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Restoran Salam Sentosa Bistro @ Bukit Sentosa, Selangor

Restoran Salam Sentosa Bistro is one of the most famous Indian Muslim restaurant in the Bukit Beruntung / Bukit Sentosa area. They have two restaurants in this area and this restaurant that we visited today is the older one that is located in Bukit Sentosa. I have been to this place a number of times and simply love their Briyani. All those times, I had come alone and today I decided to bring my family over for lunch. 

Restoran Salam Sentosa in Bukit Sentosa, Rawang

Restoran Salam Sentosa in Bukit Sentosa

Indoor Dining Area

Indoor Dining Area
This restaurant is open 24 hours daily and is occupying a corner unit in a road fronting row of shops and hence if you drive down the main trunk road of Bukit Sentosa, you would not be able to miss this restaurant. All the staffs here are from Tamil Nadu, India and most of them had learned the local language and are able to converse fairly well with customers. The service here too is quite efficient.

More Stalls On The Outside

A Variety of Food is available here
Besides the usual rice and curry, they have a whole load of other dishes from breads right up to even some Chinese and Western dishes. 

Teh O Ais @ RM 1.40

Coca Cola @ RM 1.90
The drinks here are quite good and it is also quite cheap. A can of Coca Cola is sold for only RM 1.90 whereas in other places, it is usually priced more than RM 2.00 . Their Tea was also quite good and meets the quality that is expected from an Indian Muslim restaurant. I would rate their Teh O Ais at 9/10 .

Various Curries Available For The Day

Various Curries Available For The Day

Various Curries Available For The Day

Various Curries Available For The Day
I wanted to pick a number of dishes to go with the Briyani Rice and hence walked up to the Curries Counter and selected the items myself. Even at 1 pm, there had been a number of the curries that was almost sold out. The curries here are usually good and has a very high demand. Having selected my dishes, they were then sent over to the table.

Plain Briyani Rice with Egg @ RM 4.00 each
Most people would order a Chicken or Mutton Briyani and that would come as a complete set. I on the other hand, ordered four plain Briyani Rice and these came with a full boiled egg each. They used Basmathi Rice for their Briyani and it was really good. It was so good that I could even have their rice without any sides. I would rate their Briyani Rice at 9/10 .

Potato & Bitter-gourd Fries @ RM 2.00
This dish is one of my all time favourites here. The Potato's were thinly sliced, coated with spices and deep fried to a slightly crisp level. Definitely a good side dish and I would rate this at 8.5/10 .

Stir Fried Okra @ RM 1.50
The Stir Fried Okra was prepared from young and tender Okra and it was cooked with the right amount of spice's. Not overly cooked, it was crispy yet tender and juicy. I would rate this at 8.7/10 .

Papadams @ RM 0.50
Papadams are always a must have when having any Tamil food and here it is provided at RM 0.50 per plate. For the price, the amount was definitely very lavish and they were all freshly fried and was still crispy. 

Chicken Perattal @ RM 5.00
Slightly spicy, the Chicken Perattal went very well with the Briyani Rice. The dish was well spiced and came with chunks of meat filled chicken. Very well prepared and I would rate this dish at 8.7/10 .

Goat's Intestine Perattal @ RM 8.50
For an Indian Muslim restaurant, the Goat's Intestine was very well prepared. It was not prepared to the normal Tamil style but this is how this dish is prepared in Indian Muslim homes which is slightly more wet compared to the Tamil style of preparation. I have tried this in a number of Indian Muslim restaurants and this was the best. The gravy was creamy and the intestines were cleaned well and were cooked to a tender and juicy level. I would rate this dish at 8.9/10 .

Mutton Perattal @ RM 8.00
Their Mutton Perattal was a super hit. It was spicy and cooked with loads of potato's. The meat too was tender and juicy. Definitely an excellent preparation and I would rate this at 9.5/10 . 

Kerang Sambal @ RM 3.00
This was another very spicy dish and would surely be a treat to any Kerang lovers. Perfectly done! I would rate this dish at 9.4/10 .

Plain Kurma Gravy
The gravies were provided free of charge. Their Plain Kurma was definitely well prepared but it was slightly on the oily side. Otherwise, it was quite a good dish. I would rate this at 8.3/10 .

Dhall Cha
Their Dhall Cha was excellent. It was slightly spicy but had just the right ingredients and it was really good. I would rate this dish at 9.3/10 .

Lunch In Progress

Melagu Rasam
Finally, after the meal, we were provided with the above Melagu Rasam. This again came complementary. Their Rasam was on the spicy side and it was really delicious. Perfectly spiced, it deserves a rating of 9/10 .

In summary, the food here was really good and for a wonderful meal like this for four, it cost us less than RM 50 which is a very good deal.  I would highly recommend this restaurant as they serve good food and at very reasonable prices and the service too is very efficient. Definitely a very satisfying meal.

Address: No. 1G, Jalan Orkid 2B, Seksyen BS2,
                Bukit Sentosa, 48300 Rawang, Selangor, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 24 Hours Daily

Telephone: +603 6028 164

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