Monday, 9 October 2017

DZ Fish Ball Noodle House @ Kajang, Selangor

DZ Fish Ball Noodle House started off as a very humble stall many years ago and now, they are based in a very comfortable set up in Taman Berjaya, Kajang. This establishment is famous since those day's for their homemade Fish Balls which is said to be very soft and tasty. 

The Restaurant In Taman Berjaya, Kajang

Modern Set Up

This restaurant is located along Jalan Berjaya 8 on the Sungai Chua side of town and they are open from 7.30 am till 10.00 pm daily. Most of their dishes are noodle based dishes. I guess the highlight here is their Fish Balls and this is served in clear soup, curry and a number of other variations. Prices are not cheap but again, if the food is tasty, then it's definitely worth paying the price. Ordering was a breeze and in a matter of minutes, the dishes were served. 

Dry Fish Ball Noodles @ RM 7.50

Fish Balls, Fuchok & Fish Cake in Clear Soup
The Wantan Mee on it's own was above average taste. Decent flavours and they were quite generous with the portions. I would rate this at 7/10. Along with this dish, comes a bowl with an assortment of Fish Balls, Fuchok and Fish Cake served in Clear Soup. Their Fuchok was nice and fresh. And true enough, their Fish Balls and Fish Cake was really something. It was so soft, the texture was amazingly good and it was very fresh. Something that I would highly recommend at this restaurant. My rating for their Fish Balls are 9/10. 

Fish Balls Noodle Soup @ RM 7.50
I usually prefer not to have Mee Hoon Soup simply because most places fail  to impress me with their soup. However, this was not the case here. The soup itself was really good and that made it a very satisfying meal. Once again, the Fish Balls were awesome. As a total dish, I was very happy with this bowl of noodles and my rating for this shall be 9/10. 

Yong Tau Fu @ RM 1.50 each
As I was looking at the other tables, it seemed that Yong Tau Fu is another item that is on demand at this restaurant. Not wanting to miss trying their preparation, we ordered a few items and they were priced at RM 1.50 each. Pricey, yes it was. But taste wise, it was satisfying. They were fresh, thick cuts and the filling was quite generous. Based on the items that we tried, I'd give them 8/10. 

Cheesy Fish Balls @ RM 13.80

Thick Layer Of Cheese
Another one of their best sellers, this Cheesy Fish Balls was just amazing. Delicious Fish Balls served with a thick layer of hot melted cheese. Each bite was heavenly and it was mind blowing stuff. 10/10 would be my rating for this. Highly recommended!

Loyalty Rewards

The Bill
DZ Fish Ball Noodle House is a restaurant that truly lives up to it's reputation. Their homemade Fish Balls are really something and way better than what you commonly get out there. Noodles Soup is another dish that was very good and not forgetting their Cheesy Fish Balls which was absolutely heavenly. If you love Fish Balls, you've got to give this restaurant a try. 

Address: No. 268, Jalan Berjaya 8, Taman Berjaya, 43000 Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia.

Business Hours: 0730 - 2200 Daily

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