Monday, 23 January 2012

Coffee Tea @ Tabek Patah, West Sumatra

Yes, you had read it correctly. Its is not Coffee or Tea but Coffee Tea. This unique drink preparation is made here only. It is tea brewed from Coffee Leaves and these coffee is grown in this mountain region.With that said, I felt that it is worth to mention this in my blogs as anyone passing this region should definitely try this.

Parking Bay At The Factory

Seating Inside

The factory is just a small one but of late, they have started exporting their produce to other countries in the Asia Pacific region and are slowly gaining popularity here. These coffee tea is brewed and then it is poured into cups and then stirred with a cinnamon stick for added taste. This drink is also said to have many medicinal properties which truth is not justified yet using scientific approaches. 

Mix Your Own Drinks Here

Drinks Station

The taste however, was flat just like tea and it did not have any of the usual bitterness of coffee, in fact with the cinnamon, it tasted slightly sweet too. 

A Closer Look At The Drink

Us Trying The Drink

It is interesting to find such concoctions out there and as this is such a peculiar and unique drink, if you happen to pass this region, please do stop over for a short refreshing drink with a lovely sight.

Address: Objek Wisata Panorama Tabek Patah,
             Jalan Bukittinggi - Batusangkar,
             Salimpaung, West Sumatra, Indonesia.

Opening Hours: 0800 - 1700 Daily

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