Monday, 4 April 2016

Domino's Pizza @ Tanjung Malim, Perak

Domino's Pizza Tanjung Malim has been around for more than a year now and till date, I have never visited them. Of course, I have tried their pizza's in Kuala Lumpur but somehow, due to the parking problems around this outlet in Taman Anggerik Desa, I have always avoided this place. Out of the blues, my Dad suggested pizza for dinner and after my very bad experience with Pizza Hut Tanjung Malim, I literally dreaded going there and came here instead. After all, the place seems crowded all the time and so, the service levels should be good I assume. 

The Outlet in Taman Anggerik Desa, Tanjung Malim

Mostly Takeaways

Continuous Flow Of Customers
Fortunately, I managed to get a bay near the Old Town White Coffee and that too, because the place had closed down. Assuming it was still open, then I would have had to go around in circles looking for a place to park. The outlet was very nicely designed. Ground Floor was more for those waiting to collect their orders and most people who dined in, preferred to be seated on the 1st Floor. There was quite a decent crowd and I was glad that they gave a 15 minutes guarantee or else a free Pizza should the wait be longer than that. That sounded sufficiently convincing. 

My Pizza's Ready

Promotion Prices

Gift Voucher Due To The Delay

Gift Voucher Due To The Delay
I had ordered a number of personal pan pizza's and was surprised to see that they were running a promotion for RM 5.90 each. That is an extremely good deal. No wonder the place was packed with customers. Unfortunately this evening, my wait time exceeded the 15 minute standard wait time and upon collection of my orders, I was given a voucher for a free Pizza with a 30 day validity. Honestly, I never expected this as my wait time was probably just minutes above the 15 minute usual wait time but was thankful that they honoured their word. I remember waiting in Pizza Hut for almost 2 hours without a single apology. Domino's are surely miles ahead of Pizza Hut when it comes to customer satisfaction. Time to enjoy the pizza's instead.

Flaming Tuna Pizza
One of those spicy pizza's that came with a generous topping of tuna and other ingredients. Perfectly balanced and tasted great. Very suitable for those that love spicy pizza's. The amount of tuna added was also just right. Too much of it would have been tasting fishy. Enjoyed it!

Chicken Pepperoni Pizza
This one was one that all of us loved!!! The Chicken Pepperoni cuts were of the right size and they blended perfectly well with the base sauces. Too thin of a cut would have been a situation where the base sauce would have taken over taste wise. Here, they had ensured perfect cuts in terms of thickness to allow both the sauce and the chicken pepperoni to stand out. A good preparation.

Seafood Delight Pizza
A great one!!! Though the base ingredients were seafood, it didn't taste similar to the Tuna one that we tried earlier. It had it's own unique taste and tasted distinctively different when compared to the earlier one. A must try for seafood lovers!!!

Aloha Chicken Pizza
Chicken, pineapple and cheese..... can this combination go wrong? It was sweet, sour, creamy and a total burst of flavours with each bite. One that I would highly recommend.

Tried Their Cinnastix

Cinnastix With Cream
This was one of their desert items and the main ingredient was cinnamon. A very unique taste and those with a sweet tooth would definitely love this. For those who do not enjoy sweet items too much, then I would recommend skipping this item. 

Banana Kaya Desert
I am not one who enjoys sweet items but this was just awesome. Was it sweet? Not really. In fact, it tasted more like kaya with banana. If you love Kaya, then this is a must try. I would highly recommend this. 

For the four of us, this was a little too much of a meal but hey, it's okay to feast once in a while. Not that we are having pizza's daily. Taste wise, they were all unique in their own way with literally not much oil being used and the promotions were just fantastic. I guess I would be visiting them more often after this. After all, I have a  free pizza waiting for me right. 

Address: No. 4, PT 2415, Taman Anggerik Desa, 35900 Tanjung Malim, Perak, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 1030 - 2300 Daily

Telephone: 1300 888 333

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