Saturday, 1 December 2012

Tooradin Original Fish & Chips @ Tooradin, Victoria, Australia

I was on the way to Phillip Island from Melbourne and that is when I stumbled this beautiful little town of Tooradin. We stopped here and I was looking for a quick lunch and I came across this restaurant. Though there are not many varieties here in this town when compared to that of Malaysia, the Fish & Chips here was something that is worth to mention.

Tooradin Original Fish & Chips Diner
This was a great restaurant. Though they differ to us Malaysians culturally, I believe they had a great menu to offer. It was a self service restaurant which just two tables outside the restaurant for patrons to sit while waiting for their orders to be made.

Refrigerator at the diner
It was interesting to note that they also served ice cold drinks when it was ice cold outside too. Hehehe

One of my Favourite Drinks
I also found my favourite Bundabereg drink here. To my surprise, though being an Australian produce, it was more expensive here than the price that I buy it in Malaysia.

The Menu & Prices
The menu and the price listings was well listed at the restaurant.

Variety of Fish To Choose From
The great thing that I found here which is not available back in Malaysia was that you can choose the type of fish you want but of course the price may vary based on the type of fish. But it is good that you have the flexibility here.

Customers Waiting To Place Their Orders
Once I had placed my orders and while waiting, I could see loads of customers walking in and taking out their orders. Seems like a common practice here.

Seated Outside While Waiting For My Orders
My Fish & Chips
It was interesting to note that the Fish & Chips here is served in just paper wrappings. It seems to be the norms here as it is not acceptable in Malaysia. However this concept was quite cool too as we can go on with whatever task we have in hand and yet continue to have our meal so as not to waste time dining there.
Indeed this was a great experience for me and yes coming back to the food, it was extremely good. No mayonaise or tar tar sauce to dip in yet it was very tasty. Lightly salted and I guess it must have been fried in butter. The fish itself was very fresh and tasted yummy.

Address: 87 South Gippsland Highway,
                Tooradin Victoria 3980,

Tel: +613 5998 3284 

Opening Hours : 1100 - 1700

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