Thursday, 15 November 2012

Restoran Pantai Ria Seafood @ Port Dickson, Malaysia

As it draws to dinner time, today we decided to check out the sea food restaurants along the coastal road of Port Dickson and that is when we stumbled across this restaurant. It is called Restoran Pantai Ria Seafood. Actually I have been here many years ago but then, it was a typical Chinese restaurant but today I observe that it has become a Halal Chinese Restaurant though still owned by the same management. A smart move indeed as they would gain from the huge influx of Malay tourists that come to Port Dickson.

The Sign Visible From The Road

The Restaurant
It is quite clear to note this restaurant. Try to use the above sign as you landmark as it is well lit at nights and clearly visible during the day.

When we arrived here, the restaurant was full house and mostly filled by our Muslim friends. Indeed a great business move by the owners. I know the food here is quite good if my memory serves me well. Well, we are here to try the dishes again. I also noted that all the waiters were Malay's too. It is good as it eases any possible doubts that may come up.

Waiting for orders to be taken
 We were ushered to our place quite speedily. The lady boss kept observing all her staffs working and made sure that no patrons were left without tables. However, taking the orders did take some time as there was only one Chinese girl doing it. So it took a long time as she had to move from table to table finalizing the orders. But then, it was fine. Within 20  minutes she was at our table and we got our orders through. However delivery of the food items was pretty fast. I guess they must be having a number of cooks at the kitchen working full motion.

Black Pepper Ostrich
Except for this dish all the other dishes we ordered tonight were Thai Style. Something for a change as we have been consistently eating Chinese seafood for the past few days. Now, this dish was good. I am sorry as I do not have the price breakdown but will mention the total bill at the end of this entry. The meat was soft and it was well blended with the sauces.

Thai Style Squid
I liked this dish very much but there was some mixed opinions even at my table. 3 out of 5 liked this dish, so I guess the majority wins. The negatives I received from those who did not like it was that it was too oily.

Thai Style Fish
This was another good dish. Deep fried and was quite spicy. Just like the previous dish, the only setback here was the oil content too. Otherwise, if taste is the only concern, its good.

Seafood Tom Yam Soup
This was average as I think they had used some pre packed  flavoring to create the taste instead of the ground ingredients. It is not bad, can eat for those who want to try this but if possible, do try other dishes.

Thai Style Tofu
This dish is highly recommended. It was unanimously voted as a good dish.Hard on the outside and soft on the inside. Just loved it.

On the whole, it was is a good restaurant.The bill came to a total of RM 92.50 out of which RM 79.00 was fir the food and the remaining amout for the drinks.I fell it was quite okay bearing in mind the number of dishes and volume. It works out to less than RM 20 per pax.

Do give this place a try next time you are in Port Dickson too.

Address: Lot 3/223 Wisma Lim Chong Hai,
                7 1/2 Miles, Jalan Pantai,
                71050 Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan.

Tel: +606 6625122

Opening Hours: 1130 - 1500 & 1800 - 2300

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