Saturday, 20 October 2012

Toast Box @ 1 Utama, Petaling Jaya

Today we had planned for a movie at GSC, 1 Utama. As it was a 9 pm show, we had reached pretty early as you know during the weekends, finding a parking bay here is close to madness. Luckily, a car was just leaving as we reached the parking area and we got a lot immediately. Having collected my tickets, we had an hour at our disposal. That is when we decided to have dinner before the movie instead of the original plan of having it after.

With Twisties Man at the ticketing counter

Photo with Twisties Man at GSC Ticketing Counter

After scouting around the mall, decided to try out Toast Box which is located on the 2nd Floor of the new wing. Usually most people would try their buns and I know it is good but for a change, we decided to try their main dishes today.

Toast Box at 2nd Floor, 1 Utama
I know it may not be common to try the main dishes here, but someone has to try and rate them anyway, so why not me. I was going through the menu card and it seems the highly recommended dishes were the Mee Siam and Curry Laksa.

Menu Card at Toast Box
Set Menu's Also Available
Having ordered and paid for our dishes at the counter, we then returned to our seats. Here it is a self service concept.

Having collected my coffee, back to the table
Coffee at RM 2.60
It was a long wait for the food. After waiting for almost 20 minutes I got restless and walked up to the counter to check on my dinner. They mentioned that it is still being prepared. A little skeptical, I returned to my place.

Restlessly waiting for our food
I kept looking at the counter and it seemed that these guys, just two of them, were manning this booth so lazily. At some point I wondered if this guy was doing anything or sleeping by leaning on the pole. Please see the photo below.

Very Slow Service
We were both at the point of becoming agitated. After half an hour of waiting, I went back to the counter to check on them and they still mentioned that it was being prepared. Come on guys...does it take half an hour to prepare those.

Angie was beyond bored waiting for the food
Okay...finally here comes the food at the 38th minute. You can see how accurately I timed it as I was so agitated waiting for so long.I only understood why it took so long after the food had arrived.

Mama's Special Mee Siam @ RM 6.80
This was horrible actually. It seems that they use pre packed food that was kept frozen and I reckon that not many have been ordering these dishes that they must have been kept frozen for a long time. This was my dish and though the top was hot, which obviously they had used a microwave to reheat, the middle and bottom part was still ice cold and partially frozen.

Curry Laksa @ RM 6.80

Angie ordered this dish too and it was no better. Very bad taste and you could get some weird taste, must be the preservatives. It was also cold as you dig deeper into the dish. We had to rush through these dishes as we were left with very little time before the movie begins and also the dishes were sub standard. I would never recommend these dishes at this outlet to anyone or even try them again myself. Perhaps at Toast Box, we should stick to the buns only. Please do note that their bun offerings are Vegetarian too.

Address: SK 7, Second Floor, 1 Utama (New Wing),
                1 Lebuh Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya,

Telephone: +603 7725 5144

Opening Hours: Sun, Mon, Tuesday & Thursday 1000 - 2200
                           Wed, Fri, Sat & Public Holidays 0900 - 1200

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