Sunday, 14 October 2012

Jessica Johnson Tea Room @ Bandar Sri Damansara

This was a place that I had visited last week and then when my parents suddenly came down this weekend as a surprise visit, I was a little dumb struck as to where to take them and this place came to mind.

Jessica Johnson Tea House
The last trip there, there was quite a number of items that I could not try and was planning to try these today. As it is of close proximity to me, driving there was a breeze and we were in Sri Damansara in less than 15 minutes. Fro those who missed this place in my last entry, this is a family owned restaurant.

It is run by the father and daughter and they mostly serve their usual customers. One of the reasons that I feel so is because they operate only for breakfast, lunch and early tea. Though they have a great menu offering including home baked cookies and cakes, they are not keen to stay up late and serve dinner too.

Looking through the menu
To my parents this was a new experience. Everything you see in this restaurant from the furniture to the flower offerings, is for sale. The owner is an ardent traveler and has a great collection of antique furniture for sale. 

The Interior of the Restaurant
Once we placed the orders, we had abundant time in our hands. All food is cooked from scratch here and it does take quite a while. No condiments are pre prepared and hence the waiting time for the food to arrive is quite long. When it is full, it can take up to an hour.

As I had loads of free time, I decided to tour the shop to take some photographs of the cakes and other offerings here.

Freshly Baked Scones


Yummy Pies

Assortment of cakes available today
Finally after a 20 minute wait, here comes my coffee. Please bear in mind that everything served at this restaurant is low in sugar, this includes the cakes too.

My Low Sugar Coffee
After a while, here comes the food. All the food dishes here are priced around RM 10.00 - RM 15.00 on average and can be shared between two to three pax.

Balinese Rendang Chicken
The above Balinese Rendang Chicken is a must order dish everytime I come here.

Duck in Yam
This Duck in Yam is super duper delicious and is highly recommended!!!

All Set to Dip In....
Salad comes as a complimentary side dish
The Salad that you see above was complimentary as it was part of the set meal.

Clean plates...proof that it was really good!!!
A Small Piece of Cake as Desert
On the whole, this place is a great place to dine. Only setback, being its rather limited opening hours which makes it non accessible to people not living or working close to Sri Damansara. Kindly do note that it is closed on Sundays too.

Address: Jessica Johnson Tea Room,
No. 16G, Jalan Cempaka SD 12-2,
Bandar Sri Damansara,
52200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 - 6275 6755

Opening Hours: Monday - Saturday: 0830 - 1730


  1. The offerings definitely look tempting and I would especially love to try the Balinese Rendang Chicken! It's very nice of you to taste all these foods and blog about them...Keep it up!

    1. With your comments, I am coming back to this page after a long time and suddenly I too feel like I missed the food here....Should probably head there again sometime soon....Well, thank you DeNiSe...It is lovely comments like these that keep me going. Thank you again!