Thursday, 15 November 2012

Lucky King's Curry Chicken Bun @ Lukut, Malaysia

As we were returning from Port Dickson, I spent some time last night doing some research on the net about good food in Lukut and thus I stumbled upon this restaurant, Lucky King's Curry Bun. Honestly I have had a similar bun in Seremban around six years ago but I never knew that the factory and main branch is in Lukut. With that noted, we head out here this afternoon for lunch.

Lucky King Bun At Lukut
It was quite easy to locate this place as it was just by the road side. I would provide the GPS coordinates towards the end of this entry. Parking was a little bit of a problem here but then just had to walk a short distance.

Buns at display
This place is very famous for the Curry Chicken Buns but recently I was told that they have also introduced another variety i.e.Yin Yong Bun. This bun has two flavours...Pork Ribs Curry and Dongbo Curry. Howver, as we had a heavy breakfast at the hotel, we decided to just stick with the familiar Curry Chicken Bun. I was also told that we need to head here early else the buns would finish off pretty fast.

The Currey Chicken Bun ready to be eaten @ RM 30.00
The bun is baked along with the Chicken Curry which is wrapped inside a foil and when they serve us, they open it up like this.

Closer Look At The Curry Chicken
The above picture gives a closer look at the curry chicken inside the bun.

All Wondering Where And How To Start
My brother and I have tried this before but this is the first try for my parents. Of course they have tried the one in Soon Hock Kuala Lumpur but this recipe, this is the first time.

Absolutely Yummy
Well, though it was a simple dinner, it was absolutely delicious and would recommend this to anyone passing that side of town. They do not have any outlets in Kuala Lumpur as of yet but do plan to expand here soon. Do note that it finishes very early especially on Public Holidays.

Address: Restoran Lucky (PD) Seafood,
                4366 Taman Aman, Jalan Besar,
                Lukut Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.

Tel: +606 651 2392

Opening Hours : 1130 - 2300

Facebook with GPS information:


  1. I see they are so generous with the ingredients and got some potatoes too! The curry looks lovely. Is it spicy or sweet?

    1. It's not too spicy, the usual Chinese style chicken curry and it was nice. The sweetness from the bun compliments the spiciness of the curry well.