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Sam's Deli @ NU Sentral, Kuala Lumpur

Sam's Groceria and Sam's Deli are like two big names that we find in malls these days. They are usually one of the anchor tenant's and most often occupy the Lower Ground Floor. Similarly, in NU Sentral Mall, they are in that very same location. Their supermarket is a great place and I love the kind of variety that one get's here. Having said that, I have noticed that they have a cafe too and was curious to check the place out as I see a lot of people buying there meals here, mostly takeaways and some dine in's.

Sam's Groceria on the Lower Ground Floor

Sam's Deli,.... Located on the Left

Japanese Food Available Now
Sam's Deli is located on the left side of this supermarket. At the entrance, they have a wide variety of dishes to offer. This is even before entering Sam's Deli and most of them are takeaways concept. Prepacked for customer's convenience and of course, you have the flexibility of bringing them over and having your meal inside the cafe. What caught my eyes was the above banner and a few others mentioning that they now have Japanese food as well and the banner went on to boast it's freshness and quality guarantees. I was impressed with that and decided to do Japanese this evening.

Interior Of The Cafe

Mostly Takeaways

Prepacked Sushi's

This cafe itself was chic and trendy and was manned by a Bangladeshi worker. I asked for their Bento sets and was informed that I would have to get them outside, and that is in the Supermarket itself. I went over and checked them and it wasn't one that was inviting and the queue at the counter was massive, not because there were so many people but simply because the cashier was one inefficient lady. I think it took her like forever to even lift a finger and was taking her own sweet time to key in the items. She easily took at least 4 minutes to clear a customer (with one single item of purchase) and no, that is not an estimation. I actually timed her. Having been frustrated with both the food and the cashier, I came back into the cafe and decided to go for some Sushi and Sandwiches instead. And to my surprise, I was asked to go out again to that very same cashier to pay for my food. Why should I do that when you have a cash register here inside the cafe. I asked him and he just gave me a blank smile. Hungry and frustrated, I carried those two items, stood in line and paid for them. Desperation and hunger took over I guess and then, returned to the cafe to have my dinner. Since it was 6.00 pm, they had some clearance discounts. Honestly, at that level of aggravation that I was, this discount didn't really matter anymore. I was just hungry and wanted some decent food. If you actually look at the whole thing, this isn't even really a cafe. It just like a place in the supermarket where one can sit down and have your meal that you purchase from the store. Simply that. The management should consider naming this place as 'Seating Area' instead of 'Sam's Cafe'.

Assorted Sushi's

Assorted Sushi's

Assorted Sushi's
The Sushi's looked decent but alas, the taste was not up to my expectations and in fact, they were nowhere near the freshness guarantee. Clearly, one that was possibly made a day before and they were pretty bad tasting. Limited amount of Soy Sauce was provided and further additions were all top up's, I've had these packed one's in some other supermarkets and they were good but this one was truly horrible. I just took a bite of each and gave up, leaving most of them just like that. I hate to waste food but this was just horrible. For me, this would only rate 1/10 and I would not even recommend this to my enemy.

Tuna & Egg Sandwiches

Tuna Sandwich

Egg Sandwich
Having been disappointed by the earlier Sushi, I then opened this pack of sandwiches. Two slices each of Tuna and Egg sandwiches. Again, I was extremely disappointed. This was the worst sandwich that I have purchased from a supermarket. Village Grocer which is my usual place to buy sandwiches make them a million times better. The bread was extremely dry and flaky, and I had to read the labels to identify what kind of sandwich they were as they were extremely stingy with the spread. It was probably a millimeter thick, that was about it. Tasteless, dry and stale!!! A no go for me and I would again rate these at 1/10 . 

After just a bite or two, this again went to waste. A total waste of money. I see hundreds if not thousands of people getting their food here on a daily basis. I guess, it is not because of taste but perhaps convenience. I truly feel sorry for them. As for me, I am surely not coming here again to get a meal. The supermarket is fantastic but the food is horrible. I'd rather step out to Brickfields for a sumptuous Banana Leaf Meal instead of such kind of food. 

Address: Lower Ground Floor, NU Sentral, Jalan Tun Sambanthan, 
                Brickfields, 50470 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 1000 - 2200 Daily

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