Sunday, 26 August 2012

Restaurant Sri Paandi @ Brickfields

It has been ages since I went to Brickfields in Kuala Lumpur for a meal. One of the many reasons that I have always avoided this place was specially after the renovations and making the roads into one way streets, the traffic has become horrendous there.

Brickfields At Night
However today, we decided just to head there and catch up with some good Indian food at Sri Paandi Restaurant. It was a rainy night and you know what that means in KL...crazy jam. However, we managed to reach there in an hour. 

Somehow, we managed to get a parking and we head to this restaurant. To my amusement, instead of only dining inside the restaurant, today they have tables placed all over the pavement and this restaurant seems like a food court now. No longer like the stand alone restaurant that it used to be.

Business as always here
Most of the customers dining here were also foreigners, and a number of locals too. However, I did see the foreigners getting 'special' treatment here especially when they requested for beers and liquor, the waiters in this restaurant went across the street to Sri Kota supermarket and got them what they had requested....perhaps must be for an additional charge. You can say its business sense but if I would have requested for it, I am pretty certain that I would have not got it. 

Brickfields at night
Seats all over the pavement

The entrance to the restaurant

Now coming back to the restaurant. The owner seemed to be there too, just like years before when I had been here, incessantly shouting at his boys to get work done faster. 

Man making Puttu

As mentioned before, you can see here in the photo on the right where all the tables and chairs are placed on the walking pavements and the authorities do not seem to take any action on them. Very interesting right.

Everyone seemed too busy to take orders. I had to wait close to 20 minutes until I could actually flag a waiter who was rushing to deliver food to take my orders. Business is surely very good. Now, I was wondering if the taste was still the same. Definitely they had a whole lot of variety to offer. Some of the items available here are Puttu, Tosai (Rava, Plain, Masala, Ghee etc), Idli, Barotta (Plain, Chicken & Mutton), Mee Goreng and Banana Leaf meals too.

My Idli with Chicken Curry and Mutton Varuval

Mutton Kottu Barotta

At this hour, I wanted to go light so I ordered Idli for myself and Angie ordered Mutton Barotta. Barotta is very difficult to get in Malaysia and it is a common street food in India. 

Thats me enjoying my Teh Tarik
Finally after another long wait, my food arrived and within another 10 minutes, Angie's food arrived too. The taste....definitely still the was great and worth the wait. No wonder there are so many people here at this restaurant and all the others seem deserted. 

The food was surely good and I would still recommend this place after all these years. I hope that even with the huge increase of customers, they still maintain the flavors in the years to come. 

The Address of this place is:
No. 254, Jalan Tun Sambanthan,
50470 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: +603 2274 0464

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