Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Pondok Flora Restaurant @ Pagaruyung, West Sumatra

This restaurant was a brief stop that we had while driving to Padang from Bukittinggi. It is located just before the small town of Pagaruyung which is famous for its Malayapura Palace. One thing that stands out at this restaurant is that it is built on stilts above a paddy field and as far as your eye can reach, it is all paddy fields and is very soothing to the eyes.

At The Parking Bay

Surrounding Area of the Restaurant

Us At The Restaurant
This restaurant was very crowded and it seems like it is more of a tourist stop as most of the patrons were tourists. I was told by the driver that although this place is meant for tourists, price wise it is very much cheaper in comparison to many of the other restaurants nearby.

It was interesting to walk through this restaurant as it was separated to many compartments. There are also elevated platforms for locals and Malays who would like to sit on the floor and have their meal. Within a few minutes the food had arrived as the driver had called them  earlier and informed the approximate arrival time. Our table had also been reserved.

Layout Of The Restaurant
Now to rate the food. The food here was only average although they seem to be a famous tourist stop. The fish even had sand and mud and it was not cleaned properly. Though there were many dishes that were served, we did not really enjoy the lunch and I would recommend that if you are passing this way and your tour operator stops at this restaurant, please do request for him to go over to a different place.

Food Being Served
On the whole, this is a restaurant that is to be avoided.

Address: Jalan Sultan Bagagarsah, Lima Kaum,
              Pagaruyung, West Sumatra, Indonesia.

Opening Hours: 1030 - 1600 Daily

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