Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Big Apple Donuts & Coffee @ NU Sentral, Kuala Lumpur

When we think of Doughnuts, we would most often reflect on an American product but it is great to know that we have our very own homegrown Malaysian Doughnuts that's been making historic waves across the nation. Having opened their very first outlet in May 2007 at The Curve, Big Apple Donuts started making waves among Doughnut fans in the Klang Valley and within a period of one year, they had already expanded to about 23 outlets. That is indeed a mega success. Today, on average, they are opening an outlet a month and are soon expected on going global. Such a phenomenal growth and my hearty congratulations to the team. Ever since the time that they started their first outlet at The Curve, I have been a loyal fan of their Doughnuts and today, since I was in KL Sentral, I decided on popping in to their outlet at NU Sentral Mall.

Big Apple Donuts & Coffee At NU Sentral Mall

Interior Of The Cafe
I was here at around 4.30 pm, a brief stopover since I was waiting for my train back home. My parents have never tried their doughnuts and since I was here, I decided on having a drink while waiting for the boarding time and along with that, to take away some doughnuts back home. The place was crowded with customers and all their staffs were busy with a multitude of things. A few were at the counter front assisting customers, some were at the preparation section busy making hot doughnuts and a few more topping up the stock and a number of other chores. 

Prices Of Their Doughnuts

Prices Of Drinks
I then had a peek at their prices, just to see if they had gone up due to the GST implementation and it looked like a very minimal hike from previously. Having confirmed that, I went back to the end of the line to start choosing my doughnuts to take away as well as to order my drink.

Pack Of 9 Mini Doughnuts @ RM 12.00

A Huge Variety Of Doughnuts Were Available

They All Looked Good
The counter was very practically designed. One get's right to the beginning of the counter where the line begins, mentions the order size as that would enable the waiter to select the appropriate carton and then move along and just point at their preferred doughnuts. The waiter then packs them all in the carton and once you come up to the cashier, just pay the relevant amount and that's it, you're all set to go. 

My Bill For The Day

A Small Cafe Like Area For In House Diners
I then got my drink and doughnuts and walked over to the seating area. The place was slightly cramped but nothing much to complain about as most people here were just doing brief stops. Just one or two people seemed like they were sitting there all day long as they had a long list of business cards and seemed to be doing cold calls. It is not wrong to do so but it would be wiser to choose a cafe with more seats as you don't end up hogging a particular table in a cafe where in total, there were only four tables. Seriously, when I was wanting to take a seat, there were no available places. Guess what I did, I just went and sat at that very table where they seemed to be hogging it for the entire day. They felt a little uncomfortable but guys, this is a cafe and I am least bothered if you are making cold calls. When I need a place and there are no other available seats, I would just sit at a place that is vacant and in this case, it just happened to be at your table. Moreover, I have purchased food and a drink and these guys did not purchase anything at all. I wonder why the waiters' had not told them to leave or at least, got them to purchase something. Well that aside, I was glad that I finally got a place to sit and could now enjoy my cup of tea. 

Half Dozen Doughnuts @ RM 14.50

My Selection Of Doughnuts
These were my selection of doughnuts. Please don't ask me for their names as the selection process was done quite fast and I never got a chance to note them down but they all had chocolate as the key ingredient. All the doughnuts were labelled at the counter and that definitely assisted a lot and gives a sense of indication as to how they would taste like. My parents love chocolate and that was the reason for such a choice. RM 14.50 for six is definitely a good price and they all looked so delicious. Can't wait to get home and enjoy them with my parents. 

Apple Tea @ RM 4.50

Apple Tea @ RM 4.50

A Good Quality Tea Brand
I did not want to go for the usual Tea variety and wanted to try something different, something with an infused taste and decided to go for the Apple Tea. The brand that they used is a reputable one and the tea was served boiling hot. Sugar and milk were provided at a separate counter and the waiter was kind enough to show me where it was. The tea was aromatic and had a good apple aftertaste, exactly what I was looking for. I sat down sipping and enjoying the tea till it was time for me to head to KL Sentral to catch my ride back. For me, I would rate this tea at 9/10 . I would not complain about the price as this is a premium outlet in a premium location. If one should want to complaint about this, then it would be better off to just head over to Brickfields, which is just across the road, and pay RM 1.50 for a glass of Teh Tarik. 

The Beautifully Designed Carton

Some Information
Despite being light, the carton was sturdy and managed to hold the doughnuts in place throughout the two hour journey. It also had loads of marketing information as well as the list of all the other outlets. What I loved most with their packaging design was the Made in Malaysia logo. That was a pride to look at. 

These are close ups of the doughnuts that I bought earlier and after the long journey, not much damage had taken place and they still looked quite presentable. The photographs may not be as good as the earlier photographs simply due to insufficient lighting at home. Well, we all enjoyed the doughnuts and my Dad being someone who does not fancy doughnuts too much, thoroughly enjoyed these. Another good thing about these doughnuts is that they were not stereotype in taste. Each one of these did emanate the expected flavours as per their labels and not just being overly sweet across the variety. I would say that these are seriously some good doughnuts and just as per their motto, every one of their doughnuts were indeed a masterpiece. I would rate them at 9/10 .

Their Outlets
In summary, their doughnuts were quite good and very reasonably priced. The quality was consistent and each one had very unique flavours. Loved them all!

Address: Lot CF 13, Concourse Level, NU Sentral Mall, Kuala Lumpur Sentral,
                 50470 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 1000 - 2200 Daily




  1. Can i know which level big apple in kl sentral

    1. Hi Wanie, apologies for the delay. They are on the Concourse Level, close to the connecting escalator to KL Sentral. Just a few steps away. Can't miss the place.