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Restoran Lan Je @ Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya

I first tried this steamed fish sometime last year at their Desa Aman Puri outlet. Originating from Rawang, today they have a number of outlets across the Klang Valley. Being in Kota Damansara this evening, we decided to try their Kota Damansara outlet which is located at Bistari 'De' Kota. 

Restoran Lan Je in Kota Damansara

Restoran Lan Je in Kota Damansara

Interior of the Restaurant
In Kota Damansara, they occupy two shop units. One is air conditioned and the other is ventilated by ceiling fans. This outlet is located behind the famous Gulam Mee which is clearly visible from the main road. My parents and I have tried this fish before and we really liked. When I explained it to my brother, he was skeptical and wondered if it would taste good. I suggested for him to try today and then decide for himself.  

Us In The Restaurant

The Menu & Price List


Chinese Tea @ RM 0.50

Coca Cola @ RM 2.00
Ordering here is quite simple, all their items are listed on the board along with the prices. You just have to choose your items and as far as the fish goes, pick either medium spicy or super spicy. I have tried most of the items at this restaurant except that it was at the Desa Aman Puri branch and they are all just so so except for the fish which was excellent. These item that I have tried include their Tofu, a number of vegetables and their chicken dish. There are two prawn dishes here, that is their Salted Prawns and Steamed Prawns, both of these I have not tried yet and I hope to try either one of them today. Kindly take note that this is a Pork Free restaurant.

Medium Spicy Steamed Tilapia Fish @ RM 15.00 each

Medium Spicy Steamed Tilapia Fish @ RM 15.00 each

Medium Spicy Steamed Tilapia Fish @ RM 15.00 each

Dinner In Progress

A Fish Each
We ordered a fish each as always and omit the white rice. They only use the black Tilapia Fish for this dish and no other fish types are available. Many avoid this Black Tilapia as they tend to have a stench but that is not the case here. The fish is perfectly cleaned and cooked and all stench is removed. Generally, they are priced from around RM 15 to RM 18, depending on the size and this one today was RM 15.00 . Last year, their base price for the fish was RM 12.00 . Well with all prices gone up, it is only fair for them to price it higher and even then, a similar fish of the similar size would at least be priced at RM 23 onwards and comparing that, they are still very much cheaper. Price aside, the fish is excellent. The fish is steamed with loads of garlic and bird eye chilies and the aroma is simply unforgettable. I usually go for the medium spicy as that it good enough for me. Maybe next time, I should try their super spicy instead. I have walked past their kitchen and observed that they stack the plates up in rattan baskets and steam them using the conventional method. Perhaps that is where the taste comes from. For me, this dish is excellent and I would rate it at a perfect 10/10 . One thing that amazes me is how they can have the taste so consistent across all their outlets. If I was blindfolded and tasted this, I still would be able to tell. My brother who stared at this dish when it arrived as if it was not really cooked, ended up enjoying this dish thoroughly and everyday thereafter, reminded me that we should go and have this fish again. That's how good it is. 

Salty Prawn @ RM 21.00

Salty Prawn @ RM 21.00
The Salty Prawn was nothing great to be honest. I have tried this dish in other restaurants and comparing this to those, this seemed quite mediocre. Perhaps their Steamed Prawns would have been better. Definitely would try the latter my next trip here. As far as my rating goes, I would rate this at 7.5/10 .

If you love steamed fish, then this place is a must try. I have read negative comments too on the web about this steamed fish but 9 out of 10, would love them. We can't blame people for thinking so as everyone has different taste buds and that's absolutely natural. But the majority of people would surely love this. I for one have definitely been hooked on to this fish. Definitely would return.

Address: F-50G & 51G, Jalan Teknologi 3/9, Bestari 'De' Kota, 
                 Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 1130 - 1500 & 1730 - 2130 
                             Closed on Tuesdays

Telephone: +603 6150 1382 & +6012 227 0037

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