Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Rococo @ Saint Kilda, Melbourne

This evening after work, a friend of mine called me out for dinner. Since I was in a country that I was not too familiar with, decided to follow him for some good Italian dinner. From William Street, we took a cab to this area called St Kilda which is a beach front area that was absolutely beautiful. It seems that most of the diners are located here and I could see even some Malaysian restaurants here. This seems to be the place where the locals chill their evenings with their loved ones and friends as their homes are not too far from here.

Rococo at St. Kilda
We head to this Italian Restaurant called Rococo. It seemed pretty full house and getting a seat was a mojor problem here. We had to wait a while before we got our seats though it was only two of us. That is a good sign as it means the food here is good as it is preferred by the locals.

The Neighborhood Filled With Restaurants
This Street is famous cake shops too
As you could see from the above photos, this area is bustling with restaurants and diners.

A Posh Bar Counter in Rococo
The Interior of the restaurant
What can I say, the restaurant was surely considered posh. Everyone was so busy moving very fast and serving the patrons that you had to wait a while before they attended to you. Also you would have to call a number of times before they reach your table.

Local Brewed Beer
The first thing that I wanted to try was the locally brewed beer and I was surprised to know that they had a brewery unique to even this little locality called St Kilda. The beer was good and it tasted somewhat like Anchor Beer in Malaysia.

Garlic Infused Artichokes
Okay, this dish was pretty new to me and I do not know how to rate it if it was good or bad, in a nutshell, I did not like the taste but hey, it may have been good for those who love it.

Just loved these Olives. They were great.

Pork Bacon
I just loved this Bacon. It was tender and soft and I have never tasted such a Bacon here in Malaysia even though they were imported from Australia or any other western country.

Baked Cheese
Oh la la....this was heavenly!!!

Char-grilled Squids
I liked this dish. The cuttlefish was soft and tender and the garlic taste was very mild too. It definitely brought out the natural flavour of the squids.

Grilled Lamb with Herbs & Spices
Okay...this is one of the dishes that I feel could have been better. Perhaps, I am comparing to Indian / Arabic style of grilling lamb when in this case it was done by the Italians. Nevertheless, it could have been much better.

Mexican Style Pizza
This was also pretty good and I loved their cheese toppings. Embarrassingly, this is also where I learned how to properly eat the thin crust as opposed to the different way of eating the think crust. I had always treated the eating style for both variations similarly.

That was pretty much our meal for the night. But yes, there were a number of beers and it was indeed a good meal shared between two of us. The total bill came up to AUD 200.00 and that is very expensive when compared to Malaysia but definitely the norms in Australia. I would definitely recommend this restaurant.

Address:  89 Acland Street, St. Kilda,
                 Melbourne, VIC 3182 Australia.

Tel:  +613 9525 3232

Opening Hours: 0730 - 2300 Daily


  1. All the food looks good...as usual Venoth you know how to make your readers hungry!
    I would like to try artichokes someday...seems interesting..

    1. Thank you Denise. Oh yes, it was nice but not something that I'd have everyday. Once in a while is fine and by the way, food in Melbourne is extremely expensive.