Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Mo Vida Aqui @ Bourke Street, Melbourne

During my stay in Melbourne, I was staying at Quest on Williams and this evening when one of my friends called me out for dinner, I was pretty tired and asked if there were any good places nearby the hotel where we could just walk up. He understood that I was tired and suggested that we head to Mo Vida Aqui which was just behind my hotel and is accessible via Lt Bourke Street. It was a mere 5 minutes walk. This restaurant is located on the first floor and can be hidden to those who do not know or heard of this place.

However, it was another great joint. I heard that the chef here was one of the winners of the Australian Masterchef series. Thats impressive. Since I am a nerd to Spanish food, I let my friend to place the orders.

Calamari Burgers
This was the very first dish he had ordered. Hmmmm....they smelt good and was delicious making you crave for more with every bite. Absolutely fantastic dish.

Bread with Olive Oil
This I was told is a customary dish at any Spanish Restaurant. I believe it is a must have even among the Italians and it was something very different. I was also told the key to this dish is the Olive Oil itself which has to be well prepared yet remain fresh. It was something different.

Mildure Storm Beer
Not to forget was to try a locally brewed beer. This to me was thick as it comes under the Ale category. Nevertheless, a good drink it was.

Spicy Stuffed Potato with Spicy Cheese
I loved these too. They are potato balls which are spicy with a coating of spicy cheese. They literally melt in your mouth. Goes well with the beer.

Potato Bombs
Another interesting dish, the name is though. But Indians would be quite familiar with this. In Malaysia, we call these Potato Cutlets.

Prawns Stuffed with Pork Sausages
This was a dish that I loved too. However, I felt that the spices could have been more balanced. Nevertheless a good dish to order too.

Clams & Potato
This was by far the best dish and also the most expensive dish at this restaurant. It was lovely. We ended up ordering more bread and cleaning the dish off any left gravy with the bread.

My buddy & I
On the whole, it was a great dining experience. Though we have many Mo Vida's in Malaysia, the menu is somewhat different. This was definitely a memorable dining experience.

Address: Level 1, 500 Bourke Street, 
                NAB Building (via Lt Bourke Street),
                Melbourne, Victoria 3000,

Tel: +613 9663 3038

Opening Hours: Mon - Fri : 1200 to late
                            Sat 1800 to late
                            Sun Closed



  1. Calamari burgers! Interesting twist to two all time favourites....burgers and calamari!

    1. Owh....they were sinfully good! I miss those!