Sunday, 17 February 2013

Best Cendol SS15 @ Subang Jaya, Selangor

I am sure every Subang Jaya citizen would know of this place but I only came to know of this stall lately. Well, as it is never too late to try good food, we arrived at this stall selling Cendol in SS 15 Subang Jaya when it was scorching hot this afternoon. It is actually at the same place where the famous SS15 Rojak is located which I have done a separate entry on. Locating this place is pretty easy. Just come to Jalan SS 15/3B and lookout for a place where the crowd is buzzing and that is where this stall is.

The Humble Yet Famous Stall
There were quite a number of people waiting in line for their turn to order when I arrived. As for me, I wanted to take away as I was with some elderly people and did not want them to stand out like the rest and have the Cendol here in the hot afternoon of February.

Cendol In Progress

Just Two Men Manning The Stall
I then placed my orders and waited for it to be ready. Gosh this guy was so efficient. It was like observing a flawless production line and he was fast. Really fast.

Sign At The Stall
I placed my orders for four packets of Cendol. Two with Pulut and two without. Despite the crowd, nobody's order was messed up. Everyone received their orders perfectly.

My Nephew Fast Asleep
From the time of arrival to the time I received my orders, it was close to 20 minutes. My nephew who was in the car and extremely active when we got there was fast asleep when I reached the car again. The outside heat and air conditioning in the car must have really drugged him to sleep. Well, for the four packets of Cendol, I paid RM 14.00 . RM 4.00 each for the Cendol with Pulut and RM 3.00 each for the Cendol without Pulut. It is expensive for Cendol but hey, this is Subang Jaya and if it is good, why not. Now time to head home and try the Cendol in the luxury of home.

Trying The Cendol At Home
Sorry guys, I could not post the pictures from the stall itself as we took away. If it was at this stall, the picture would have been better with the shaved ice and the ingredients. However by the time we reached home, the ice had already melted. Now for the verdict, this is definitely the best Cendol I have tried in Klang Valley. Not the best that I have tried though as that is outside the Klang Valley. However, it was very sweet with lavish amounts of Brown Sugar and other ingredients. For me, I definitely do not have to ask for 'tambah gula'. It is definitely recommended and I would rate it 8.5 /10 .  A good choice here in the Klang Valley!!!

Address:  Along Jalan SS 15/3B (near KFC & opposite a Tyre shop)
                 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 1130 - 1900 Daily

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