Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Restoran Punjabi Junction @ Cyberjaya, Selangor

Punjabi Junction is a new North Indian restaurant that had recently started business in Cyberjaya. If I remember correctly, they only started a few weeks back and their location is in Centrus Cyberjaya. Being located in the very same building, we decided to drop by for dinner this evening. 

The Restaurant In Centrus Cyberjaya
The restaurant had a simple yet cosy decoration. Being very new, not many people had heard about them and that being the case, there were only a handful of customers this evening. The entire restaurant is air-conditioned and they have been awarded Class A for cleanliness which is a great thing to have. 

Their menu was quite comprehensive and covered a good selection of meats and vegetarian dishes. Prices seemed very reasonable too. We then placed our orders and the wait time wasn't too long. In less than half an hour, the dishes were served. 

A Mix of Cucumber, Onions and Carrots

Mint Dip
The mix of vegetables and Pudina Dip were given complimentary. I must say that both were pretty good. The mixed vegetables had a lovely blend of flavours and the sour peppery aftertaste was just unique. I shall give both a rating of 8/10. 

Aloo Paratha @ RM 4.50 each

Garlic Naan @ RM 4.00 each

Butter Naan @ RM 3.50 each
We ordered three varieties of bread, Aloo Paratha, Garlic Naan and Butter Naan and the bread was quite huge. What you see above is one each in the basket. Prices were reasonable and I specifically enjoyed their Garlic Naan and Butter Naan. This was quite soft and was up to my liking. The two that I had mentioned here deserve a rating of 8/10. Their Aloo Paratha could have been better and the masala filling was quite bland. My rating for that shall be 6/10. 

Mutton Keema Masala @ RM 16.00

Chicken Tikka Masala @ RM 12.00
Their Mutton Keema Masala was above average quality. The portion was huge but I felt that if could have been better taste wise. A little lack of salt as well. Otherwise, it was pretty decent and deserves a rating of 6/10. Their Chicken Tikka Masala was again another above average preparation. The meat could have been a little more tender but I loved the masala marination. Taste wise, I would rate this at 7/10. 

Mutton Balls Masala @ RM 15.00

Methi Fish Curry @ RM 10.00
Unlike the earlier dishes, their Mutton Balls Masala and the Methi Fish Curry was absolutely good, I mean really good. The gravy given in the previous dish was so delicious and similarly the curry found in the latter dish was just perfect. Both the dishes deserve nothing less than a 9/10. 

Chai Masala @ RM.3.50
After our dinner, we ordered a Masala Chai each. It was priced at RM 3.50 which was an acceptable pricing but we all felt that it was a tad too diluted. Moreover, they should have added more spices to make the drink bolder. My rating for this drink shall be 5/10. 

The prices here are quite reasonable and some of the dishes that we tried were really good. I won't say that the taste was consistent across all dishes and that was solely from our single dining experience here. Nevertheless, the dishes that I would recommend would be their Methi Fish Curry, Mutton Masala Balls, Garlic Naan and Buter Naan.

Address: D-LG-3, Lower Ground Floor, Block D, CBD 3, Centrus Cyberjaya, 63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor.

Business Hours: 0730 - 2230 Daily


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