Saturday, 1 December 2018

Chutney Mary Indian Fast Food @ Changi, Singapore

As usual, it was another early flight in to Singapore and in order to avoid getting stuck in the traffic jam in the city, I decided to have my breakfast at the airport itself. Usually, I would avoid doing this since I would prefer to explore the local food, nevertheless, going into the city at this hour looking for food would be a waste of time since it would be jammed almost everywhere. 

Chutney Mary in Terminal 2, Changi

I have visited Chutney Mary many times and I believe that they were all for dinner and I have never been too happy with the food served then. Since I have not tried their breakfast spread, I decided to give it a try this morning. They had a good spread of South Indian dishes which seemed okay to me.

Coffee @ SGD 2.00

Idli Vada Set @ SGD 6.00
Their Coffee was good and it was served hot. Balanced amount of sugar was used and I really enjoyed it. My rating for their coffee shall be 8/10. I had also ordered their Idli Vada set which came with two Idli's, one Ulunthu Vadai, some Sambar, Tomato Chutney and Pudina Chutney. 

Unlike what I get for dinner here, this was really good and most importantly, the Idli and Vada were fresh. The Idli was reasonably soft and so was the Vadai. Their Chutneys were good too and I totally loved the Sambar. A lovely breakfast it was and I would rate this at 8/10. 

Unlike what I used to get for dinner at this very same outlet, the breakfast options were surprisingly good. The Idli's and Vadai was fresh and reasonably soft. Their Chutneys were good and so was the Sambar. Worth visiting them if you're looking for a reasonably good South Indian breakfast in Changi Airport. 

Address: 60, Airport Boulevard #036-056, Viewing Mall South, 2 Airport Blvd, 819643                                Singapore. 

Business Hours: 24 Hours Daily

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