Sunday, 9 December 2012

The Iluka Motel & Italian Restaurant @ Apollo Bay

Today I took a drive along the Great Ocean Road from Melbourne heading right up to the Twelve Apostles and as it reached mid day, we were just reaching Apollo Bay. Having spent some time here, we decided to have some quick lunch. As I was walking around this beautiful beach side town, I came across this restaurant and motel called The Iluka Motel & Italian Restaurant.

Iluka Restaurant at Apollo Bay
This was quite a huge restaurant and had a great number of patrons. They call themselves Italian Restaurant but they serve almost everything from Western, Italian as well as Greek food.

Sign at the entrance
After going through the menu, I decided to try something different altogether. So I ordered a Lamb Souvlaki for lunch. Not sure how it would be like and yet to taste it.

Lamb Souvlaki
The service here was pretty quick. I received my orders within 15 minutes.

A Closer Look
The Lamb Souvlaki was absolutely delicious. Unfortunately after having this I was pretty full and was not able to taste the other food. I wish I did could though. As I was looking at the other tables, even the Fish & Chips seemed very delicious. If you happen to drive pass this town, this is a highly recommended restaurant and the price is very reasonable too.

Address: 65-71, Great Ocean Road,
               Apollo Bay, VIC 3233,

Tel: +613 5237 6531



  1. Do you remember what was inside your lamb wrap? If you do, how did it taste?

    1. It was mainly onions and gherkins. It tasted nice. Imagine taking a chapati and adding some onion raita and roasted lamb inside. The main flavour came from the onions andlamb. Otherwise, it would have tasted pretty flat.

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