Sunday, 23 December 2012

Street Food @ Chinatown, Bangkok

If you are looking for street food in Bangkok, Chinatown is the place. I did not know of this place until today's visit. My friend who is a Thai met me at the hotel earlier today. As we were speaking, I suggested that we should go for street food for dinner and that is when he suggested me to go to Chinatown. We took a taxi from the hotel and arrived here in about 30 minutes.

Chinatown, Bangkok
Once we arrived here, I was surprised to such the vast expanse of stalls along the side walks. There were easily a few hundred stalls on both sides of the road.

Walking In Chinatown
Chinatown, Bangkok
Once we got off the taxi, we started walking along these stalls. My plan was to try a number of various street food here.

Variety of food

Juice Stall

More Food Options

More Food Options

More Food Options

Thai Durians

Food Everywhere

Great Variety
As you could see from the photos above, these were just a sample of the number of stalls and food options here.

Plain Flour Being Steamed

The Filling Being Cooked

The First Dish I Tried

Great Food
The above four photos shows the process of making this final dish. This is a simple dish and it was delicious. I was surprised to see how easily you could cook something delicious. I surely liked this.

Continuing My Hunt For Food
We walked on an tried a few more simple street food like the earlier one. Time to have a main dish.

Lovely Pepper Soup with Pork

A Family Run Stall

Various Pork Parts To Choose From


Wonderful dish!!!
This was my main course and I would highly recommend this. In fact I had two bowls here tonight. After the various street food earlier, I came across this stall which sells Pork in Hot Peppery Soup and Kuey Tiow. I placed my order, choose the parts that I wanted and picked my place. Within a few minutes, the dish was served. It was heavenly. Truly the best version of this dish that I have ever tried before. As mentioned earlier, I was not satisfied with one dish and helped myself to another bowl too. Absolutely heavenly.

Iced Sea Coconut Drink
The best option after gulping so much hot pepper soup is to try this drink. It is also sold in the same stall. A great one that goes well with the earlier dishes.

Dim Sum Stall

More Food Options

More Food Options
We walked around a little more munching some of these wonderful food and we were very full after some time. On the whole, this is a great place for you to have your dinner especially if you love stall hopping and am adventurous enough to try street food and the local delicacies.

Address: Chinatown, Thanon Charoen Krung,
               Samphanthawong, Bangkok, 
               10100 Thailand.

Open Hours: 1730 to pass midnight

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