Friday, 7 December 2012

Curtin House Rooftop Bar @ Swanston Street, Melbourne

Today it was the entire sales teams day out and I just followed the group from office. We got onto the tram and head to Swanston Street to one of the very famous roof top bar and cinema in Melbourne called Curtin House. Yes it is a bar, and there is an open air cinema at the roof top.

At Curtin House
It is located quite close to RMIT University and Melbourne Chinatown. It is surely a very old building and we had to take a few fleet of stairs heading up. We did not head to the top floor but stopped somewhere on the fifth floor where there are like individual bunkers.

Red Rice Beer from Japan
Each of these bunkers have a buzzer and when pressed the waiter attends to you. The first thing that we ordered was beer. This beer that you see above was the very first variety that I tasted. It is brewed from Red Rice and Yeast and originates from Japan. It was a pretty smooth beer, amber in colour.

Us in the private cubicle
It was fun having a group of us squeeze into this little cubicle. Of course there were a few that were seated outside too as it was already a little cramped.

Do It Yourself Vegetable Wraps
As we were having beer, decided to have light food along the way. This was one such interesting dish. It resembles the Vietnamese Rice Papaer Wraps but in this case, you would have to do it yourself.

Fried Mushrooms
This side dish was another one worth mentioning. It was a great bite. The mushrooms were crispy and tasted very much like chicken. Tasty!

Fried Calamari & Fish
Another lovely dish at this place. Goes well with beer.

Knappstein Beer
This was our second round of beers,an Australian brewed beer.

Mountain Goat Beer
This was our third round of beers. Another Australian variety. Pretty good too.

XP Pale Ale
This was the last round of beer for the night. This is an American beer.

A Group Photo
Finally by the time we finished, it was almost 9 pm and all of us were pretty tired. This is surely a great place to spend time with friends. Great beer...good food and fantastic environment. Only setback would be that price is on the high end.

Address: 252 Swanston Street, Melbourne,
                Victoria 3000 Australia.

Opening Hours: Monday - Friday 1530 - 0900 (throughout the night)
                         Saturday & Sunday 1900 - 0900

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