Monday, 3 December 2018

Prawn Noodle at San Jiang Eating House @ Geylang, Singapore

Singapore has a rating system whereby they go all out and rate eateries based on customer voting and feedback and the next few days, I was planning on visiting some of the best eateries that Singapore has got to offer. This morning, I visited one of the restaurants that was located close to my hotel. This restaurant is famous for their Prawn Mee and apparently it is one of the best ones that you would get in Singapore. 

The Restaurant In Lorong Geylang 12

The Entrance To The Restaurant

The Prawn Noodle Stall
Those stalls and restaurants that are rated as the best, would have a logo pasted on their stall. Since this one is just one of the best, hence you won't find the logo here. The stall itself was quite basic and there were a handful of customers at the restaurant when I arrived. And without a doubt, all of them were having this Prawn Mee. He also sells some other noodles as well but their Prawn Mee seemed to be the top seller. 

Iced Coffee @ SGD 1.50

Prawn Noodles @ SGD 4.00

Comes With Red Chilli's
The Iced Coffee was priced at SGD 1.50 and it was good. Not too sweet and the blend was perfect. 9/10 shall be my rating for that. The Prawn Noodle was priced at SGD 4.00 per bowl and interestingly, it was served by red chilli's instead of the usual Shrimp Paste. 

Clear Broth

Comes With Shrimps, Sliced Pork and Fish Cake
The broth itself was clear in colour unlike the reddish broth that you get in Malaysia. There were sliced shrimps, pork slices, fish cake and some kangkung as well. It actually tasted much milder than the version that you get in Malaysia. I did check around with some friends in Singapore and apparently this is how the Prawn Noodles is served in Singapore unlike the one that you get over here. I would say that it was still good though being different. 

The Prawn Noodles from San Jiang Eating House in Geylang is apparently one of the best Prawn Noodles that you get in Singapore. It's quite different to the Malaysian version and the broth is clear in colour. However, the flavours are nice despite being much milder. Worth trying when you're in Singapore. 

Address: 12, Lorong Geylang 12, Singapore 398993

Business Hours: 0730 - 1700 Daily

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