only have a single dish of Spaghetti as the main course and all other items were pretty much the above cakes, pastries and sandwiches. The cakes surely looked good but I was not in the mood for cakes today. Having placed and paid for my orders, I took a seat inside which I later regretted as it was extremely warm.The dishes are then sent to your table.

Triangle Egg Sandwich @ RM 5.50
Well, for this price and the concept of this cafe, I deem this to be very cheap. It was served in a classy manner with additional Potato Chips similar to hotels. The taste was pretty good too. As for the bread, they had two varieties, white and whole meal. I would rate this 8/10 . Value for money.

Chicken Pie @ RM 5.00
Well, firstly this was pretty small, similar to those that we pay RM 3.50 for. It should have been made slightly bigger. The taste was also quite average. I did not like this that much and of course, this may vary person to person. I would only rate this 3/10 .

Green Tea Latte @ RM 10.00

This drink is highly recommended. It was done very well and I would rate it 9/10 as it deserves it. Only setback is that it was a little too sweet for me. Perhaps they should let the guests sweeten it to their taste. Definitely a no go for diabetics.

Triangle Tuna Sandwich @ RM 5.50
As I went on working there till around 8.30 pm, I bought back two items home for the rest and that is why you see a different counter top surface along with the plastic wrapping. This was pretty good, just like the sandwich I had had earlier. Of course, when you take away you do not get those additional Potato Chips and this is practiced everywhere. Price for this is also pretty decent. I would rate this 8/10 .

Egg & Cheese Sandwich @ RM 9.50

Egg & Cheese Sandwich @ RM 9.50
This was another item that I bought back. This was really huge and worth every cent spent. The Egg and Cheese spread was much more lavish here and the bread absolutely delicious. I would rate this 9/10 . Definitely a recommended sandwich here.

On the whole, this place is pretty cool weather you are chilling with friends or even working alone like me. It is also a good place to grab a cuppa and a sandwich while reading a book. Pretty quiet and very conducive for reading. I definitely loved the environment. Price is surely not too expensive and they have good Wifi too. On the whole, the bill including Service Tax came to RM 39.05 .

Address: 23, Lorong Rahim Kajai 13,
                Taman Tun Dr Ismail,
                60000 Kuala Lumpur.

Opening Hours: 0800 - 0000 (Weekends Extended to 0200)

Telephone: +603 7722 2237



  1. Wow, what a nice post for Kaffe Café , and we appreciate for your great review. Thank you

    1. Your most welcome and thank you for the great food too.

  2. If have free time, do give some comments for another blog review at

  3. The egg and cheese sandwich you brought home was a definite winner for that cafe, I think!

    1. Indeed that was the winner. A nice place with overall great food. By the way, are you somewhere around this locality? Just curious :)

  4. No, unfortunately I am not.I am from Penang. But I still would love to try all the foods you have tried!

    1. Ooooohhhh Wow! The food capitol of Malaysia! I'm sure you'd have loads of great food joints to talk about too! :)