Saturday, 20 October 2012

Curry Mee @ 3rd Mile Jalan Ipoh

Tonight I came late back from work and was suddenly yearning for Curry Mee. Just checked with Angie if she was in too and she agreed. After freshening up, decided to head out for curry mee. At this hour, which was almost midnight, there wont be many places that are still open and the only place that came to my mind was the famous 3rd Mile, Jalan Ipoh Curry Mee stall.

The Curry Mee Stall at 3rd Mile Ipoh Road
Once we were there, we head to the usual corner stall that is at the very end of the stretch, closer to the Dim Sum place which is the most famous one but it was extremely crowded and there were a lot of people waiting for their orders. Having realized that it is going to take a very long time before our orders arrive, we decided to try the middle stall which is not so famous and there were very few patrons. Hey...why not try this place for a change we thought.

It is directly opposite this shop
This stall I am referring too is directly opposite this pharmacy and the tables that you see there belong to this stall too.

The Stall
Unlike the other stall, this one is just manned by the son, an aged mother and the Indonesian maid. I truly felt sorry for the mother as she seemed very exhausted. 

The drinks station
I went through the menu which was hung on the pole and decided to try their Red Bean porridge instead of a drink as I saw many people ordering that.

The Red Bean Porridge
As you can see from the above picture, the red bean porridge was a huge let down. It was very watery. I am not sure if they diluted it as they ran low on stock or if that is how they serve it but surely a no go.

Chicken Curry Mee
One of us ordered the Chicken Curry Mee and the other the Wan Tan Noodles. The reason I did this was to try both their main offerings. First, the Chicken Curry was EXCELLENT!!!!! I definitely recommend this. Extremely thick and low in coconut milk, yet very tasty.

Wan Ton Noodles

Comes With A Single Serve of Wanton Soup
The Wan Ton Noodles was once again out of this world. I wonder if those guys like me previously who were patronizing the last stall ever try this place, they would surely get hooked to this. Definitely delicious.

Angie Loving Every Bit of her Curry Mee
The Iconic Menu Card
On the whole, this place is another recommended place. To those that usually patronize the last stall, do try this place for a change and you would surely love it too.

Address:   Pusat Penjaja Jalan Tiong,
                Jalan Tiong Off Jalan Ipoh, 
                51100 KUALA LUMPUR.

Opening Hours: Mon - Sun 1900 - 0100


  1. The Curry Chicken Mee looks sooo good! Good find Venoth!

    1. Thank you Denise. Sometimes these non famous places serve better food than those famous ones . I'm sure you'd agree too.