Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Wan Tan Mee Stall In Kedai Kopi Hup Hing @ Jalan Pahang, Kuala Lumpur

This isn't my first visit to Kedai Kopi Hup Hing. Previously, I visited the Indian Food Stall that is located inside this restaurant and was impressed with the food. At that time, I noticed that there was another Wan Tan Mee stall that also seemed to be famous with the patrons and the noodles looked good. I made a mental note then to try that the next trip and here I am today. 

The Restaurant Along Jalan Pahang, Kuala Lumpur
This restaurant is located opposite the main entrance to Kuala Lumpur General Hospital and is just a few minutes walk from Grand Seasons Hotel. It would not be possible to miss this place. The Wan Tan Mee Stall starts as early as 8.00 am and business goes on till around 2.00 pm . Usually, by 11 am, specialty items like chicken feet are sold out and you would only get Char Siew and Roasted Chicken after that hour. 

Local Coffee @ RM 1.60
Having been hooked onto their coffee, I ordered the same this time as well and it was one that did not let me down. A perfect mix of local ground coffee and milk. This is one drink that one should not miss. Perfect bliss!!! I would rate this at 9.5/10 .

Wan Tan Mee Set (Small) @ RM 4.50
The elderly couple is assisted by their son and they are quite fast when it comes to preparing the dishes. In a matter of minutes, my plate of Kon Low Mee was ready. I opted for the smaller portion and this was priced at RM 4.50 . The set came with some Kon Low Mee, Char Siew, pickled chili's and some Pork Wan Tan in a clear soup.

Loved The Egg Noodles and Char Siew
Their Egg Noodles were so good. I wonder if they make them on their own. It surely did not taste like those factory made ones. It was creamy, springy and light and went so well with the base sauces. And those Char Siew, what can I say. Those too were so good. The springy noodles, salty sauces, sour pickled chili's..... together it was just a burst of flavours. I must confess that this was one of the better preparations that I have tried. For me, I would rate this at 9/10 .

Pork Wan Tan
These Pork Wan Tan were another treat. Small and perfect bite size bits that tasted heavenly. The clear soup itself was nothing much but the Wan Tan's were superb. I would rate these at 8.5/10 .

Overall, I am very happy with the food here. The food is good and the prices are very reasonable. The next time around, I should perhaps try their Chinese Chap Fan stall. That is the only one that I have not tried yet. The other two that I tried i,.e. the Indian Food Stall and this Wan Tan Mee Stall, both were excellent. Definitely a place that I would highly recommend!!!

Address: No. 20-7, Jalan Pahang, 53000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 1000 - 1430  (Closed On Sundays)

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