Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Glory Beach Resort Coffee House @ Port Dickson, Malaysia

Today is Deepavali day and this year for Deepavali, we decided to head out to Port Dickson, a beach town in the state of Negeri Sembilan in Malaysia. We were here late afternoon, that is the time we checked in into the apartments and have been pretty much there the whole day. Last night it was a long night for me and this night we decided to venture not too far but to try the restaurant at the hotel itself. For your information, we stayed at Glory Beach Resort.

Entrance To The Coffee House
Once we were at the coffee house, I was surprised to find that we were the only patrons there. Perhaps most of the crowd have gone into the beach area to venture the seafood restaurants which Port Dickson is famous for. As for us, we were quite tired especially with my parents following on this trip and we decided to keep it simple.

I also noticed that most of the waiters were part time students who were doing their bit during the school holidays. Finally the guy came up to us and gave the menu card. There was a mixture of Western and Malaysian food on the menu. The rest of the staff were busy preparing for breakfast the next day.

As You Can See, The Restaurant Was Empty
Once we placed our orders, we had to wait a long time for food. In fact during that time, my brother and I had time to walk out to the beach and we had at least had 3 cigarettes while waiting for the food. Another setback that I noticed was there were a few cats in the restaurants and that was quite annoying. I hate cats especially when they sit at your seats and keep making noises in anticipation that you would give them some food.

Being a 4 star resort, these guys should have taken care of that.

Waiters Preparing For Breakfast Next Day
It was truly a long wait but luckily I had my family with me and we had a lot of things to chat about. After about 45 minutes, the first dish arrived.

Char Kuey Tiow @ RM 14.50
Okay. Honestly, this was bad. The food was too soggy and there was abundant of oil used. I can honestly say that I can still fry another three eggs from the excess oil used here. Both my Mom and Angie who ordered this were quite disappointed. Taste wise, 4 out of 10.

Grilled Lamb Shoulder @ RM 20.00
My brother and I ordered this. Honestly, this was excellent. It was done the right way and with the right sauces. I truly loved this dish.

Fish & Chips @ RM 19.00
I managed to get a taste of dish as well though it was ordered by my Dad. It was lovely. Seemed to me like the in house chef was a specialist in Western Dishes as his western dishes were beyond par and his Malaysian dishes were below standards.

I truly wish the hotel can make some adjustments as to accommodate another chef that specializes in Malaysian food else they may end up loosing customers especially when the entire table orders specifically western dishes.

On the whole, including drinks the total bill came to RM 103.00 . I don't mind the price as long as the food is worth the price. My recommendation, if you are here, do order the western dishes as opposed to the local dishes to avoid disapointments.

Address: Batu 2, Jalan Seremban, Tanjung Gemuk,
               71000 Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan.

Telephone: +606 651 6888

Opening Hours:  0630 - 2230

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