Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Puffs & Pastries from Redtick Supermarket @ Cyberjaya, Selangor

Redtick Supermarket is located in Shaftsbury Square, Cyberjaya. I believe that this must be a relatively new supermarket in Malaysia as I have not come across them elsewhere in the Klang Valley. Maybe there are, but I have not come across them. That being said, this definitely looked like another chain outlet, something quite similar to Village Grocer whereby everything was so systematically placed and most of the products sold seemed to be catering towards the European customer base which is good. Many of the canned food stuffs that you get here used to be sold in Cold Storage decades ago and it is just great that these are now available again in Malaysia. Actually the reason I visited this supermarket was in search of some cold sandwiches and unfortunately, they did not have those. Instead, they had a small bakery section that had a wide variety of puffs and pastries. I am not really a fan of those sweet pastries but Curry Puffs are definitely my favourite. 

Curried Potato Puffs (Left) @ RM 3.80 each and Curry Chicken Puffs (Right) @ RM 3.80 each
If I remember correctly, they had close to six different puffs and that's a good variety to have in a supermarket. I however decided to stick with my favourites and they were the above Curried Potato Puffs and Curry Chicken Puffs, both priced at RM 3.80 each. Size wise, I have to agree that they were small especially when I compare it to the price tag. The puffs were smaller than my palm but if they taste good, then it's justifiable. 

Curried Potato Puff @ RM 3.80 each
Before I get to the taste, kindly do note that you have got to do takeaways as there are no seats available for you to consume these food items. Coming back to these Curried Potato Puffs, honestly they were below average. I definitely expected more. The texture of the puffs were amazing and that applies to both the puffs. However as far as the filling is concerned, this was rather bland in taste and they were very limited. I would only give these a 5/10. 

Curry Chicken Puffs @ RM 3.80
Contrary to the earlier one that I had tried, these Curry Chicken Puffs were excellent! They were generous with the filling and the gravy was extremely tasty. These are definitely worth the price paid and it has been years since I had such delicious puffs. The last time I tasted something very similar was the ones sold at Makro Hypermarkets. Not sure if people people still remember them as it has been more than a decade since they were taken over by Tesco and now AEON. These puffs definitely deserve a 9/10.

Based on the two types that I tried this afternoon, I definitely enjoyed the latter more. Of course, they do have more variety to offer and those BBQ Puffs seemed to be a hot seller. Perhaps I should give that a try the next time around. 

Address: P5-01, Shaftsbury Square, Persiaran Multimedia, Cyber 6, 
                63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 1000 - 2200 Daily

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