Sunday, 28 October 2012

Vivo American Pizza & Panini @ Tropicana City Mall

Today was another day that we were in a mall just to catch a movie and like the previous entry, this time we were in Tropicana City Mall.

Vivo at Tropicana City Mall
This outlet is located on the first floor, on the further end that GSC is except that GSC is on the second floor. There were quite a number of outlets here but we were in the mood for some western food hence we decided for this outlet.

The Interior of the restaurant
Once we arrived here, the waiter ushered us to a table. At this moment, everyone seemed so busy as the restaurant was operation on full capacity and there were only a few manning the restaurant.

Next a waiter came and handed us the menu card and I have literally photographed every page of the menu card and you can find the photos below here. That would give you a heads up on their full offerings.

The Menu Card

The Menu Card

The Menu Card

The Menu Card

The Menu Card

The Menu Card

The Menu Card

The Menu Card

The Menu Card
Hope the above photos were helpful in understanding the menu offerings. After going through the menu thoroughly, we placed our orders. It was difficult to even get the guy to come to our table to record of orders as they were all so busy tonight.

Sambal Ikan Bilis Pizza @ RM 12.90
If you observe carefully, the illustration on the menu card and the actual item delivered was totally different. Being an anchovies pizza, I could hardly count the number of anchovies here and I think they were less than five. Taste wise, was just okay and nothing great.

Garlic Bread @ RM 10.50
This one was great. The garlic bread was toasted well and the spread was excellent and rightly salted. A highly recommended dish.

Mid Joint BBQ Wings @ RM 11.90

Mid Joint BBQ Wings @ RM 11.90
The Mid Joint BBQ Wings was also fantastic. I loved the way it was marinated and grilled. It was clear that they were not using those off the shelf barbecue sauces and it was a specifically made one. The taste was excellent and another highly recommended dish at this restaurant.

Ocean Discovery @ RM 22.90
This was a fantastic dish but it was a little too much for the two of us. It has deep fried fish fillets, fried calamaris, fried scallop cakes, onion cakes and fries. A great dish if there was at least 3 people. Truly worth the price as it had a combination of five different items. Highly recommended.

Chocolate Marble Cheese Cake @ RM 6.50
This was the last that we ordered here, more like desert and the cake was delicious. For the size and taste, it had only cost us RM 6.50. Absolutely worth it.

Me After A Full Meal
On the whole, this is a great restaurant and the food is above average and price is cheap compared to many of those restaurants that are serving the very same thing in Bangsar and charge the sky. I hope that I would return soon and be able to try the many other offerings that they have here.

Contact Information of this outlet

Locations of other outlets
Address:  L1-55, Level 1, 
                Tropicana City Mall,
                No. 3, Jalan SS20/27,
                47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Opening Hours: 1000 - 2200

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