Friday, 23 March 2012

Mie Razali Crab Noodles @ Banda Aceh, Indonesia

This is an entry from my visit in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. I was informed by the driver that this is a must try restaurant and it is very famous here especially for the Crab Noodles. This restaurant was established in 1967 and has been going very strong all these years. In fact, it is also a recommended restaurant on Lonely Planet guide books. Well, when we arrived here this restaurant was extremely crowded and there were no seats available on the ground floor. The driver proposed that we head upstairs and to my surprise, the first floor which had the VIP room was empty. Only then I realized that the VIP room was air conditioned and smoking is prohibited here. No wonder there weren't any locals willing to sit here as smoking is a national culture in Indonesia

Mie Razali @ Banda Aceh
VIP Room on the first floor
Well Lit Signs

This restaurant is famous for its crab noodles. There are two versions of it being sold here, the wet type and the dry type. Crab in Indonesian is called Kepiting and hence its name Mee Kepiting and Mee Goreng Kepiting.
It did not take long for the dishes to arrive due to the high demand and mass production happening downstairs in the kitchen. When the dishes arrived, I was surprised to see a full crab in each dish and it was sold for lest than USD 2 per plate, which is extremely cheap looking at the price that crabs are being sold here. 

The Dishes Arrived
Fried Crab Noodles

Crab Noodles Wet Style

The taste....simply superb. A little spicy, not much and just about the right taste. What we did was in order to try both dishes, we ended up sharing both dishes, eating half portion in each plate. I enjoyed both versions of this noodles and truly wish that this dish is available soon in Malaysia.
Address: No 83-85, Jalan T.P. Polem, 

            Banda Aceh, Indonesia.

Tel: 0651 7400174

Opening Hours: 1100 - 2330


  1. Hi Venoth! Just back- tracking and reading all your old posts...again!
    The Crab mee looks superb here especially the "goreng" one as I prefer mine with less "kuah".Big crab too and I am truly surprised by their prices there in Indonesia.

    1. Hey Denise....thanks again! This one was very good, in fact it's like a must do thingy when visiting Banda Aceh. Nice! I agree. Sometimes the wet style can turn out being very soggy. Prices are ridiculously cheap over there. I'm always on cloud nine whenever I visit Indonesia. And the food is so good.