Monday, 16 July 2018

Char Kuey Teow & Pork Satay Jalan Mendaling @ Kajang, Selangor

Char Kuey Teow Jalan Mendaling is a stall that has been around for many years now. For those who do not know, this stall is located along Jalan Mendaling in Kajang town, just beside the Chinese Temple and Maybank. 

The Stall Beside The Chinese Temple

Simple Road Side Seating Areas

Herbal Tea @ RM 1.20
This stall is only open on Monday's to Thursdays and that too from 7 pm till 10 pm only. I guess, the children must be having full-time jobs elsewhere and come here to continue the family tradition during the evenings. Previously, the mother used to prepare the Char Kuey Teow but now, the daughter handles this. The mother is quite aged and it is natural for her to have handed over to her daughter. The son basically does the Pork Satay. Yes, this would be the only place that I have come across in Kajang that sells Pork Satay. Coming back to this evening, the set up is quite basic as you can see and it's always advisable to come early. Come 8pm, the queue can be quite long and the wait time can exceed one hour. This is because she only prepares one plate at a time which is how most famous Char Kuey Teow places do.

Pork Satay @ RM 0.90 each

Thick Peanut Sauce
For the Pork Satay, only lean meat is used and it's really good. The marination isn't too sweet and that's perfectly towards my liking. My rating for this satay shall be 8/10. Their Peanut Dip Sauce was really thick and not sweet too. As a combination with the Satay, it was just perfect. This dip sauce surely deserves a rating of 9/10. 

Char Kuey Teow @ RM 4.50

Kuey Teow Mee @ RM 4.50
Both the above that we had ordered were the small portions and they were priced at RM 4.50. Taste wise, the other's preparation is definitely way better. Nevertheless, this too was good but not as great as her mothers. I believe she has just recently taken over from her mother and we should give her some time to really pick up the skill. Over time, she should be there as well. I used to rate her mother's preparation at 9/10. This one, I would give it 7/10. 

Kajang is a town that is famous for Satay but not many people know that you could also get Pork Satay in Kajang. This humble stall that is located along Jalan Mendaling sells this along with their famous Char Kuey Teow. Come early as they prepare limited quantity and the demand is high. Ideal time to be here would be around 7 pm. 

Address: Jalan Mendaling, 43000 Bandar Kajang, Kajang, Selangor.

Business Hours: 1900 - 2200 Monday - Thursday

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