Monday, 8 February 2016

Restoran Ah Zai @ Hulu Bernam, Selangor

Since it is the Chinese New Year week, many would be back to their hometown and as such, I have decided to write about the three Hainanese Chicken Chop places in Tanjung Malim. This first place isn't quite in Tanjung Malim. It is in Hulu Bernam, Selangor but we locals cross over daily and have always assumed this too to be part of Tanjung Malim. Though state wise it may be different, it still shares the same post code. 

The Restaurant In Taman Goldenwood, Hulu Bernam
This restaurant is located in Taman Goldenwood, Hulu Bernam. The restaurant itself isn't an old one but the tradition is. I shall explain further. This restaurant started sometime in June, 2015. But the original stall has been one that is located in a coffee shop near the Bernam River and that has been around for about 60 years now. It was only recently that they had taken up this building and started their business here. Their main dishes are Cantonese style Yong Tau Fu, Curry Mee and Asam Laksa. Those three items sells like hot cakes. But only a handful of people know that they have Chicken Chop too and hence this post to help spread the word. A recipe that belonged to their Grandfather and the present generation has started selling this again. This was a forgotten dish during their parent's era as they concentrated on the Curry Mee and Asam Laksa business but it is great that the present generation has revived this dish once again. They are open daily from 5.30 pm till midnight and are closed on Thursdays. 

Mushroom Sauce Chicken Chop @ RM 13.00

Mushroom Sauce Chicken Chop @ RM 13.00
For those who prefer the Black Pepper variation, that too is available but this one with the Mushroom Sauce is the original dish. For RM 13.00 , the portion is good. It comes with a piece of deep fried chicken, some fries, salad and an omelette. 

Chicken Marinated In Spices and Deep Fried
I love the way they marinate the chicken. Not the usual style but it uses a number of spices and sauces to give it that zing factor and is deep fried to a golden brown perfection. Soft, tender and extremely juicy with no traces of oil. And the size is very reasonable for the price.

Thick Mushroom Gravy
And yes, this is one of the things that makes this dish so tasty. I wouldn't call this Mushroom Sauce, perhaps Mushroom Gravy is an apt word to describe this better. It's so thick, filled with sliced button mushrooms and is extremely thick and starchy. A perfect combination to that piece of beautifully marinated fried chicken. 

Salad and A Sunny Side Up
Before eating, one must nick into the yolk to get it all oozing out and that has got to be mixed with the chicken and mushroom sauce to give it the intended taste. And yummy, it is a very unique combination that would make you wanting for more. The fries too are fried to perfection and served lightly salted. Along with the salad, it's such a wonderful dish to have for dinner. For me, I would rate this dish at 8/10 .

We have a number of Malay owned Western restaurants in town but these Chinese owned Hainanese style ones are still limited to three. Among the three, this would rank third place. Over the coarse of this week, I shall be sharing the other two places as well. 

Address: No. 63, Taman Goldenwood, Jalan Besar Ulu Bernam, 35900 Hulu Bernam,                                  Selangor, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 1730 - 0000 (Closed on Thursdays)

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